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Ringo Awards Announces the 2020 Fan Favorite Winners!

Ringo Awards

Comic creative professionals, publishers, retailers, and fans will gather on Saturday night, October 24, 2020, to experience the comic book industry celebrating the recognition of their peers, co-workers, and competitors at the 2020 Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards. This year’s Ringo Awards is sponsored by Cards, Comics & Collectibles, and the Baltimore Comic-Con; BOOM! Studios, Geppi Family Enterprises, Mainframe Comic Con, Rocketship Entertainment, Source Point Press, Tapas, and WEBTOON. The awards ceremony honoring nominees and winners in professional and fan categories will be live-streamed as a part of Baltimore Comic-Con Live in 2020 — please click the link for details!

The Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards is an annual celebration of the creativity, skill and fun of comics. The nomination ballot is determined by fans and pros alike.

The awards has a new approach with respect to announcement of the Fan Favorite Ringo Award categories. Fan Favorites will now be announced in advance of the event, enabling winners to plan to attend the festivities and to let fans know to tune in to see their acceptance speeches, celebrating fans’ support of their favorite creators and publishers, titles, and characters!

The 2020 Ringo Award Fan Favorite categories are sponsored by Rocketship Entertainment. And the winners are…

Fan Favorites:

Don’t miss the presentation and acceptances of the Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards, streaming live at the 1st Baltimore Comic-Con Live on October 24, 2020!

Review: Animalheads #2


One of my favorite shows of all time is The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl. It starred a star from Doctor Who, Billie Piper. It was her star turn in this series that not only made me beguiled by her but entranced. Her portrayal of the two personas made for some very interesting television. The series is about a woman whose parents believe she works as a legal secretary but she actually entertains clients at an escort service.

Piper’s performance as Hannah was both tender and relevant. Her portrayal as Bella was pure fantasy and comedy in many instances which makes the fact that the show was a true story even more enchanting.  It also makes even more perplexing how one can lead such a double life without this task taking a toll. In the second issue of Animalheads our protagonists become steeped in their new vocations.

We find Vicki, Oli, Lucy, and Wyatt, shortly after the murder of Axel Winder. As they start digging Winder’s grave, they start to ponder their decisions up to this point, and if they could have changed anything. We soon find out that Vicki is one who brought it to the group of friends a business idea that was supposed to be easy money. By issue’s end, we find out how the guys confronted Axel Winder

Overall, an excellent detour to understanding these character’s motivations. The story by Son M. is thrilling. The art by Sam Curtis is eye-catching. Altogether, a pulse pounder.

Story: Son M. Art: Sam Curtis
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

AWA Studios Announces a New Digital series The Resistance: Reborns from J. Michael Straczynski and C.P. Smith. Read it Here

AWA Studios/UPSHOT has launched The Resistance: Reborns, a new digital mini-series exploring the origins of the newly superpowered humans after a global pandemic. You can read the full comic below.

The Resistance: Reborns spins out of the critically acclaimed series, The Resistance by title creator J. Michael Straczynski where “The end is the beginning” after a global disaster leaves hundreds of millions dead in its wake, causing a few thousand to suddenly manifest superhuman powers. The first “episode” also features colors by Snakebite Cortez and converted for the web by Iliana Jimenez.

In The Resistance: Reborns, Straczynski explores the origins of the newly superpowered humans after a global pandemic and features artist C. P. Smith. AWA Studios is giving newcomers and longtime fans alike a FREE exclusive look at how the characters introduced in The Resistance #1 received their powers.

The Resistance: Reborns, like all of their other UPSHOT comic series, is also available on popular webcomic platforms such as Webtoons and Tapas. You can read the first episode below:

Review: Animalheads #1


However you feel about The Purge movies, one thing you can ascertain from even knowing the story is that society is only a few bad decisions away from it being a reality. The story holds up a mirror to society and is a bit more political than most movies in its genre. Each movie spoke about the human condition and what each of us would do in situations much like that.  Especially in The First Purge which showed how the experiment was used first on poor Black communities.

What draws audiences to the movies and the television show is each character’s will to survive. Each choice leads you to down certain roads. The wrong one can lead to your future being much grimmer than you could ever have foreseen. In the debut issue of Animalheads, our protagonists struggle with the next steps after a killing.

We find out how Vicki, Oli, Lucy, and Wyatt, went down this path to make money, as they face their futures with uncertainty. We find the four friends, shortly after they graduated, as not one of them has a job prospect, and now, with a mountain of student debt. As they share what may be their last meal together as friends, a spark of an idea for their way of living is birthed at this table. By issue’s end, they find a quick and dirty way to get paid, one that will bring them more trouble than they know

Overall, a nice way to introduce characters and their motivations. The story by Son M. is exciting. The art by Sam Curtis is stunning. Altogether, a story that sizzles with action.

Story: Son M. Art: Sam Curtis
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

AWA Studios Launches iPOP! – iOpeningStories


Last week, Artists, Writers & Artisans launched iPOP! – iOpeningStories a new “imprint” that looks to focus on webtoons, the popular digital comics platform whose audience is massive. Between Webtoon and Tapas, the monthly readership for the sites is near 60 million people a month. The first iPOP! story to launch was Be Wawa: Enter the Dragon

iPOP! also announced its upcoming release schedule:

  • Raider Babies #1: Scwew Yew – June 10th, 2020
  • Raider Babies #2: Scwew Yew Twew – June 17th, 2020
  • Starwar #1: Stupid – June 18th, 2020
  • Starwar #2: Tew Stupid to Live – June 23th 2020
  • Lion Queen #1 – Olivia Exotica – June 24th, 2020

Watch and read for free on these sites:

Review: Animalheads #0


When you are growing up in this world, there are things your parents groom you for and some things they don’t. This is not simply because they don’t know which sometimes the case is. It’s also to let you learn on your own. Those are the lessons you hang onto the rest of your life.

