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Heavy Metal and Threadless Team Up for a TAARNA Facemask with Proceeds Going to MedShare

Heavy Metal Taarna Facemask

Heavy Metal Media is teaming with Threadless to release a Taarna facemask with the proceeds going to help humanitarian first responder aid group Medshare.

You can purchase the facemask now for $20 plus shipping.

This 3-ply polyester everyday cloth face mask is form-fitting with built-in wire on the top bias to lay across the bridge of the nose. They are easy and comfortable to wear thanks to over-the-ear elastic loops that measure about 8 inches long. One size fits all, mask measures approximately 8 x 4-inches to cover both your nose and your mouth. Printed on one side and reversible to black on the other side. Reusable and machine washable, all masks should be properly sanitized after each use per CDC guidelines.

Proceeds that Threadless earns for each sale of these masks, up to a $100K maximum donation, is being donated to MedShare, a humanitarian aid non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people, communities, and our planet. Heavy Metal has worked with Threadless to already raise over $100,000 for Medshare and they’re looking to bring that number up to $250,000.

MedShare sources and directly delivers surplus medical supplies and equipment to communities in need around the world. MedShare helps increase health system capacity and drives sustainability by providing biomedical equipment training and service to healthcare organizations and medical professionals serving populations in need. MedShare’s deliveries of vital medical supplies and equipment have decreased our nation’s carbon footprint and brought health, healing and the promise of better lives to 100 countries and countless patients.

Note: This mask is NOT intended for medical or healthcare workers, and should not be confused with N95 respirators or other personal protective equipment (PPE). No warranties, either express or implied, are being made that these face masks prevent infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases.

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