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Activision’s Marvel Games Get Pulled

deadpool_gamescom_two_are_better_than_oneLooks like Activision‘s licenses for a few Marvel video games are up if their disappearance is any indication. The below games have been removed from the Playstation Network, Xbox Live and Steam. Those who already purchased them are fine, it’s just new digital purchases aren’t possible. You can probably find most of these in bargain bins as physical disks now anyways, so really folks will only miss out on the DLC that might not be available in physical form.

Gone are:

  • Deadpool
  • Spider-Man: Edge of Time
  • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
  • Spider-Man: Friend or Foe
  • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • X-Men Destiny
  • X-Men: The Official Game

This isn’t the first time this has happend. In 2010, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and its downloadable content were removed in a similar move. That’s the breaks when it comes to licensing deals and also a good argument as to why physical media is here to stay, and should stay, for a long time.

(via Kotaku)

Around the Tubes

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The weekend is so close and reports are already coming that DC comic’s new releases are selling out.  There’s a lot of other quality books out too, so make sure to get to your store and pick up some new releases.

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Around the Tubes

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It’s a packed edition of Around the Tubes with lots of stories we missed but also continuing WonderCon coverage and a flood of reviews.  Enjoy!

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Around the Tubes

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It’s friday, friday, friday, which means fun, fun, fun, fun.  I’m gearing up for synDCon this weekend while the rest of the comic world descends on San Francisco and Wondercon.  I’ll have coverage of synDCon and be bringing you the coverage everyone else has of Wondercon.  Here’s the rest of the news from the last 24 hours (or so).

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