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ComiXology Delivers a Trio of New Releases from Harlequin and Magnetic Press

There are three new digital comics available right now on comiXology. Magnetic Press delivers two brand new issues while Harlequin has one. Check all three out here or the individual issues below.

The Bachelor’s Baby

Written by Liz Fielding
Art by Hiroko Miura

Amy and Jake meet at a friend’s baby’s baptism, where they immediately feel a strong attraction to each other. Jake tells Amy up front that he doesn’t do commitment, but she still invites him over. A few weeks later, Amy finds out she’s pregnant. She is prepared to raise the baby on her own, but Jake starts to send her money and even hires a housekeeper for her. But it’s not his money Amy wants… It’s his heart!

The Bachelor's Baby

Infinity 8 Vol. 8 #23: Until the End

Written by Lewis Trondheim
Art by Killoffer
Cover by Olivier Vatine

With his team of special agents gathered, Lieutenant Reffo sets off on his plan to kill the Captain of the Infinity 8 before he can exterminate all life in the known universe!

Infinity 8 Vol. 8 #23: Until the End

Orphans Vol. 4 #10: Hearts in the Abyss

Written by Roberto Recchioni
Art by Matteo Cremona
Colored by Annalisa Leoni

The young Orphan Squad is sent in to quell urban unrest, their first real mission as a military hit squad… and their readiness to kill is quickly put to the test… Flash forward to the present in deep space, and the fragmented Squad face off over a critical truth that can devastate the world. Ringo is committed to revealing that secret, but Sam won’t let him, even if it means having to kill the man she once loved.

Orphans Vol. 4 #10: Hearts in the Abyss

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