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New York Comic Con 2017: DC Announces The Curse of Brimstone and The Unexpected

Fans attending the Dark Nights: Metal/New Age of DC Heroes panel at New York Comic Con got more than their money’s worth when they came to hear the latest about the headbanging, face-melting event taking comics by storm! Moderated by DC Publisher Dan DiDio, the dais included an all-star lineup of DC talent, beginning with the bestselling Metal team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo. With the critical and sales success of the six-issue main series, Dan, Scott and Greg talked about how Dark Nights: Metal truly is an event that impacts the DC Universe, now as well as in the future.

Initially announced with as Dark Matter, fans also got to hear and see the latest on what’s been renamed as the New Age of DC Heroes. Spinning out of Metal, the unique vertical gatefold covers were revealed for The Terrifics, The Immortal Men, Damage, The Silencer, and Sideways. DiDio reminded the crowd that all debut issues would launch at a $2.99 price point and that the gatefolds could hold some “easter eggs” that will be revealed throughout the series.

NYCC fans were also introduced to two additional titles added to the New Age of DC Heroes lineup, along with their creators. Writer Justin Jordan, who also is co-writing Sideways with DiDio was on hand to talk about his vision for The Curse of Brimstone, showing off some of the early artwork and character designs, while Steve Orlando got to introduce fans to his new mystery title, The Unexpected.

You can see some of the images shown during the panel below and more at the DC website.