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SDCC 2013: Action Lab Takes on Superheroes and More

ACTIONLAB_LOGOAction Lab Entertainment stormed San Diego Comic-Con 2013 with their first ever panel and announced not only a number of its upcoming new releases for late 2013 and into 2014, but also its launching of the “Return of the Hero”—a number of titles intended at pushing the boundaries of what a superhero story can be.

At the Saturday evening panel, the Action Lab’s top staff showed the audience a presentation featuring highlights of its future projects. The publisher also brought out many creators from its growing stable of creator-owned talent, including name talent from comics, toys, and other media, to share about their exciting new works!

For all-ages readers, the Eisner-nominated Princeless returns, beginning with an encore release of the original mini-series followed immediately by two new four-issue story arcs.  The first issue of the Princeless Encore Edition will be priced at an introductory-friendly $1.00, and will release in November, with future releases arriving in stores monthly.

Previewed next was Vamplets, based on the toy line created by Gayle Middleton, who played a large role in the redesign of My Little Pony and The Littlest Pet Shop.  These oversized 48-page hardcovers, released two or three times a year, tell the story of a human girl who gets talked into running the Nightmare Nursery for little monsters.  The first hardcover launches in October.

Eisner Award-winner Lea Hernandez’s The Garlicks, also an all-ages “little monster” tale, gets a similar oversized hardcover treatment.  The Garlicks is about a non-traditional vampire family and the daughter who wants to draw graphic novels, and debuts in January.

Action Lab also announced the launching of a number of superhero-related books, and used the theme Return of the Hero to connect them. The idea behind the ‘return of the hero’ is that the publisher wants to put a new spin on the superhero title—they want to give readers the genre in a way they have never seen before.

The Return of the Hero begins with the launch of Jamal Igle’s Molly Danger, a 48-page oversized hardcover graphic novel that tells the tale of a ten-year old girl with amazing powers including, apparently, the ability to stay ten years old forever.  Other titles include: Jack Hammer, a superhero who doesn’t quite cut the mustard and thus becomes a private investigator who deals with superhero crimes; The First Hero, morality tale where a man becomes a hero in a world filled with villains; and the launch, in December, of volume 2 of Fracture, about a hero with multiple identities, some of which he can’t control.

DANGERZONE_LOGO_FINALAction Lab also previewed plans for its mature readers line, Danger Zone.  Phase Two of the Danger Zone line begins with a new volume of the popular Zombie Tramp by Dan MendozaZombie Tramp moved to Action Lab from its prior life at Super Real Graphics when SRG’s Jason Martin joined Action Lab to lead its Danger Zone brand.  Zombie Tramp V2 #1 releases in October.

Danger Zone also showed off Bo Plushy Gangsta, a tale of a gang boss who becomes the victim of a voodoo curse and is turned into a cuddly teddy bear, but retains his lethal personality. Created by a Russian video game artist, Bo’s wild concept is equally matched by its amazing visuals, and will hit shelves starting in January 2014.

One title that the panel audience seemed to embrace instantly was the quirky Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land, by Australian cartoonist Dean Rankine, touted by Action Lab as “the foulest comic you will ever read.” Danger Zone president Jason Martin explained, “It’s basically Adventure Time by way of Freak Brothers!” It is scheduled for early 2014 release.

Other 2014 Danger Zone titles include Scum of the Earth, advertised as “southern-friend grindhouse with a twist”, and Crimson Society, featuring a man, infected with lycanthropy, in a near-future world that puts a new spin on monster archetypes.

SDCC 2013: Action Lab Takes Comic-Con International

Critically-acclaimed independent publisher Action Lab Entertainment kicks off its 2013-2014 season with a bang at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, held July 17-21 at the San Diego Convention Center.  This marks the company’s second appearance at the show, and this year will be marked with special announcements, exclusive books, and a constant stream of well-respected industry professionals.

Confirmed creators to appear at the Action Lab booth include:

Jeremy Dale (Skyward)
David Dwonch (Ghost Town)
Kevin Freeman (SubCulture)
Tony Guaraldi-Brown (The Final Plague)
Lea Hernandez (The Garlicks)
Jamal Igle (Molly Danger)
Jason Martin (Night of the 80s Undead)
Gayle Middleton (Vamplets)
Mike Norton (Molly Danger Cover Artist)
Stan Yan (SubCulture)

A more detailed guest list, including signing times and additional creators, will be provided as the convention approaches.  The Action Lab booth is located in the Independent Press Pavilion, Table 2202.

In addition to having a number of featured creators, Action Lab will be offering a number of limited-edition convention exclusives available at SDCC.    Among the offerings:

  • A limited edition sneak preview of the upcoming Molly Danger, with two exclusive SDCC covers by fan-favorites Mike Norton and Jamal Igle
  • A limited edition hardcover premier of Vamplets:Nightmare Nursery with exclusive Ghost Pony cover by Gayle Middleton
  • A variant cover of Skyward #1 by Jeremy Dale
  • A white sketch cover of Skyward #2 by Jeremy Dale
  • A special edition of The Garlicks by Lea Hernandez
  • The premier of Bo Plushy Gangsta with special convention-exclusive cover.

Each of these books will be available in limited quantities while supplies last and most can be signed by their respective creators.  All of the books will also be available in a bundle for a total of $75!

Finally, Action Lab, led by President Kevin Freeman, will be hosting its own panel, “What’s New at Action Lab Entertainment,” scheduled for Saturday, July 20th at 6:00 PM in Panel Room 28 D-E.  The Action Lab staff and creators will be there to talk about everything that is in store for Action Lab for the next year–including some big announcements, and to answer all of your questions.  Attendees will receive a special NFL Rush Zone Button which they can redeem for a special prize at the Action Lab table in the convention hall.

Bo Plushy Gansta Molly 2 SDCC Molly SDCC Skyward Blank Skyward SDCC Vamplets SDCC

Food, Folks, and Fangs

ACTIONLAB_LOGOAction Lab has signed Eisner- and Harvey Award winner Lea Hernandez‘s new all-ages vampire yarn The Garlicks and answers the question, “Who are the smart guys publishing all-ages and girl-friendly comics?”

Action Lab is already well-known for its stable of all-ages books, starting with Jeremy Whitley’s Eisner-nominatedPrinceless and continuing through the upcoming Molly Danger from Jamal Igle and Skyward from Jeremy Dale. Action Lab’s mission is to bring great comics for kids to the market, and have been actively seeing to expand its offerings to meet that goal.

From the start, Hernandez’s The Garlicks has been gathering heaps of praise: Neil Gaiman has called her work “terrific” and Astro City writer Kurt Busiek called it “…funny, human, silly, gorgeous, sweet, and smart.” Brian Truitt ofUSA Today wrote an extended article praising the book and profiling the amazing work Hernandez was putting into it.

The Garlicks is told from the point of view of the young graphic novelist and vampire Pandora Garlick, who describes herself as a “fail vampire” and is looking for a way to stand out in a supernaturally talented family.

While The Garlicks found a home in the hearts of many readers, it needed the right publisher. Hernandez, a pioneer in webcomics and American manga, says, “Pandora is a character who is near and dear to me and I wanted a smart publisher like Action Lab to get her in front of an adoring legion of readers. I could give minutes of press-friendly rah-rah talk, but here’s what’s important: Coffee and cookies. I’m laying in mountainous supplies of both so I can make the best damn graphic novel about the worst vampire girl you’ve ever seen!”