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the weekend is almost here.  Do folks have fun Halloween plans?  Any good comic book based costumes?  While you figure all of that out, here’s news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Comics Alliance – Marvel Universe MMO Releases Character Designs OnlineCan. Not. Wait.

Newsarama – Marvel Layoffs: Why A Boycott May Be Misguided – A good perspective from someone on the inside.

Comics Alliance – Parting Shot: ‘Holy Terror’ Creator Frank Miller Admits He Knows ‘Squat’ About IslamNot sure this helps his case at all.

Blogging Los Angeles – Sex Nerd Sandra at NerdMelt – A look at the theater behind Meltdwon Comics.  I didn’t know they had this, pretty cool.

Kotaku – Arkham City Cosplay Turns Normal Man Into Dark Knight – I think the only word for this is “impressive.”

Con Coverage:

Bleeding Cool – Comic Con Wars Break Out Across Canada

Around the Tubes Reviews:

MTV Geek – The Incredible Hulk #1

IGN – Spaceman #1

CBR – Wolverine & the X-Men #1

Complex – Review: Jason Aaron’s “Wolverine And The X-Men” And “Incredible Hulk” Both Debut With Force

Gazillion Entertainment at Comic Con

Official Press Release

Gazillion Entertainment wants to share some fun news leading into Comic-Con later this month. During the Marvel Games Panel on Saturday, July 23rd from 12:30pm – 1:30pm we’ll be unveiling some updated information on the much anticipated Marvel Universe MMO as well as a new trailer and details for Super Hero Squad Online including:

  • Marvel Universe
  • Gazillion will be unveiling some key art for the game for the first time as well as a brand new character.
  • Marvel Universe, a free-to-play MMO, will allow you to play as Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Nova, Squirrel Girl and tons more.
  • Super Hero Squad Online
    • Gazillion will be premiering the new Collectible Card Battle system for Super Hero Squad Online. The system introduces a new element to game play, adding Player versus Player combat, and ratcheting up the excitement for everyone.
    • At the booth we’ll also be having hands-on gameplay of the new Captain America characters for Super Hero Squad Online, and the new Red Skull mission.

    Throughout the show we’ll also be giving away exclusive SDCC T-Shirts!

    So come on by the panel for new game info, swing past the Marvel booth for free schwag and SHSO hands-on gameplay, and get the latest info on both Super Hero Squad Online and Marvel Universe.

    Around the Tubes

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    The world continued to comment on Action Comics and Superman yesterday.  We’re not going to cover the coverage much anymore, but expect actual commentary as to the politics of what Superman did.  Check out below the rest of the news you might have missed, since I’m sure your day was spent watching the Royal wedding.

    Around the Blogs:

    Kotaku – Captain America Weighs in on WikileaksI haven’t read the issue yet, I’m sure I’ll have some opinions and coverage.

    Wired – Prolific Comic Writer Bendis Tackles Marvel Universe MMOThis is an MMO I can get into.

    Kotaku – Dark Horse Digital Comics Debuts with Dungeon Siege IIIWhatever happened to their press list I was on?  I swear I was at one point….

    Kotaku – The Murderous Math of The Darkness II’s “Quad Wielding” – Some details of the upcoming video game.

    Around the Tubes Reviews:

    Seattle PI – Action Comics #900

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    Comic Book Resources – Detective Comics #876

    The Herts Advertiser – New Ultimates: Thor Reborn

    Scifi Mafia – Project London

    IGN – Scalped #48

    Seattle PI – The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

    Paste Magazine – Comic Book & Graphic Novel Round-Up (4/27/11)