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Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War wraps up with six covers. Take a look!

Fortnite and Marvel heroes are currently fighting alongside each other to save both their universes from total annihilation in the pages of Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War, a limited comic series written by Christos Gage and Epic Games’ Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard and drawn by artist Sergio Davíla. On Septmber 28, witness the outcome to this thrilling conflict in Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #5, the explosive final issue! Right now, fans can check out all six covers for Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #5 including a brand-new piece by Donald Mustard as well as one showcasing Spider-Man’s brand-new Fortnite Outfit.

The issue features a main cover by Leinil Francis Yu, with variants by Ron Lim, Maria Wolf, Donald Mustard, Martin Coccolo, and Ryan Brown.

The issue will reveal what happens when the most dangerous person in the Marvel Universe throws in with some of the most dangerous people in the Fortnite universe. But what does Doom really want? And how far will he go to get it?

Each first print issue (physical copies only) of Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War contains a redeemable code to unlock a bonus digital cosmetic in Fortnite! Digital single-issue comic book purchases of Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War do not include any redeemable codes for Fortnite in-game bonus rewards. The in-game items Marvel and Fortnite fans can look forward to unlocking with Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #5 will be an exclusive new FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR Loading Screen! Plus any fan who redeems all five issue’s codes (physical copies only) will receive a new bonus FORTNITE X MARVEL: ZERO WAR Outfit!

Check out all six covers now and pick up the final issue of Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War on September 28.

Indigenous Time Travelers are Hell-Bent on Preventing the Founding of the United States in Earthdivers

Cerebral horror visionary and New York Times best-selling author Stephen Graham Jones, writer of acclaimed genre favorites The Only Good Indians and My Heart Is a Chainsaw, ventures deep into the bloody terrain of American colonial history this October with the launch of his new ongoing comic book series Earthdivers from IDW Publishing. With art by Davide Gianfelice, colors by Joana Lafuente, and lettering by Steve WandsEarthdivers was announced in April as part of the upcoming slate of original titles from IDW set to launch throughout 2022 and beyond.

Set in a postapocalyptic near future, Earthdivers follows a small group of Indigenous survivors who time-travel to prevent the creation of America and retroactively save the world from destruction. In each arc, they will target a pivotal point in history, beginning with a mission to kill Christopher Columbus in 1492.

As well as a fantastical exploration of America’s history (and future), Earthdivers is a cautionary tale about the need for an expanded environmental consciousness and the perils of impending climate disaster.

Earthdivers #1 will be available with four variant covers for fans and retailers to enjoy, including Cover A by American Vampire’s Rafael Albuquerque, Cover B by Maria Wolf, Cover C by Aaron Campbell, and Cover D by Christian Ward.

Check out every cover for Amazing Spider-Man #900!

Just in time for Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary, Amazing Spider-Man will reach its 900th issue this July with Amazing Spider-Man #6. Current series writer Zeb Wells will team up with superstar artist Ed McGuiness to celebrate this incredible milestone with a giant-sized spectacular that promises to be one of the biggest showdowns in Spidey history. Bringing his iconic artwork to the series for the first time, McGuinness will depict a battle between Spider-Man and the all-new SINISTER ADAPTOID, a being equipped with the abilities of Spidey’s greatest foes. The landmark issue will come complete with variant covers by some of the industry’s most acclaimed artists and fans can see all 13 right now!

Covers by John Romita, Jr., McGuinness, Peach Momoko, Bengal, Ben Su, Mark Bagley, Humberto Ramos, Julian Totino Tedesco, Jim Chueng, Skottie Young, John Cassaday, Maria Wolf, and Taurin Clarke.

Be there when Wells and McGuinness pull out all the stops for Amazing Spider-Man’s 900th issue on July 27!

Get a First Look at Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1

Next month, Marvel continues its tradition to uplift and spotlight Indigenous and First Nations creators and characters in Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1. Now in its second year, the hit series will feature Indigenous writers and artists, including talent who contributed to the first Marvel’s Voices: Indigenous Voices title last year as well as many rising stars making their Marvel Comics debut! These creators will come together on four thrilling stories that dive into the past, present, and future of the Marvel Universe and star some of Marvel’s most iconic Indigenous super heroes.

New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Roanhorse and acclaimed Navajo artist Shaun Beyale will further reveal the fascinating story behind River, the mysterious stranger from the pages of Rebecca Roanhorse’s new Phoenix Song: Echo series! Discover Snowguard’s greatest hopes and fears in a tale by celebrated filmmaker Nyla Innuksuk and artist Natasha Donovan! It’s the return of Werehawk in an extraordinary adventure by writer Bobby Wilson and artist Jim Terry. And writer Steven Paul Judd and artist David Cutler explore the legacy of Jason Strongbow AKA American Eagle in a poignant tale about this classic Navajo super hero.

Check out all seven covers now and pick up Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1 on November 24.

