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Preview – Top Cow First Look Trade Paperback – Echoes #1

Official Press Release


(W) Christos Gage, Marc Bernardin, Adam Freeman, Jason Rubin, B. Clay Moore, Joshua Hale Fialkov, John Mahoney and Filip Sablik
(A) Jorge Lucas, Afua Richardson, Tyler Kirkham, Nelson Blake II and Thomas Nachlik
(Cov) Top Cow’s Finest

Six New #1 Issues for only Five Bucks!

In an unparalleled publishing initiative, Top Cow proudly presents a collection of six never-before-seen first issues of upcoming series bound in a single collection. Sunset by Christos Gage (Avengers Academy) and Jorge Lucas (The Darkness) tells the tale of an old Vegas enforcer on a quest for revenge in his twilight years. The Pilot Season 2008 winning team of Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman (The Authority) and Afua Richardson (Cyblade) returns with Genius—a story of a young African-American military genius taking over LA’s gangs. Jason Rubin (The Iron Saint) and Tyler Kirkham (Green Lantern Corps) unveil the supernatural murder-mystery Mysterious Ways. B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick) and Nelson Blake II (Magdalena) take you deep into space horror with Black Vault. And reintroducing Top Cow’s Minotaur imprint come two dark series: Joshua Hale Fialkov & Rahsan Ekedal’s (The Cleaners) generational serial killer Echoes, and Last Mortal, a supernatural noir adventure from Filip Sablik, John Mahoney, and Thomas Nachlik.

160 PAGES / Full Color / TRADE PAPERBACK / $4.99

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Review – Top Cow First Look

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Top Cow First LookI’ll just cut to the chase when it comes to Top Cow First Look, this is a must buy.  Six fantastic stories for $4.99.  Less than $1 an issue, this is a no brainer.  So, where do I begin with each tale, I guess it’s easiest to take them one at a time and just praise each of them in their own little way with a modified review.

Genius is written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman with art by Troy Peteri.  Someone’s united all of the gangs in Los Angeles.  One cop believes this person exists and the LAPD is dealing with a very bright individual.  But would anyone believe that leader is a woman?  The story is original, the art is great and I wanted more and more.  This kick ass story starts off this steal.  Rating: 9

Sunset, takes on a man who has a mysterious past.  Written by Christos Gage and the art by Jorge Lucas, this is a mix of Dirty Harry or Gran Torino.  A revenge tale with a lot of ass kicking.  The entire issue is a build, and ends just as it’s getting good.  Great story, and great art.  Rating: 9

Mysterious Ways is the weakest of the bunch, but still really good.  Written by Jason Rubin with pencils by Tyler Kirkham and inks by Sal Regla is the story of a gruesome murder and some spiritual things behind it.  My biggest issue with this story is it’s a bit choppy and part just don’t make sense.  Still the art is tight, and it’s entertaining.  Rating: 8

Black Vault is something I didn’t see coming.  To say why it’s so good is to reveal the twist at the end.  This story written by B. Clay Moore and art by Nelson Blake II takes place on the International Space Station and involves a very mysterious crew who arrive with a cargo that’s not quite what it seems.  This has tons of potential and I want to see where it goes.  Rating: 9.5

The final two entries are from Minotaur Press who are being picked up by Top Cow.

Echoes by the brilliant Joshua Hale Fialkov with art by Rashan Ekedal is so beyond twisted and so freaking good.  This a psycological thriller along with the likes of Silence of the Lambs.  You know where this is going, and the pacing and build up are perfect.  I love the black and white art (it’s a perfect fit) and can’t imagine what comes next.  This is so good I hope folks are seriously taking a look at it for the big or small screen.  Rating: 10

The final story of the bunch is Last Mortal, written by John Mahoney and Filip Sablik with art by Thomas Nachlik.  A very interesting tale that doesn’t reveal what’s going on until the very last panel.  It’s one story that crosses over into something totally different.  Again this is a black and white comic, which works for it.  A very creative and engaging beginning that sucks you right in.  Rating: 9

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