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Princeless Volume 7: Find Yourself with the Award-Winning Princess Who Saves Herself!

Princeless, a five time Glyph Comics Awards winner and Eisner nominee, is back with its seventh volume! Written by Jeremy Whitley with art by Emily Martin, Ainhoa Aramayo, Christine Hipp, and Brett Grunig, the trade features a cover by Martin and Grunig.

The story of Princeless is a twist on the classical fairy tale: a princess locked in a tower frees herself and goes on a quest to save her sisters. Our protagonist Adrienne is a well-loved heroine.

In this volume, journey with Princess Adrienne and her dragon Sparky as they travel the Great Southern Desert in search of her sister Alize’s castle. Unfortunately, the two get lost, and Adrienne ends up alone and in danger! She’ll face surprising dangers in the desert and have her final confrontation with the Black Knight!

During Adrienne’s epic encounters, Devin and his friends get out of the Black Forest… only to find themselves going head-to-head with an old enemy who’s planning on attacking Asheland!

Find yourself with Princeless Volume 7, in comic book stores this March 2019! Pre-order a copy with the Diamond item code JAN191429.

Princeless Volume 7 Find Yourself

Preview: Princeless Vol. 7 #3


Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Emily Martin, Christine Hipp, Brett Grunig
Cover Artist(s): Emily Martin, Christine Hipp, Brett Grunig (Cover A), Yesenia Moises (Cover B)

After leading the daring rescue of Devin and Tempest, Kira has been gravely injured.  Now her fate lies in the hands of the mysterious old woman who aided in their escape, but who is this woman and is there anything Devin, Tempest, and Noni can do to help save Kira?

Meanwhile, Adrienne has discovered a whole new world of her sister Alize’s design in the desert, but she’s brought danger with her.  Will Adrienne be forced to face the Sphinx or will she finally find herself face to face with the greatest swordsman in the kingdom, The Black Knight?!

32 pgs./ E / FC $3.99

Princeless Vol. 7 #3

Princeless Volume 7 #1: Find Yourself – Princess Adrienne is back and ready to fight!

Princeless is the three time Glyph winning and multiple Eisner nominated series that was recently optioned by Sony to become a major motion picture. Written and created by Jeremy Whitley, the story focuses on female empowerment as a princess gets tired of waiting for her prince and frees herself from her tower, teaming up with a dragon to save her sisters.

In the latest volume, Princess Adrienne journeys to rescue her oldest sister Alize. Except with Bedelia leaving to stay with her family and Adrienne abandoning her dragon Sparky, the princess turned knight finds herself lost and alone in the desert. While danger approaches her, Devin and his comrades find a town being attacked by an army near their home and are about to come face-to-face with deadly foes… and betrayal.

The first issue of Princeless Volume 7: Find Yourself will be in a comic book store near you on October 17th, 2018 featuring art by Emily Martin, Ainhoa Rueda, and Brett Grunig and two covers, one by Onyinye Anakor and another by Emily Martin.