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Review: Heart of Weirdness

heart of weirdnessStrap in readers for one heck of a ride! Heart of Weirdness is a romping genius of a comic, which unites color and art with good minimalist writing, allowing the reader to become absorbed in the artwork and really feel the story. The use of color throughout is strikingly impressive and immersive.

The issue centers around a mad military scientist who has turned on his colleagues (an alien species) and is fully armed, dangerous and a bit of a psychopath! A soldier is selected to travel to the same alternative universe and “neutralize” the threat. Chosen for his previously demonstrated mental strength, this soldier is deemed the least likely to suffer mentally as a result of the mission. This is a central consideration as nobody actually knows how far the soldier’s sanity will be stretched when traveling to an alternative universe, or in deed, locating and dealing with the target.

The soldier is given a nifty device which really does come in handy in multiple sticky situations. I absolutely love the way that this device is drawn and the label descriptors that allow the reader to understand how the device works, and the purposes it might be helpful for. It’s a really good touch to bring the reader into the story.

The writing, by Seth Andrew Jacob, in this issue is minimal, used only where needed, and there are several pages with absolutely no writing. This is something I particularly liked about this comic as all of the writing is good, with no elaborate and unnecessary embellishments.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this issue.  It is bright, colorful, weird and most importantly: something different. If you are looking for something fresh then this is definitely the comic for you.

Story: Seth Andrew Jacob Art: Alchemichael Colours: Pete Toms Letters: Colin Bell Design: Dylan Todd
Story: 8 Art: 10 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Seth Andrew Jacob provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for rview

Preview: Colonial Souls – Phase 1: Egg


Colors by PETE TOMS
Written by NOLAN T. JONES
Available Digitally for $2.49 via ColonialSouls.com

Which came first– the beginning or the end?  Once mighty conquerors, a race of reincarnating bugs found themselves nearly blown out of universe by the many enemies whose very souls they had murderously stolen.  A new Queen looks to save her race by attempting a new and dangerous tactic to provide them with the souls they will need if her people are to last another day… let alone for another generation.


Preview: Boo! Halloween Stories Vol. 2 #1

Boo! Halloween Stories Vol. 2 #1

Writers: RJ White, Dylan Todd, Gloria Reynolds, Leonard Pierce, Matt Smigiel, Jon Morris, Delilah Dawson, Chris Sims, Ken Lowery, Manning Krull, Sean Poppe, Scott Faulkner, Benito Cereno
Artists: Kelly Tindall, Matt Digges, Gloria Reynolds, Adam Eatson, Matt Smigiel, Joel Carroll, Matthew Allen Smith, Andy Hirsch, Shawn McGuan, Manning Krull, Sean Poppe, Erica Henderson, Scott Faulkner, Jordan Witt, Jon Morris
Colorist: Pete Toms
Price: $1.99
Pages: 67
Rating: 12+

Last year’s creeps and ghoulies are back for another round of macabre tales so frightening you’ll have to say BOO! Eleven all-new stories, pinups, and more, including the chance to win a page of original art!