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Hasbro Reveals Shattered Glass Megatron with Exclusive Shattered Glass #2 Variant Cover by Casey W. Coller

While it hasn’t officially been announced by IDW Publishing, Hasbro has been teasing details of the upcoming Transformers: Shattered Glass comic miniseries through its toy tie-ins.

Shattered Glass is an alternate take on the Transformers world where the Decepticons are good and Autobots evil. A popular setting, we’re finally getting an official comic series and toys to go along with it. So far, Hasbro has revealed Blurr and now a new take on Megatron!

The Shattered Glass Collection Voyager Megatron figure stands at 7″ tall. It converts between robot and Cybertronian spaceship mode in 18 steps. It’s Megatron, so of course, it comes with Fusion Cannon, sword, and shield. The figure also features detachable Energon wings in robot mode.

The Shattered Glass comic series is five issues and being written by Danny Lore with art by Guido Guidi. Shattered Glass #2 features a variant cover by Casey W. Coller that’s only available with the Megatron figure.

The figure is available for pre-order now for $29.99 plus shipping and will be released on October 1.

Unboxing: Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom Core Megatron

Transform and roll out! Megatron is now in smaller form with the Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom Core Megatron figure.

The 3.5 inch figure is inspired by the G-1 version and Earth tank mode and converts into vehicle mode in 12 steps. The figure comes with his iconic Fusion Cannon as well as a blaster inspired by his G1 alt mode.

We open up the figure and show it off with transformation!

You can order yours now:
Entertainment Earth
Big Bad Toy Store

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Unboxing: Transformers R.E.D. G1 Megatron

Enhance your Transformers collection with Transformers R.E.D. [Robot Enhanced Design] figures. These 6-inch scale figures are inspired by iconic Transformers characters from throughout the Transformers universe, including G1, Transformers: Prime, Beast Wars: Transformers, and beyond. R.E.D. figures do not convert, allowing for an enhanced robot mode with a sleek, “kibble-free” form. With 80 deco ops and each surface painted on, R.E.D. figures were designed to bring collectors the most screen-accurate versions of their favorite characters to display on their shelves.

A Walmart exclusive, we check out Megatron and see how one of the first releases holds up!

Megatron features a Fusion Cannon accessory, 4 alternate hands including one that holds an Energon cube, and fans can also replace hand with the Energon Mace accessory.

Get yours now from Walmart.

Bluefin Expands their Transformers Line with New Bumblebee and Megatron Furai Model Kits from Flame Toys

Bluefin expands its line of Transformers products with a pair of stunning new model kits from Flame Toys.

Based on IDW’s Transformers acclaimed comic series, Flame Toys’ officially licensed releases of the Bumblebee Furai model kit and the Megatron Furai model kit will add eye catching and unique additions to any ardent fan’s personal collection. The Flame Toys Bumblebee Furai kit is available now; the Megatron Furai kit will debut in July.

Flame Toys Bumble Bee Furai Model Kit

MSRP $50.00 · Available Now

The Flame Toys Bumblebee Furai model kit is the 4th release in the company’s line of Transformers Furai model kits. The beloved Autobot hero appears stands 5 inches tall and offers extreme poseability with over 50 points of articulation. The model kit features high levels of detail and simple assembly, making it ideal for beginners, and also an excellent base design for advanced builders to create a custom rendition. Notable accessories include a detachable helicopter engine and rotors. MSRP for the kit is $50.00.

Flame Toys Megatron Furai Model Kit

MSRP $50.00 · Available July 2019

The Flame Toys Megatron Furai model depicts the powerful leader of the Decepticons with a modernized design as seen in IDW’s Transformers comic series. Standing just over 6 inches tall, Megatron features his signature fusion arm cannon and offers exemplary articulation with over 40 moveable joints. Constructed from differently colored ABS plastic injection runner parts and simple a snap-together assembly, the kit is ideally designed for both beginners as well as more advanced builders. The Flame Toys Megatron Furai model kit will debut in July; MSRP for the kit will be $50.00.

Collectors and fans are invited to explore the full line of Transformers releases from Flame Toys that are distributed and available from Bluefin.

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