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Pop! Movies: Men in Black is Coming Soon from Funko

“Here come the Men in Black, they won’t let you remember!”

Join Pop! Agent H and Pop! Agent M on an extraterrestrial adventure the likes of which you might forget if the agents happen to be packing memory-erasing neuralyzers. The agents have an extraterrestrial sidekick in Pop! Pawny and the Pop! alien twins working at headquarters are sure to help. The Pop! is two-sided, might want to display this one out of box!

Pop! Movies: Men in Black is coming soon from Funko.

Pop! Agent M is also available as a Walmart and Sony Home Entertainment shared exclusive.

Entertainment Earth Spotlight: Conan and Red Sonja Come to Pop!s

The Cimmerian fighter from the 1982 film is the latest addition to Pop!

Collect the immensely strong Conan the Barbarian and crush his enemies!

You can also collect Conan covered in blood, and in war paint, both available through PX Previews!

Coming this fall! Pop! Movie: Conan the Barbarian is out in November.

pop-movie-conan-the-barbarian-1 pop-movie-conan-the-barbarian-2 pop-movie-conan-the-barbarian-3

Strengthen your Pop! collection with Red Sonja!

Red Sonja comes with her scale armor bikini and sword!

She is also available with blood spatter — a PX Previews exclusive!

Collect the She-Devil with a Sword this fall! Pop! Heroes: Red Sonja is out in November from Funko.

pop-heroes-red-sonja-1 pop-heroes-red-sonja-2





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