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PAX East 2022 to Feature Larian Studios, Gearbox Software, Hundreds of Exhibitors

PAX East

PAX East 2022, the East Coast’s most attended gaming event, welcomes hundreds of exhibitors including some of the most popular publishers and developers in the industry to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) from Thursday, April 21, 2022 to Sunday, April 24, 2022.

This spring, PAX East organizers invite the global gaming community to join a massive show floor replete with AAA creators for sneak peeks at the future of gaming. Witness the next step on the road to the launch of Baldur’s Gate III with Larian Studios. Gearbox Software returns after their blockbuster unveiling of Borderlands 3 at PAX East 2019 to celebrate the launch of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands while looking toward the future. See new creations from Devolver Digital’s catalog of award-winning, critically acclaimed titles.

Elsewhere on the floor, Focus Home Interactive (A Plague Tale: RequiemWarhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, Evil West) brings its latest, Koch Media showcases its upcoming lineup, XSEED spotlights a fresh slate of localized Japanese favorites, tinyBuild beckons attendees with charming indie masterpieces, Intel and AMD display the bleeding edge of PC gaming hardware, and so much more.

PAX East also plays host to competitive gamers at the top of their discipline. PAX Arena welcomes aspiring pros to throw portals and gunfire in Splitgate, the hottest arena shooter of the day, in the Almost Pro $10k Splitgate Open. Watch content creators embrace the chaos of Fall Guys in Stream Stars and tomorrow’s brightest esports stars play for $10k in collegiate scholarship prizing.

On other stages, join panels with fan-favorite industry personalities, content creators, and journalists. Catch up with the hosts of IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat, renowned hosts of G4TV, mental health advocate and TikTok star Catieosaurus, key members of the newly formed Boston Breach Call of Duty franchise, famous “Skyrim Grandma” Shirley Curry, and many more.

After canceling 2021’s show for the health and safety of the community, and successfully hosting safe events in September and December, PAX East organizers will require mandatory proof of vaccination and face coverings for all attendees, exhibitors, and guests in the BCEC. Additional health and safety information is available on the PAX East website.

Four-day PAX East 2022 badges are now on sale for $235, while individual Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badges go for $62 each.

A Different Kind Of PAX

pax_unplugged_logoDuring PAX South, a new PAX focused solely on tabletop gaming was announced in the ever-growing lineup. PAX Unplugged will be taking place in downtown Philadelphia, PA at the Pennsylvania Convention Center November 17th-19th of this year. Badges have yet to go on sale but are set for Spring.

If you’ve been to a PAX in recent years, you’ve seen the tabletop areas rapidly grow in size and popularity thanks to the current resurgence tabletop gaming is experiencing. The mainstream giants of Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons sit next to indie darlings like Munchkin, Dungeon World, and the Burning Wheel with games you probably haven’t even heard of yet peppered between them all. You can find all of it and the table space to give them a try if you have the time. You can even chat with creators and talk to them about the games they’ve made. More and more panels have been dedicated to tabletop gaming and game design as well. Not to mention panels like Adam Koebel’s Office Hours giving GMing advice and others like live Critical Role, RollPlay, and Acquisitions, Inc. It was only natural that this aspect of gaming would even get its own PAX.

PAX Unplugged isn’t the only convention of its kind though. There’s GenCon in Indianapolis, IN at the Indiana Convention Center August 17th-20th that will be celebrating its 50th year and competes with it for size. It’s the largest and longest-running con in the tabletop gaming arena. On the flipside, Go Play NW is a much smaller con in Seattle, WA at Seattle University July 8th-10th.  It focuses more on fostering growth and camaraderie in tabletop gaming as a non-profit and gives space for creators who want to test their story-based games. Dozens of others definitely exist worldwide but few can compare in scope to an offering from Penny Arcade and Reed Pop while providing a basis for a community . Head over to the official PAX Unplugged site to subscribe and keep up to date or follow PAX on Twitter.

Dark Horse to Offer a “Halo” PAX Exclusive

Dark Horse and 343 Industries have announced a PAX West exclusive product: the PAX Exclusive 5” Halo Covenant Banshee Ultra replica. This limited-edition product will only be available at PAX West from September 2 to 5, 2016, in Seattle.

