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Britain is Invading Nerd Block

Nerd Block has announce that there will be an exclusive Mr. Bean item in this month’s British Invasion themed Nerd Block! With all of his quirks and grunts, how could they not include this beloved character in the block? But wait, what’s that? Nerd Block has also arranged for him to curate the block too?! Blimey, jolly good show!

Given the theme of “British Invasion” and Mr. Bean’s popularity as one of the British Empire’s top exports, his partnership with Nerd Block for this project was the perfect fit. Maybe too perfect. He tried to fit inside one of the boxes.

There have also been hints in various press releases at items related to Doctor Who, Monty Python, and more, though there’s no definitive confirmation.

Head to their site, subscribe, and soon you’ll be gobsmacked over all the smashing good products!

Britain is Invading Nerd Block

Preview: Comics: Monty Python

Comics: Monty Python

Writer: Chris Canibano
Artist: Juan Luis Rincón

The ground breaking comedy troupe that changed comedy forever is now immortalized in comic book form. Its….Comics: Monty Python’s Flying Circus, follows the group from it’s members various beginnings on the college stage to their pioneering television show, movies, breakup and their triumphant reformation.