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Scout Comics’ Final Order Cut Off includes Two Debuts, a 1 of 1 Printer Plate Pack, and The Recount… with coffee!?

Category Zero Conflict #2

(W) Adem Kiamil (A/CA) Ton Lima

Phillip Patterson gets even closer to unravelling the truth about STRIX. Twenty years later, his son Jake has set in motion a series of events that can’t be undone as he helps One Percenters escape from Omega. Meanwhile, Neve has disturbing visions of the future!

Category Zero Conflict #2

Red Winter Fallout #2

(W) Michael Gordon (A/CA) Alberto Massaggia

Joseph Winter has been saved from the jaws of death by a mysterious Russian woman named Darya Petukhof. Here’s the thing, though – he has no idea who she is, nor why she cares if his head is still attached to his shoulders. Either way, he’s now on the run with her, trying to stay one step ahead of Vasily Andropov’s Chistyye Krovi gang, who are out for blood. Meanwhile, Detective Max Voronin continues to investigate the Oil Refinery massacre, and finds himself in contact with another mysterious woman-this one claiming to be an American podcaster researching Kapotnya’s gangs for her show.

Red Winter Fallout #2

The Recount #1 – Comics & Coffee Combo

(W) Jonathan Hedrick (A) Gabriel Ibarra Nunez (CA) Joe Bocardo

A limited edition #1 with a new cover and a 6 cup coffee sampler pack included! After the assassination of the U.S. President, the conspirators turn their sights on all who helped him get into power. By this, they mean to kill everyone who helped him ascend to the presidency – including the ordinary citizens who elected him – essentially plunging the entire country into civil war. Meanwhile, the vice president, one of the few survivors of the executive branch, struggles to prevent the nation from descending into chaos.

The Recount #1 - Comics & Coffee Combo

Stabbity Bunny – Presswork Printer Plate Pack

(W) Richard Rivera (A/CA) Dwayne Biddix

Own a piece of comic history, these are the tools that helped make one of your favorite Scout Comics! Presswork printer plates are 12 mm aluminum pages that are used to print comics and trade paperbacks via offset printing. There are 4 color variations per printer plate; Black, Yellow, Magenta (Pink) and Cyan (Blue). These printer plates are from the Stabbity Bunny Vol 2 TPB. A COA is included with a hologram sticker giving the title, print run and date printed. Random plates may be signed by a creator or two! Allocations may apply.

Stabbity Bunny - Presswork Printer Plate Pack

Scout Comics and Coffee!? Get Stabbity Bunny #1 and Stabbity Bunny Coffee!

Scout Comics is partnering with Comics on Coffee to launch a series of Scout Comics inspired coffee flavors and collectible comics.

The second release will be the metal cover comic and 12 ounce coffee combo pack of the ultra popular comic Stabbity Bunny,  A limited edition (individually numbered out of 100) metal cover is now available while supplies last at www.scoutcomics.com.

Stabbity Bunny coffee

The Bunny is Back! Scout Comics 1st Official Kickstarter, Stabbity Bunny Vol. 1 & 2, is Now Live!

Scout Comics‘ first official Scout Comics Kickstarter campaign is NOW LIVE!  The rapidly growing indie-comics publisher continues to expand their marketing and distribution venues with an initiative that will give the Kickstarter community direct access to some of their most exciting upcoming projects. 

Stabbity Bunny volumes one and two are now being offered, plus signed copies and many other unique items are also available. We even have a few early bird specials that expire soon! Back the campaign now!

Stabbity Bunny Vol. 1 & 2

The Stabbity Bunny Title Box is now available from Scout Comics

Grace Lee, an exceptional seven-year-old, is targeted by the ancient evil that has plagued her family for a century. While on a school field trip, plush rabbit in tow, she is kidnapped. The little girl is in deadly danger, but her plight awakens an unexpected protector, Stabbity Bunny, and the “bad man” is never seen again. Amanda Lee, a former mercenary turned children’s book author, finds and brings her daughter home. Fearing this is just the beginning, Amanda calls Magdalena, Grace’s grandmother and practitioner of gypsy magic, for help. The last stand against their supernatural foe and his minions has begun..

Stabbity Bunny is written by Richard Rivera with art by Dwayne Biddix. Each deluxe title box will contain a complete set of comics! There’s a mystery element in each box offering that includes rare variants and out off print covers. Some of boxes may also contain extremely rare HOLOFOIL editions that can only be found within!

Along with the set of single issues you will also get a digital download/collectible card of each series in Scout’s new COMIC TAG format! These limited edition collectibles look just like a mini comic book with a collectible card attached!

The Stabbity Bunny Title Box includes issues #1-11, Emmett Story one-shot and the Comic Tag containing the entire digital graphic novel of issues #1-6. It’s limited to 250 boxes and retails for $59.99.

Stabbity Bunny Goes on Hiatus Due to Health Issues

Richard Rivera

Scout Comics & Entertainment has announced that their hit series, Stabbity Bunny, has been put on hiatus due to the serious health problems of writer/creator Richard Rivera.  As a result, Scout plans to cancel and re-solicit Stabbity Bunny issues #9 through #12 once they are fully completed by Richard and his team. Due to the uncertainty of Richard’s health, a realistic timetable for this is not available at this time.    

Richard’s upcoming titles, Stabbity Ever After and Shadow Play, will NOT be affected by this since the majority of both books have already been completed.

We wish Richard and his family nothing but the best and a speedy recovery.

Stabbity Bunny #3 Sells Out and Gets a Third Printing

Scout Comics and Entertainment has announced that Scout’s break-out hit for 2018, Stabbity Bunny by Richard Rivera and Dwayne Biddix, has continued its trend of selling out and issue #3 has gone back to a second printing.

Stabbity Bunny could take place at the intersection of Sesame Street and Nightmare on Elm Street, where a 100-year-old plush bunny and seven-year-old Grace must combat evil in all its forms. Horror and mystery combine in this captivating series.

Scout Announces Stabbity Bunny by Richard Rivera and Dwayne Biddix

This week, Scout has announced their lates series, Stabbity Bunny by Richard Rivera and Dwayne Biddix!

Nightmare on Elm Street meets Sesame Street in this horror-mystery series with heart.

A seven-year-old girl and her plush rabbit, Stabbity Bunny, are targeted by supernatural forces that have been hunting her family for generations.  Grace is kidnapped and things quickly turn from dangerous to deadly when she attempts to escape.  Fortunately, both Grace and the kidnapper will discover Stabbity has secrets of his own … and nobody threatens his little girl.