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Terrence Howard Explains Why He Didn’t Return to Iron Man

Terrence+HowardOn Bravo‘s Watch What Happens, actor Terrence Howard finally dishes as to why he didn’t return to the Iron Man franchise as the character James Rhodes. His was replaced with Don Cheadle.

According to Howard, he was the one that got Robert Downey Jr. the role as Tony Stark/Iron Man and initially both actors had signed up for a three picture deal. When it came time for the second movie, the studio bumped Downey’s salary and offered Howard 1/8 of what was promised stating that the movie would succeed with or without him. That 7/8 Howard hinted went to Downey.

Howard says he contacted Downey about it all and didn’t hear back for 3 months. The movie did go on to succeed in dollars earned, but not quality.

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