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Erik Larsen Returns to Ant

Fourteen years after its previous issue was published, Image Comics partner and CFO Erik Larsen returns to Ant to provide fans with volume one’s awe-inspiring conclusion and the promise of more Ant adventures to come. The story arc finale one-shot, Ant #12, will hit shelves this June from Image Comics.

Larsen worked with the original Ant creator, Mario Gully, on a story which was to wrap up the series but several unfortunate circumstances along the way—including lost files—prevented the final issue from ever coming together. The story was lingered in limbo for a number of years with its fate left unresolved. Gully had moved on and pursued other goals but Larsen wouldn’t let it go.

Ant #12 both wraps up the story already begun by Gully and serves as a completely self-contained introduction to Ant by superstar creator Larsen. Hannah Washington has spent years looking for answers, and finally her quest comes to its epic conclusion! Guest-starring the Dynamic Daredevil!

Ant #12 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 9.

Preview: Marvel Vault of Heroes: Hulk: Biggest & Best

Marvel Vault of Heroes: Hulk: Biggest & Best

(W) Paul Benjamin (A) David Nakayama, Juan Santacruz, Gary Martin, Mario Gully, Scott Koblish, Raul Fernandez, Steve Scott, Nathan Massengill, Terry Pallot (CA) Carlo Pagulayan
In Shops: Jan 01, 2020
SRP: $17.99

Collecting the richest Marvel adventures for young readers! Break into the history of Bruce Banner and his transformation into the HULK, and then read along as heroes like the Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, and Doctor Strange battle to protect Earth! They’ll face off against a rogues gallery of foes ranging from Radioactive Man, Dormammu, Terrax, Doc Samson, and even Juggernaut. Collects Marvel Adventures Hulk Issues #1-12.

Marvel Vault of Heroes: Hulk: Biggest & Best

Preview: Wolfcop #3

Wolfcop #3

writer: Max Sarks
artist: Allan Otero, Arcana Studios
cover: Mario Gully
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Mature

After a brutal run-in with black magic leaves him alone and wolfed-out full time, WolfCop has to turn tail back to Woodhaven for a reunion with old friends. But Lou Garou’s hometown is even less welcoming than it was when he left it, and some unfamiliar faces have planned one hell of a surprise party for him, one where home field advantage might just not be enough…