A limited batch of only 150 PAX Exclusive 5” Halo Covenant Banshee Ultra replicas will be available for purchase. This special item is $50, and purchases are limited to one item per person per day at the convention. Customers who purchase the PAX exclusive will receive a Halo 5: Guardians REQ Pack download card.

The PAX Exclusive 5” Halo Covenant Banshee Ultra replica is the latest addition to the Halo line from the collaborative efforts of Dark Horse and 343 Industries. To date, Dark Horse and 343 Industries have produced five Halo replica ships with more on the way, including the Halo 5 UNSC Prowler, UNSC Pelican Dropship, the UNSC Infinity, the Covenant Truth and Reconciliation, and the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.

Dark Horse and 343 Industries have also produced two blockbuster comics series with canonical story lines written by writers from the video game franchise, Halo: Initiation and Halo: Escalation, and released the graphic novel Halo: Fall of Reach earlier this year.

Dark Horse to Offer a Halo PAX Exclusive

Pax Prime 2015: Mad Max and Uber Team Up

Mad Max UberThe upcoming open-world action game Mad Max from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by Avalanche Studios will be bringing The Wasteland to Seattle at PAX Prime, where Uber will be offering Mad Max game-inspired vehicles for riders to select from in the area.

Uber riders will get a chance to ride in vehicles inspired by the Mad Max game at PAX Prime in Seattle from Aug. 28-Sept. 1. The convention takes place at the Washington State Convention Center from Friday, Aug. 28-Monday, Sept. 1 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. PDT

The Mad Max video game introduces an original story set within the universe of Mad Max and features deep car customization that impacts its handling, metal-grinding vehicular action and gives players a vast arsenal of mobile weaponry within The Wasteland.  Players become Max, the lone warrior who must fight to stay alive by engaging in vicious on-ground fighting, as well as physics-based vehicular combat, against savage factions who are fighting for domination and survival in this gritty, dynamic open-world.

The game will be released on Sept. 1, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

We unfortunately won’t make it to PAX, so if folks have photos, post them in the comments or send them to us!

Wizards of the Coast Gives us a Glimpse at Dungeons & Dragons in 2015

dnd players handbook featuredAt PAX Prime 2014, Wizards of the Coast provided a glimpse of what Dungeons & Dragons will offer in 2015, with new digital offerings set in the Forgotten Realms from partners including Backflip Studios, Beamdog and Cryptic Studios with Perfect World Entertainment.

Throughout 2014, D&D has ignited excitement in the game industry with a celebration of the brand’s 40th anniversary, the launch of new rules for the tabletop RPG, and the exciting and engaging Tyranny of Dragons storyline.

Below please find an overview of the news from the panel, highlighting what D&D fans can look forward to in 2015.

Neverwinter MMORPG on Xbox One

Rob Overmeyer confirmed that the highly-acclaimed free-to-play MMORPG, Neverwinter, will be coming to Xbox One in the first half of 2015. At launch, console gamers will be able to experience the fast-paced combat and epic dungeons all set in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe.

Dungeons & Dragons Partners with Backflip Studios

Ryan Drag unveiled that Backflip Studios is designing a “castle defense” style D&D game for mobile. The partnership is a natural fit as Backflip shares a common passion for the D&D brand, which is underscored in the recently released Developer Video. The mobile game is set to release in 2015 and additional information will be announced in the coming months.

Beamdog Continues to “Enhance” the Sword Coast

Trent Oster from Beamdog announced Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is coming to iOS, Android and PC later this year. Trent also revealed two updates for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, including availability on iPhone and the capacity to have multiplayer work across different platforms. All three Enhanced Editions are classic D&D computer RPGs that have been rebooted for play on modern tablets and PCs.

Around the Tubes

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Hopefully post earthquake and hurricane you’re all ok.  It’s a big week, with the launch of the new DC universe, how many are actually excited?  Ken and I did our latest radio show last night.  You can give a listen here.  While you do that, here’s the news you might have missed.

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As we prepare for a hurricane (seriously, an earthquake and now this!?) and catch up on writing reviews and reading a few weeks worth of comics, here’s the news you might have missed.

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Around the Tubes

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I’m still trying to recover from the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend and we have one more article about the event coming today.  But, while you wait for that, here’s the news you might have missed.

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