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Geppi Family Enterprises Expands Its Leadership Team

Geppi Family Enterprises

Steve Geppi announced new appointments to Geppi Family Enterprises in a letter to employees, vendors, and key retailers. Geppi is the CEO and Chairman of Geppi Family Enterprises which is the parent company of Diamond Comic Distributors.

In the letter, Geppi laid out his visions and that’s for the Geppi family of companies to “remain leaders in the pop culture industry.” In the letter he promised “investments in our people, infrastructure, and relationships.”

On May 16th, the company announced the hiring of Stan Heidmann as president of Geppi Family Enterprises (GFE). The formation of the Office of the Chairman comprised of Stan, Joe Foss as Vice Chairman, and Geppi as Chairman and CEO were also announced.

Four months later, the Office of the Chairman at Geppi Family Enterprises is expanding with new hires.

Chuck Parker will serve as Chief of Staff for Stan Heidmann. He has served as Diamond Comics’ COO and will now act as a senior advisor and coordinate the execution of GFE’s strategic initiatives.

Larry Swanson will continue to serve as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the same role where he’s been helping lead the companies.

Dan Hirsch will direct all sales and revenue efforts for GFE as the Chief Revenue Officer. Before co-founding Alliance Game Distributors, Dan owned and managed several comic retail businesses. In this new position, he will “make great use of that experience with comics, graphic novels, and collectibles in addition to his knowledge of the tabletop game industry.”

Charlie Tyson will assume the role of President at Alliance Game Distributors as Dan Hirsch transitions into his new role. As the co-founder of Alliance, Charlie is “uniquely suited” to take on this role and “will continue the tradition of excellence for which Alliance is known.”

Chris Powell has been appointed to the newly created position of Chief Relationship Officer. Powell has worked in brick-and-mortar and online comics retail before joining Diamond. He’ll be responsible for supporting the existing teams in the growing relationships with current and future publishers, vendors, and retailers. In this new role, Chris will lead the efforts to strengthen those relationships while developing new relationships throughout the marketplace. Chris will also “facilitate the cooperation between different companies, ensuring improved customer experiences for consumers, retailers, and suppliers.”

Tim Lenaghan, as Chief Procurement Officer, will be directing all purchasing functions for GFE and continuing to manage Diamond UK with the leadership team there. Tim will be responsible for sourcing, supply management, and procurement for all companies, leading existing teams, and helping them discover new products for the growing markets.

Shawn Hamrick, as Chief Logistics Officer, will be responsible for all warehouse and logistics operations for the companies. He’ll continue to “refine the procedures and infrastructure that allow for the efficient and accurate transfer of products in and out of all operations, and will support the ongoing monitoring and development of transportation planning to reliably move products all over the world.” Shawn has more than 25 years of experience managing various Diamond Comics operations, including the massive overhaul of the Olive Branch Distribution Center and implementation of new technologies that have dramatically reduced shortage and damage reports from customers.

Roger Fletcher has chosen to step away from the company after a successful 31-year career with Diamond. Roger started in 1988 as a Manager of Diamond’s Denver warehouse. He moved to Baltimore in 1990 and was promoted to VP of Sales and Marketing soon thereafter. Roger’s contributions to Diamond, and the industry, have been significant.

Geppi Family Enterprises, Diamond’s Parent Company, Adds to its Leadership Team and Opens Up Credit with JP Morgan Chase

Steve Geppi, Chairman and CEO of Geppi Family Enterprises

Geppi Family Enterprises (GFE), the parent entity of Diamond Comic Distributors, Alliance Games Distributors, and other Stephen A. Geppi-owned companies, has expanded its leadership team. In addition, it has announced changes to help expand into new product lines and markets to raise sales and profitability.

Formed in 2015, GFE was created to encompass all the companies owned by Diamond Comic Distributors’ Founder and President & CEO, Stephen A. Geppi. The holding entity is comprised of a dozen companies, among them Diamond Comic Distributors, Alliance Game Distributors, Diamond Select Toys, Baltimore Magazine, Hake’s Auctions, Diamond International Galleries, and Gemstone Publishing.

Stan Heidmann, President of Geppi Family Enterprises

GFE has updated its current leadership structure to add an Office of The Chairman, comprised of Geppi as Chairman and CEO; current GFE Executive Representative, Joe Foss, who will serve as Vice Chairman; and Stan Heidmann, who will join the team as President.

Prior to joining GFE, Heidmann was Finance Division Executive – Revenue Management at PepsiCo, where he led their distribution, revenues and finance teams for the Mid-Atlantic region. 

In addition to the hiring of Heidmann, Geppi also announced that he will be establishing an Advisory Board for the Geppi Family Enterprises levelThe board will be comprised of accomplished executives from a variety of different industries, including the comic book industry.

Geppi also announced that both Diamond and Alliance Game Distributors are entering a new banking relationship with JP Morgan Chase. The new credit facility will support Diamond and Alliance’s efforts to expand, create new products, and raise profitability.