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Scout Comics announces Trim Season

Scout Comics and Execution Posse Holdings are proud to announce a new comic series called Trim Season!

Execution Posse Holdings, recently known for limited comic series Night of the Cadillacs and indie bestseller Hot Valley Days and Cocaine Nights  has partnered with Mejane Productions to release a new limited edition series comic, Trim Season, published through Scout Comics in 2022.

This original concept by Megan SutherlandSean E. DeMott, and Cullen Poythress based on true stories of girls going missing during the yearly Marijuana trim season in Humboldt County, California. It features a story by comic book writer Jake Hearns, based on a screenplay by David Blair and Ariel Vida. It tells the story of a group of young people from LA who go to work at a remote marijuana farm only to encounter unspeakable horrors, a sinister family and human sacrifice.

The cover is done by artist Rob Prior with pencils and inks by Mara Mendez Garcia and colors by Lorenzo PalomboTrim Season is the first co-production between Jane Badler’s MeJane Productions and Execution Posse Holdings. An ashcan preview comic is now available through Scout’s website.

Trim Season

NYCC 2021: Andy Serkis’ Eternus Comes to Scout Comics

Scout Comics and Thunder Comics have announced the new comic series Eternus by actor/director/producer Andy Serkis.

The seven-issue Eternus, co-created with director Andrew Levitas, is inspired by myth and takes place in 360 AD, 30 years after the murder of Zeus in his own temples. Zeus’ son, Heracles, is now a depressed drunk, while the old gods struggle to stay alive after decades of Christian disruption. When Athena’s Temple is sacked by a mysterious Centurion in search of a relic once belonging to Zeus, the old gods are convinced this is Zeus’ killer. Now Heracles must sober up and protect the only witness to identify the killer.

The Source/Unikorn scribe Don Handfield is writing with Anastajza K Davis. Art hails from penciler Karl Moline, inker Andy Owens and letter Dave Lanphear. Rob Prior will paint the main covers.

A limited-edition ashcan NOW AVAILABLE for pre-order on Scout’s website and at New York Comic Con starting this Thursday, where cover artist Rob Prior will be doing a signing. There’s two versions, a regular edition and a limited edition METAL cover edition.


Preview: Killbox: Chicago #1

Killbox: Chicago #1

Story: Tom Riordan
Art: Marco Ferrari
Cover: Rob Prior

It’s finally here! KILLBOX: CHICAGO is the brand new series from KILLBOX creator Tom Riordan and talented newcomer Marco Ferrari, who have woven a tale of riots, gangs, and mysterious monsters.

Timothy, Emi, and Sasha, heroes of the first KILLBOX series, have been on the run since the game in Los Angeles imploded. Now in San Francisco, they seek help from Emi’s connections to the yakuza, while previous villains Irwin and Leonard engage with new Chicago contestants Aya Mori and Wilky Dae. And all the while, a strange new trio of haunting figures stalks the streets with sinister purpose.

Almost American