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Choice Quotes

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Captain America: Patriot #4

Jeff Mace – This won’t last forever — McCarthy, the red-baiting, the black lists.  America will find its way out — she always does.  She just needs some help getting there.  I figure I owe Lady Liberty that much.  I mean — where else can a guy grow up to be Captain America?

Choice Quotes

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Deadpool Pulp #1

J. Edgar Hoover – This is colossal!  With that crazy cheese-head McCarthy going on television to call everyone and their mother a communist!  The last thing we need is a rogue agent stealing a damn nuclear briefcase!

Choice Quotes

Captain America Theater of War: America First!

Senator Joseph R. McMurphy – That’s right my fellow patriots — I said betrayed.  Our heritage if freedom is being sold down the river by the very men in whom we placed our sacred trust… Men who feel we can treat with, the Reds… Who say the Soviet Union is simple another form of Government… a philosophy as different from our way of life as a monarchy… but qualitatively a viable nation of laws.  Well, to these fellow travelers, parlor pinks, nancy boys and traitors, I say no.


Nick Fury – It seems to me whole you were sitting on your fat keister over here — the guys you’re smearin’ were dyin’ over there to give you the right to say what you please — and their combat duty gives them the right to vote however they please, too.

Green Lantern: Wanted Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan – And remembering something John McCain said — “We are taught to understand correctly, that courage is not the absence of fear, but the capacity for action despite our fears.”

Umbrella Academy: Dallas #2

Kraken – He’s deceptive and impulsive — he’s way too good with a gun, and I’d bet my good eye he’s a commie.

Choice Quotes

Welcome to the second posting of “Choice Quotes”.  This week has some excellent political commentary and one of the best from a most unexpected comic.  We’re going to expand the offering here and provide some context for some of these.  Hope you enjoy!

Captain America: White #0

On the subject of inspiring American’s to enlist for World War II:

Turned out the President of the United States liked the idea of Captain America having a teenage sidekick.  He felt it would help inspire young men to join the draft right out of high school.

There’s also an excellent interview with the series creators.  They answer some very politically charged questions including:

America is at war again, does CAP WHITE have a message about the human cost of war?  Should it?  Shouldn’t it?

Secret Invastion: Fantastic Four #3

During the Civil War a prison was designed to hold the non-registered super humans.  A comic reflection of the real world Gitmo:

The Tinkerer – When I was arrested for not being registered, I was committing the unforgivable crime of taking my grandchildren out for ice cream.  When I tried telling the Gestapo that I had retired from tinkering after the so-called “Secret War,” they accused me of rabble-rousing and dragged me to this hellhole without due process.

X-Men: Odd Men Out

On the creation of the Bureau’s Investigation on Mutant Activities

Fred – Admittedly, when certain people – through some accident of birth – develop strange powers there’s a potential for alarm.  But how much of that stems from our own unreasoning fear?  Are we going to start suspecting our children, reporting our friends?  How long before we start seeing mutants under our beds?