This is when reality sets in and you start learning exactly who you are. You hope you have the tools you need to move forward. When you feel you don’t have choices is when things become desperate. In the prequel issue of Animalheads, we find a group of friends who take a gag and make it a profitable gig.

We meet Vicki, Oli, Lucy and Wyatt, four friends who are coming to the end of their college days and not knowing where they are going in life. Vicki has just killed someone and Lucy is wondering what to do about this dead body. Wyatt decides to get away as fast as possible from the scene of the crime. Eventually, the reader finds out, it was a deal that went wrong between the parties. By issue’s end, an uncertain future awaits them, one that may signal that their fates are sealed.

Overall, a nice way to start a crime story. The story by Son M. is thrilling. The art by Sam Curtis is beautiful. Altogether, a story that feels very familiar but so very unique.

Story: Son M. Art: Sam Curtis
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

AWA Studios Launches iPOP! and Debuts Be Wawa

Debuting on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, AWA Studios has launched a new studio, iPOP!. iPOP! is focused on stories in both video and webtoon formats with the first series Be Wawa debuting today.

Check out the video below and readers can read AWA’s Be Wawa webtoon for free on Webtoons and Tapas.

AWA Studios is a new comic publisher headed by Bill Jemas as CEO and Axel Alonso as Chief Creative Officer. The company has released a handful of series with top tier talent featuring different distribution models and different revenue models. iPOP! looks to be another interesting move for the company focused on the massive webtoons market. More information and details will be coming soon.

Webcomic Review: Fangs is a Wholesome Romance Webcomic

If you are somewhat on the Internet, you’ve probably seen the work of cartoonist Sarah Andersen, who is best known for her self-deprecating, autobiographical comics Sarah’s Scribbles. However, in late 2019, Andersen branched out into the world of paranormal romance with a new webcomic, Fangs that is hosted on Tapas at this link and is published twice weekly. I stumbled on out of context panels of this comic on an anime Facebook page one night, and I know to read the comic in proper order.

Fangs is a romance comic about the relationship between a vampire named Elsie and a werewolf named Jimmy, who meet at a dive bar in Asheville, NC, have instant chemistry, and become a couple. What follows are little vignettes from their life together and the idiosyncrasies that make each other perfect for one another. Fangs works as both a romance and a comedy with sweet sequences like Elsie scratching Jimmy’s ears on the couch while they watch Twilight Zone book followed by comics where he immediately jumps at the door like a pet dog when she says the word ” walk”. Fangs is funny, sweet, and sometimes sexy, especially when Elsie calls Jimmy “boy” and asks about his blood type during their meet cute.

Sarah Andersen uses a simple, easy to follow art style in Fangs with lots of deep blacks, especially when Elsie is involved. However, Andersen switches up the format and layout of Fangs throughout its run from five panel gag type comics like when Jimmy demonstrates he can talk to dogs to powerful splash pages like Jimmy and Elsie sharing their first morning together. Jimmy has the light on his side while Elsie is in the grey scale shadows so she doesn’t spontaneously burst into flames. In a single image, Andersen shows that Jimmy and Elsie work well together, but might have to make some compromises. This is all without dialogue as she uses lighting, body language, and composition to tell the story.

Fangs hits peak adorable when Jimmy is in his wolf form, which happens in scattered Sarah Andersen doesn’t pull a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and make some epic arc out of his lycanthropy. No, it’s just some shit that happens and gives Andersen a chance to draw some really cute wolves and moments like Elsie and Jimmy cuddling up in her coffin, or Ellie making her “pet” an excuse of why she can’t go out that night. It also shows that Jimmy and Ellie work well together because of their monstrous natures, and not in spite of it. For example, she can drink the blood, he can eat the meat, and that’s dinner sorted. This isn’t something they could do if they were dating humans even though it’s kind of sad that Elsie doesn’t show up in Jimmy’s selfies in a modernization of the whole vampires don’t appear in mirrors thing.

Sarah Andersen’s Fangs is low stakes, slice of life romantic goodness with a dash of humor and Gothic/paranormal fiction. Its lead characters are honestly relationship goals, but Andersen does introduces little dashes of tension in the book like Elsie talking about how many people she’s killed and a random jogger hitting on Jimmy while he’s sitting on a bench. But, for the most part, this is Young Romance for the Tales of the Crypt crowd, and it’s nice to see a monster-on-monster love story without townspeople in pitchforks raising the hue and cry.

Story/Art: Sarah Andersen
Story: 8.4 Art: 8.8 Overall: 8.6 Recommendation: Subscribe

Trick-or-Treat at Tapas Media for FREE Comics!

tapastic_logoTapas Media, developers of the Tapas app and Tapastic, is celebrating Halloween with a Trick-or-Treat promo.

The promo is super simple. People just go to this forum post on Halloween and say/write “Trick-or-Treat”. Then they’ll be giving out Tapas coins that can be used to purchase episodes of premium comics (like their newest hit, Silent Horror Z from DarkBox) on the Tapas app.

So! on Oct 31st (PST) make sure to stop by and say “Trick-or-Treeeeeeat” (or a simple “Trick-or-Treat” will do too). And for those that do, they’ll receive TREATS in the form of TAPAS COINS in their Tapas app account (give them a day or two to process plz). ONE lucky trick-or-treater will receive a ONE THOUSAND Coin treat!