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Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! What’s everyone doing to enjoy it?

Around the Tubes

The New York Times – ‘Brooklynite,’ a Superhero Musical With Matt Doyle and Nicolette Robinson – I kind of want to see this.

The New York Times – Hey, the Hulk’s in Central Park! Marvel Comics Covers Highlight New York – Nice.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Bleeding Cool – Curb Stomp #1

CBR – Darth Vader #2

CBR – Fantastic Four #643

CBR – Gotham Academy #5

Bleeding Cool – They’re Not Like Us #3

Comics Beat – Thor Annual #1

Sell-Outs and New Printing Roundup

Check out some of this week’s announced sell-outs and new printings.

Image Comics

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro‘s Bitch Planet #1 has sold out and heading to a second printing. The new printing will arrive on February 11, and the second issue hits shelves on January 28.

BitchPlanet01_CoverAThey’re Not Like Us #1 is getting a second printing. The series from Eric Stephenson and Simone Gane will hit shelves February 11 and the second issue is out January 28.


Around the Tubes

It’s Christmas day. Hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season.

Around the Tubes

Lancaster Online – Comics and Paperbacks Plus opens in its own spot in downtown Ephrata – Great to see new shops open up!

411 Mania – Comic Books We Can’t Wait to See in 2015 – What do you look forward to?


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – All-New X-Men Annual #1

Talking Comics – And Then Emily Was Gone #5

Comic Vine – Aquaman #37

Comic Vine – Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #9

Comic Vine – Batman Annual #3

Comic Vine – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes #2

Comic Vine – Gotham by Midnight #2

Comic Vine – Green Lantern Annual #3

Comic Vine – Rasputin #3

Comic Vine – Robin Rises: Alpha #1

Comic Vine – Secret Avengers #11

Comic Vine – She-Hulk #11

Comic Vine – Superior Iron Man #3

Comic Vine – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters #3

Comic Vine – They’re Not Like Us #1

Comic Vine – Uncanny X-Men #29

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

the massive #30 coverWednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in! Below are ten suggestions of comics, graphic novels, or trade paperbacks you should spend some extra time checking out and think about picking up.

Pick of the Week: The Massive #30 (Dark Horse) – Brian Wood‘s series wraps up, and the last few issues have been one hell of a twist. Dead calm. Quiet seas. Second chances? The Ninth Wave crew enter a brand-new chapter in Earth’s history.

Avengers and X-Men: AXIS #9 (Marvel) – Wrapping up Marvel’s so-so event. This is here because who knows how it’ll end and where things go from here.

Copra Round One Vol. 1 (Bergen Comics) – Check out the series all the “cool” kids are talking about. Collected here, cause single issues are hard to come by.

Evil Empire #9 (BOOM! Studios) – Every issue is beyond fantastic and usually there’s something we didn’t see coming.

The Graveyard Shift #1 (Image) – It’s Fright Night-style thrills and Castle-style crime-solving as a homicide detective and his girlfriend find their love put to the ultimate test when they run afoul of a gang of vampires!

Letter 44 #13 (Oni Press) – Mixing politics and science fiction, this series is awesome.

McBain #1 (Bongo Comics) -Do you watch The Simpsons? That alone should be reason enough to check out this series.

New Avengers #28 (Marvel) -If you want to figure out what’s up with Secret Wars, you better be reading this series. It’s really good too!

Rasputin #3 (Image) – The first two issues of this series has been fascinating, and the art is fantastic.

They’re Not Like Us #1 (Image) – We all have advantages over one another, but what if you were capable of things most of us can only imagine? What would you do – and who would you be? A doctor? An athlete? A soldier? A hero? Everyone has to make a choice about how to use the abilities they’re born with… but they’re not like us.

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic day! What has everyone excited this week?

Around the Tubes

CBR – “Walking Dead” Spinoff To Bring Zombie Apocalypse To Los Angeles – Interesting…. the jokes that can be made.

Booksellers – NZ Society of Authors introduces Graphic Novel component to its 2015 Mentorship Programme – Nice!

Kotaku – Transformers Universe Is Closing, Six Months After Open Beta Launch – Well that was quick.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – Injustice: Year Three #12

CBR – They’re Not Like Us #1

Comic Vine – They’re Not Like Us #1

Bleeding Cool – Wytches #3

What if They’re Not Like Us?

Eisner-nominated writer and Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson collaborates with red-hot artist Simon Gane for the all-new ongoing thriller series They’re Not Like Us, coming to Image Comics on December 24.

We all have advantages over one another, but what if the next generation of youth were capable of things most of us could only imagine? What would they do—and who would they be? A doctor? An athlete? A soldier? A hero? Since the beginning of time we’ve all had to make choices about how to use our own unique abilities, but not like this generation… They’re Not Like Us.

In a spotlight interview with Stephenson, he described the series as a “slow-building horror” that explores what happens if people take advantage of their special abilities for personal gain instead of goodwill. “Power does different things to different people, and in They’re Not Like Us, we’re going to meet a group of very desensitized young people whose extraordinary abilities have put them in a very unique position within the modern world.”

They’re Not Like Us #1 arrives in stores this 12/24 and can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code OCT140592. The final order cutoff deadline is Monday, 12/1.