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Space Goat Productions Announces New International Agreements

Space Goat Productions has announced that they have entered into two separate distribution agreements with publishing companies in both France and Italy. This will be the first time that foreign-language content from SGP will be translated and distributed in localized languages

In France, SGP has agreed to partner with Wetta. Wetta will be translating select titles from SGP’s library of Evil Dead 2 and The Howling books into French for local distribution.

In Italy, Weird Books, an imprint of Panini Books, will handle the translation and distribution to the Italian book market. Select titles from Evil Dead 2 and The Howling franchise will be made available. Weird Books will also be translating SGP’s original Backpack Editions books which include such titles as Big Game Hunters and Mage, Inc. This will mark the first time that original content from Space Goat is available in a language other than English.

Release dates for the books in both markets will be made available at a later date.

Scout Comics Announces the Summer of Scout

Scout Comics & Entertainment is kicking off The Summer of Scout, featuring the announcement of eight new upcoming Scout comic book properties each week during the summer of 2017!

Up first, Graveland, a supernatural thriller from the creative force behind Fish Eye!

And since this is the first week of the Summer of Scout, they’ve also announced Scout’s publishing deal in Italy with Weird Books, launching with Graveland and Scout’s hit series Mindbender!

Graveland #1 hits comic stores in September with the creative team of Massimo Rosi, Gabriel Nunez, Marco Pagnotta, and Simone Bertoni.

The San Andreas Fault finally has “the Big One”, but not from natural occurrences and either something or someone is responsible. From the depths of the fault something emerges. Something of myth and legend that was mentioned in hush tones by nearly every ancient culture- Giants, huge creatures from another time, are awakened from their slumber and seek to resume their conquest that has been delayed for a millennium as they lay buried within the earth and California is the first target. To help mount a counter-offensive, the US government creates super humans with an experimental serum. These four super-powered individuals could be the last chance for humanity as they all that stand between the end of civilization and the Giants.

Mindbender, written by James Pruett with art by Federico De Luca, and which has seen sold out of its first two issues, will see the release of issue #3 in July.

At the tender age of seven, Alexander Oberman witnessed the gruesome deaths of his parents in a horrendous explosion as a result of his own mind tapping into a previously unknown powerful force. How Alex survived has been a mystery. Physically he was fine, minus a few burns, but mentally he withdrew into himself, into his mind. For 16 years, Alex hadn’t uttered a solitary word or had a voluntary movement of his own, until now. Those that would use his destructive abilities have been awaiting Alex’s awakening. Now, that wait has ended, and the world will soon learn the true potential of mankind. But will Alex be a vanguard for the world or will he be responsible for its annihilation?

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