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Preview: Sleeper


Writer: Rodolfo Santullo
Artist: Carlos Aon

The planet’s gone to hell. Resources, completely exhausted. While the poor liveovercrowded, the rich acquire the possibility of a space program. They buy cryogenization procedures  and are launched into space, for a better life. But… What if you get ripped off?  Post apocalyptic science fiction meets closed-room mysteries.


Around the Tubes

The weekend is here and I’ll be spending it watching Doctor Who! What about you all?

Around the Tubes

Comic Legends Revealed – Mort Weisinger alluded to the alleged John F. Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe affair in a Superboy comic book story. – Interesting.

CBR – Affleck & Damon Producing Adaptation of Brubaker & Phillips’ “Sleeper” – Nice!

Variety – Warner Bros. Wins Final Element of ‘Superman’ Copyright Case – Hrm.

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