Marvel Spotlights Indigenous Talent and Stories in Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1

Marvel continues its tradition to uplift and spotlight Indigenous and First Nations creators and characters in Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1 this November! The all-new anthology will feature rising and renowned talent from Indigenous communities as they each tell new stories surrounding some of Marvel’s most iconic and beloved characters.

Now in its second year, Marvel’s Voices continues to expand and feature the work and lived experiences of Marvel creators and fans, painting the full picture of Marvel’s ever-evolving universe and showcasing how much Marvel truly reflects the world outside our windows.

Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1 will turn the spotlight to new and established Indigenous writers and artists, including talents who contributed to the first Marvel’s Voices: Indigenous Voices title last year. These creators will come together for a series of short stories diving into the past, present, and future of the Marvel Universe.

Get the full story behind River, the mysterious stranger from the pages of New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Roanhorse’s new ECHO series; discover Snowguard’s greatest hopes and fears in a tale by celebrated filmmaker and Snowguard co-creator Nyla Innuksuk; enjoy astounding artwork from returning pencilers David Cutler and Jim Terry; and look out for future announcements with brand-new talent making their Marvel Comics debuts! Plus, purépecha artist Maria Wolf, who made a splash with her first Marvel cover last year, returns for a whole line of variants celebrating Indigenous characters!

Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1 hits stands this November!

Marvel's Voices: Heritage #1

Marvel Celebrates Latinx Heroes with Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades #1

This October, Marvel presents Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades #1! This latest one-shot in the Marvel’s Voices series will continue the tradition of highlighting the cultural richness of Marvel Comics and uplifting new voices in the comic book industry. The comic turns the spotlight to Latinx heroes and creators from the Marvel Universe.

These all-new stories will feature thrilling adventures of some of Marvel’s most popular heroes while celebrating the range of their cultural heritage as told by fan-favorite writers and artists and those making their Marvel Comics debut.

  • Writer Terry Blas introduces a brand-new hero in an action-packed adventure spinning out of his acclaimed Reptil series. 
  • New York Times best-selling author Daniel José Older revisits the legacy of Marvel’s first super hero of Latino descent, Hector Ayala aka White Tiger, in an inspiring story rooted in real history. 
  • Catch up with the current White Tiger, Ava Ayala, when author Amparo Ortiz has the young hero confront the dark nature of her powers. 
  • Travel to the past with writer Juan Ponce to witness Nina the Conjuror, the Brazilian Sorcerer Supreme of the 1950s, battle the raging nature spirit known as Anhangá.
  • Plus an introduction by renowned comics scholar Frederick Luis Aldama about the history of Latinx heroes and creators in the comic book industry. 

Stay tuned for information on the other stories in this collection including works by Karla Pacheco, Alex Segura, Leo Romero, Edgar Delgado, Nico Leon, and more! Announced artists include Enid Balám, Vanesa Del Ray, Adriana Melo, Leonardo Romero, Nico Leon, Alitha E. Martinez, and more. It features a main cover by Joe Quesada and variants by Mateus Manhanini, Maria Wolf and Mike Spicer, Nabetse Zitro and Jesus Aburtov, and George Pérez and Java Tartaglia.

Marvel’s first Latino super hero, White Tiger, was created by writer Bill Mantlo and artist George Pérez in 1974’s Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19. Since then, Marvel has introduced many heroes of Latino-descent from a multitude of different backgrounds including current stars such as Miles Morales, America Chavez, and Reptil. Join us in celebrating these heroes and many more when Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades #1 hits stands on October 20th!

Scarlet Witch, Magik, and Moore Get the Spotlight on Women of Marvel #1 Covers

This April, Women of Marvel #1 will spotlight iconic characters from the X-Men to the Avengers in a collection of tales by an all-female lineup of incredible talent from throughout the entertainment industry. And today on International Women’s Day, Marvel hasrevealed new variant covers and share more details about the incredible special.

Women of Marvel #1 will be packed with inspiring tales from new and established creators including Louise Simonson, Nadia Shammas, Elsa Sjunneson, Sophie Campbell, Anne Toole, Natasha Alterici, and Mariko Tamaki. In addition, acclaimed Brooklyn Brujas author Zoraida Córdova will be making her Marvel Comics debut with an action-packed story about the deadliest woman in the galaxy, Gamora! Joined by Swedish artist Maria Fröhlich – also making her Marvel debut – Zoraida puts Gamora in the crosshairs of her most lethal enemy yet: love. With astonishing art from Kei Zama, Eleonora Carlini, Skylar Patridge, Joanna Estep, Maria Fröhlich, Peach Momoko, Rachael Stott, Nina Vakueva, Marika Cresta, and June Brigman, this oversized issue will be a spectacular showcase of some of the most amazing talent in the graphic novel industry today.

Check out variant covers by Amanda Conner, Maria Wolf, and Peach Momoko. Stay tuned for more news about this highly-anticipated one-shot and don’t miss Women of Marvel #1 when it hits stands on April 21st!