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Review: Sugar Town

I am, like some human beings, crave newness like I breathe air. The need to find something or someone, all the time, is a desire most humans crave, but tend to feel some shame, when it comes to meeting someone. There are a variety of reasons why they feel shame, as some of it can be attributed to insecurity and some of, they feel, is betrayal of their spouse. As those natural feelings most people tend to fight, as they may past a point where they don’t trust themselves to do the right thing.

Attraction can be a hard-fought battle especially when the object of your desire, is so seemingly perfect. That is why when you are in a relationship or even a marriage, it becomes difficult to “act normal,” around anyone you feel attracted to.  So, when you find yourself in a situation, like most movies, where the character says “in another life,” it makes you wonder what the universe is doing? In Hazel Newlevant’s Sugar Town, the main character, Hazel, finds herself caught in an interesting predicament.

In the opening pages, we meet Hazel, a photographer form New York visiting Portland, who has a boyfriend back home and ends up at a party, where she knows no one. This is where serendipity intervenes, and she meets Argent, a gorgeous being, whose job is a dominatrix that pulls Hazel to her like a magnet. The two eventually start dating, and Hazel is crazy for Argent, as she feels so comfortable with her. By book’s end, her struggle between both relationships, leads her back to here she was meant.

Overall, a mesmerizing tale, of love and how true understanding in a relationship can lead to so many possibilities. The story by Newlevant is engrossing, heartbreaking and better than your average romantic comedy. The art By Newlevant is vibrant and lifelike. Altogether, a tale that tells you how to follow your hear and sometimes defining your status in a relationship is part of the journey of love.

Story: Hazel Newlevant Art: Hazel Newlevant
Story:10 Art:9.2 Overall:9.7 Recommendation: Buy