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Prism Comics Announces New Queer Comics Anthology

Prism Comics has been working hard to promote the queer comics reading experience. To that end they have teamed up with Stacked Deck Press to bring you a new LGBT comics project. A benefit book to raise funds for the annual Queer Press Grant that helps LGBT comic book self publishers.

In a release, Jon Macy Prism Comics Queer Press Grant chair said:

This is going to be a great anthology with many established comics creators as well as fresh and exciting new voices. Yes, the ultimate goal is to raise money for the grant, but my secret agenda has always been to find a way to promote the many amazing artists that have submitted exceptional proposals over the years. I want to give them the chance to show off their talents in a sweet full color hardback book. Doing this really makes us happy.

The queer publishing world is a small one, and not what it was even ten years ago. Many small presses have gone under, and it has become harder and harder for new LGBT comics creators to find publishers. One of Prism’s own is stepping up to create Stacked Deck Press, an all-inclusive publishing house that focuses on gender, sexual, regional, and ethnic diversity among creators, and diversity of style and genre in story content. Alphabet will be their first book.

Tara Avery, Publisher of Stacked Deck Press, said:

We wanted to highlight the many varieties of the LGBTQ experience and in recent years the queer comics movement has gained visibility from coast to coast. Alphabet is an attempt to bring cartoonists together that represent a broad cross-section of our community and culture.

Alphabet the LGBTQAI cartoonists from Prism Comics to benefit the Queer Press Grant will debut at Wondercon 2016, March 25-27 at the Los Angeles convention center in California. Look for their crowd funding campaign coming in October.

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