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Toy Fair 2019: Pop! Marvel and Rock Candy Dark Phoenix and Pop! Pez Marvel

POP! Marvel and Rock Candy – Dark Phoenix are coming soon from Funko!

Few Marvel Super Heroes can match Dark Phoenix for sheer power. She has been known to consume stars—destroying planets and countless beings in the process—and inspiring jealousy among other Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains. Bring home Dark Phoenix as a Pop! or Rock Candy, or both, but don’t be surprised if she can’t be controlled.

Find an exclusive Dark Phoenix at Hot Topic with a glow chase.

Find a glow Dark Phoenix at Walmart.

Pop! PEZ – Marvel are coming soon from Funko.

Looking to bring some Super Hero magic to your snacks? Pop! PEZ dispensers inspired by some of Marvel’s favorite characters will delight your taste buds and make your PEZ collection look amazing. Add Ant-Man, Beast, Logan and Ghost Rider to your collection.

Pop! PEZ: Marvel X-Men Coming Soon

Funko has announced Pop! PEZ: Marvel, but there’s more! No Pop! PEZ Marvel series would be complete without Magneto – the mutant with the ability to control magnetic fields is ready to dispense candy from his head!

Pop! PEZ: Marvel X-Men are coming soon.

The Merc with a Mouth is available as a blue and yellow Hot Topic exclusive and also has a Chase with a yellow and blue color scheme and a one-in-six rarity.

Deadpool is also available with a black and red color scheme as a BoxLunch exclusive.

Deadpool is shown in his traditional red and black color scheme.

Cable, the time-traveling cybernetic mutant soldier from the future is available.