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Preview: Invader ZIM #38

Invader ZIM #38

(W) Sam Logan, (A), Maddie C., (C) Fred C. Stresing, (CA) A: Warren Wucinich with Fred C. Stresing, B: Maddie C. with Fred C. Stresing
Age Rating: All Ages
Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor—Price: $3.99—Page Count: 32

ZIM’s latest insidious plan for world domination has dire consequences for GIR, and now everyone thinks the poor dog is dead. Not only that, they seem to think he’s some kind of… hero? Which is definitely a word that ZIM has never heard before.

Preview: Invader ZIM #37

Invader ZIM #37

(W) Sam Logan, (A) Kate Sherron, (C) Fred C. Stresing, (CA) A: Warren Wucinich with Fred C. Stresing, B: Fred C. Stresing
Age Rating: All Ages
Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor—Price: $3.99—Page Count: 32

When Dib wakes up one morning to find ZIM inside his house, eating breakfast with his family, he’s confused. Even more confused when everyone refers to ZIM as Dib’s brother. What horrible plot could ZIM be unfurling? But the more Dib looks into it, the more it seems like… ZIM might actually be his brother? Is that possible? Or will Dib lose his mind trying to unravel the vast conspiracy?

Preview: Invader ZIM Volume 6

Invader ZIM Volume 6

(W) Eric Trueheart, Sarah Graley, Sam Logan
(A) Maddie C. and Mady G., Sarah Graley
(C) Fred C. Stresing, Sarah Stern
(CA) Maddie C. with Fred C. Stresing
Age Rating: All-Ages
Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor
Price: $19.99
Page Count: 128

Things are getting weird. Watch as everyone’s favorite green alien CONQUERS THE WORLD. Or, well, tries to. Often with pretty disastrous results! See ZIM connect with an alien neighbor he never knew he had! Laugh at ZIM’s sped-up antics as he attempts to control… THE TIME THINGY. And gaze in awe at the two-part story all about Poop Cola’s insidious new flavor, DARKPOOP. Featuring special guest illustrators Sarah Graley (OUR SUPER ADVENTURE, KIM REAPER) and Mady G, and featuring new series artist Maddie C.! Collects issues #26-30 of the Oni Press comic series.

Preview: Invader ZIM #33

Invader ZIM #33

(W) Sam Logan
(A/C) Fred C. Stresing
(CA) Fred C. Stresing (Cover A), (Cover B) Tait Howard
Age Rating: All Ages
Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32

Dib and ZIM both compete in the Skool’s Innovation Fair, but ZIM’s ultimate project—which was going to both humiliate Dib AND finally help ZIM take control of Earth—has been swapped with GIR’s ultimate project, which is… something called “Mr. Wiener Face.” But somehow, the judges are impressed! Could it be that the way to control the humans is through their love of processed meats? ZIM will find out!

Review: Invader Zim #28


Welcome back, Zim! We’ve missed ya and while it’s not a television revival, Oni Press clearly saw the potential in Invader Zim enough to bring him back into pop culture in comic book form.

And because of the episodic format of the comic, I don’t have anything recap to anyone which is honestly for the best really given save for the occasional two-parter, longer form storytelling wouldn’t exactly work for Invader Zim given you’d have to pad out the story for jokes and let’s face it, Zim isn’t known for serial storytelling. It can work for superhero books and others but I don’t think so for Zim. But how does this book hold up? Very well.

In Invader Zim #28, Zim has to retrieve some time device with a bendy straw that was last seen on a moon and given this is Invader Zim we’re talking about, the task is far from simple and pleasant. Writer Sam Logan really crafted a sadistically hilarious story where it wouldn’t feel out of place in the actual show. You have Zim discovering survivors underneath the moon and for whatever silly thing he wants from them that would take ages, he’d use some kind of bubble to shield himself from the effects of the time device, he’s fine but everyone else is visibly aged. That to me is how you get Zim down and it’s clear that writer Sam Logan understands the material and what makes him tick.

Zim is a jerk but he is a hilarious jerk you’re entertained by and this issue, screw it, the entire comic holds true to that. Much of the jokes land as I found myself laughing and chuckling at whatever abuse is given to Zim or how he treats others. I mean, he has Irken survivors build a chair for him to think and it took months while merely a few minutes for him. And most importantly, Logan does nail the voices of these characters hard. Everyone is in character and I can easily picture the voice actors from the show uttering these lines.

The art by Mady G is decent but I feel how Zim is drawn, his face looks too round, he doesn’t look very angular like in the cartoon. He looked kind of off model to me. I mean, Gir and the Almighty Tallests looked fine but somehow with Zim, he looked pretty off. But Mady G does succeed in assisting the timing of the jokes such as the panels where Zim falls down multiple times. And the colors by Fred C. Stresing are very well done, matching the show’s aesthetic. Maybe the colors could have been somewhat darker but it works.

If you’re a fan of Invader Zim already and new to this comic, this is not a bad issue to start with. If you’ve been enjoying this comic already, the quality is still strong. Check it out!


Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Invader ZIM #28

Invader ZIM #28

(W) Sam Logan
(A) Mady G
(C) Fred C. Stresing
(CA) Mady G with Fred C. Stresing (Cover A), Rian Sygh (Cover B)
Age Rating: All Ages
Genre: Sci-Fi/Humor
Price: $3.99
Page Count: 32

SOMEWHERE IN SPACE is an object so powerful, so deadly, so mysterious, that no one has ever laid claim to it! AND ZIM WANTS IT! But that’s before he realizes WHY this mysterious object is so hard to obtain—the closer you get to it, the more time slows down. But hey, ZIM’s carried out stupider quests without giving up, so… well, it should be entertaining, at least.

Preview: Invader Zim #17


(W) Danielle Koenig
(A) Warren Wucinich
(C) Fred C. Stresing
(CA) Warren Wucinich (retail cover), Krooked Glasses (incentive cover)
BACK-UP COMIC by Sam Logan and Jarrett Williams with Fred C. Stresing
GENRE: Humor, Sci-Fi
PRICE: $3.99

Once again, Dib is kidnapped by malicious aliens! But there’s a big difference: they’ve also kidnapped ZIM! WHAT EVIL IS THIS?