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Amigo Comics On Cancellations and Second Chances

2014-02-AMIGO-copy-600x910Starting a new publishing company is difficult and Amigo Comics is having issues that in a release was addresses. The publisher’s head honcho El Torres addressed the company’s future, their new distribution plan, as well as their scheduling conflicts.

While initial releases like Rogues!, The Westwood Witches, Lunita and many more were released over the past year to solid reviews, the sales in a crowded market have been “not so great.” But, those initial sales and good word of mouth have lead to back orders for the publisher. Due to low print runs, they get sold-out easily. They get good-to-raving reviews and fans specifically ask for them. But the company has delayed releases and people can’t find their books.

So at Amigo, they came up with this solution: They’re going to resolicit their books!

In February Previews (for sale in April 2014), the publisher will both resolicit Rogues! Vol. 2 , as well as Lunita. That gives them time to catch up with their schedule… and it gives folks time to demand these books in their shops. This is a combined effort involving publisher, fans, sites and shops.

So, the publisher is asking fans to ask their retailers to order Amigo books.

Nancy in Hell: A Dragon in Hell and Ghost Wolf will be released as planned. And the publisher has a great assortment of  stories ready for folks in 2014. Stay tuned.

Amigo Comics in February 2014

Nancy in Hell: A Dragon in Hell

Story by: El Torres
Art by: Enrique Lorenzana
Color: Sandra Molina & Esther Sanz

Some people meet in the most strange places. For the very first time, Nancy In Hell has a crossover, and it is with one of the most beloved, long-running independent Image Comics original characters: The Savage Dragon.

But strangely, this very first crossover is not at Image Comics where they were born, but at Amigo Comics. El Torres is the creator of ” Nancy In Hell “, and wanted to write a one-shot that would attract some attention over to Amigo Comics. Luckily the folks at Image Comics allowed him to do it with Nancy In Hell … and maestro Erik Larsen gave permission to use Malcolm Dragon.

Erik Larsen has always supported the independent creation of comics in many ways. He allowed the creators of “Nancy in Hell” to use the Savage Dragon as special guest star in the book. But make no mistake, this is a Nancy In Hell book, so there are plenty of demons, blood splashes and brain-dead zombies being ripped apart by a chainsaw, following the “B-movie” style featured in the Image Comics ” Nancy In Hell ” saga.

Nancy in hell: A Dragon in Hell is an one-shot, written by El Torres and with art by Enrique Lorenzana, who already worked together on the Image Comics miniseries Comics ” Nancy In Hell” and “Nancy In Hell On Earth”. So grease your chainsaws and prepare your fists… Hell is going to become even a crazier place!

ACTION, ALL AGES SC 7×10, 32pgs, FC, $3.99
UPC Code: 799456681634-00311

Nancy-Dragon-cover-acoplada-copy-600x896 Amigo-Previews-DEC2013-600x468

ROGUES! Vol. 2, #5

Story by: El Torres
Art by: Lolita Aldea
Color by: Sandra Molina
Cover Artist: Lolita Aldea

Lolita Aldea’s fantastic run on Rogues concludes here! If you haven’t taken a look at her amazing artwork, do it NOW before it’s too late!

And the time comes when heroes return to their homes. They go back to normality, and carry on with their boring lives. But that’s not the case of Bram and Weasel, because they live in Gerada, City of Thieves… and also because Hakon the Deathless isn’t… well, dead.

The tale that redefined Bram and Weasel’s relationship, in the series that mixes humor, action, fantasy, undead vikings and, for this time only, even dragons!

$3,99, one shot, 32 pages, FC
UPC Code: 799456681641-00511



Story by: Xavier Morell
Art by: Sergi San Julián
Cover Artist: Sergi San Julián

This is the final chapter of Lunita!

The plan has gone terribly wrong, and the Mermaids have declared war upon Mankind. Lunita must face them and stop the massacre… even by paying with her own life if needed!

The fantastic run of the daughter of the Moon concludes with a shocking finale!

The adventure -located in the mythical Spain, with monsters, politics, witches and cats- comes to a startling conclusion. The artwork by Sergi San Julian and the script by Xavier Morell have received great praises!

$3,99, one shot, 32 pages, FC
UPC Code: 799456681658-00411