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Review: The Sound of the World By Heart

I love the city I grew up in, New York City, where you can meet a new person every day of the year and will never meet everybody. Incidentally, the same goes for restaurants back home, you can go to a new restaurant every day of the year, and still have not been to every restaurant. The city has an interesting hodgepodge of cultures, as there is nothing like it. In fact, the borough, I grew up in, Queens, was recently revealed by an ethnographer, to have the most number of languages spoken than any other part of the country.

At the same token, as much as I love the city I grew up in, I don’t know if I could ever live there again. This is due to the city not being the same as it changed so much, that it different than the city I grew up in. This is what I believe is what makes the city so beautiful, as lonely as it can be, it can also be inspiring. In The Sound Of The World By Heart, Giacomo Bevilacqua, explores this great metropolis through social experiment, and not expecting to find what he does.

In the opening pages, our protagonist, Sam, begins his day, paying his landlord, and grabbing a cup of coffee, but he accomplishes these tasks without saying to a word to anybody, an experiment him and his editor, hatch up as part of an article. The reader gets a history of the character while feeling connected to the pain he feels when he fell out of love and learns how he copes without saying a word, by counting numbers all day long. During this sojourn of 60 days, with no physical communication, he unexpectedly sees the same woman everywhere, understanding then, that city needs something form him. By the end of the book, you realize as does Sam, that really what he did not realize what the city required of him, was for him to find himself and to find love.

Overall, a brilliant book, that is not only an ode to New York City but also a fable of getting out of one’s own way. The story by Bevilacqua is quaint, pertinent, comical, and lovable. The art by Bevilacqua is simply elegant, where his style is somewhere between realistic and rotoscope, which provides glowing panels. Altogether, this book is a love story to New York and to, love.

Story: Giacomo Bevilacqua Art: Giacomo Bevilacqua
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy NOW!!!

Review: Rendez-Vous in Phoenix

Just like the Bobby Caldwell song, “Do for Love,” people do the dumbest things when they are in love. Love is what my grandmother used to call having “stupid eyes”, which is a concept I did not get until I was older. When I first fell in love, and then when that same girl broke my heart, I finally knew what she was talking about. As you never really see the person’s flaws until you no longer have feelings.

Another reason, she called it that, is because people tend to stupid things when they catch feelings. This is not to say that love is not complicated and one should not try and find it, as the cycle of relationships and the ritual of courting has been around for centuries because that is what us human beings do, we fall in love. The long-distance relationships that exist in the world, are hard, almost impossible, but imagine a world where it can be even illegal. In Tony Sandoval’s impressive graphic memoir, Rendez-vous in Phoenix, he answers these questions somewhere between Mexico and the United States.

In the opening pages, we meet Tony, a young man, in Mexico, who is in love with his girlfriend Suzanne, an America student getting her master’s degree, in Oregon.  As the strains and the distance wear on their relationship and the length of the immigration process accelerates Tony’s loneliness, he makes the decision to cross the border into America illicitly. What follows is the many roads over the many attempts Tony takes to get to Suzanne despite being caught so many times. By the end of the book, when he does finally arrive in America, it is “not like on TV”, but his love endured the voyage and the sight of her, made him realize she more than worth it.

Overall, at times, funny, irreverent and heart-wrenching journey, which has the reader rooting for Tony to get to Suzanne. The story by Sandoval is every bit of an emotional rollercoaster, as his many attempts would have broken lesser men. The art by Sandoval reminds me of the finest satire cartoons from Esquire. Altogether, a timely tale of love and immigration, when the trials and tribulations of immigrants and refugees affect actual people that you get to know.

Story and Art: Tony Sandoval 
Translation: Jeremy Melloul and Mike Kennedy
Lettering and Design: Neurobellum Productions
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

The Magnetic Collection Announces Two New Original Graphic Novels

rendez-vous-in-phoenixAs the world heads into 2017, and in a time of uncertainty, Lion Forge’s newly acquired boutique imprint Magnetic Collection announces two gorgeous works of graphic fiction told from two wholly unique perspectives.

First, the autobiographical account by the three-time Eisner-nominated writer/artist Tony Sandoval was quietly released last year amidst threats of a border wall between the US and Mexico in the US presidential election. Rendez-vous in Phoenix is an honest, true story that tackles the immigration issue through the eyes of love.

Tony Sandoval was born and raised in northwestern Mexico, where the temptation to cross the border into the US becomes a matter of the heart. Drawn by love, his urge to visit his American girlfriend can’t wait for the lengthy, frustrating visa process standing in the way of their relationship. So he makes the ultimate romantic gesture: smuggling himself across the border, despite the dangers he’ll face from the heat, coyotes, barbed wire, and—most daunting—the US border patrol…

the-sound-of-the-world-by-heartAnother original graphic novel by Panda Likes creator Giacomo Bevilacqua, titled The Sound of the World By Heart, is a touching, vividly illustrated journey of the heart through modern New York City.

An experiment in social isolation turns into a journey of self-discovery as a photojournalist commits to spending sixty days in New York City without talking to a single person. More than just an exercise in observation and self-control, he’s hoping to forget a troubled past and mend a broken heart. But the city has a sneaky way of throwing the best-laid plans and noble efforts to waste, revealing secrets that lie right in front of him. All he has to do is open his eyes…

This beautiful new graphic novel is a unique tale of what it takes to find yourself—and maybe your soul mate—in the middle of a crowded, bustling modern world.

Tony Sandoval’s Rendez-vous in Phoenix is available now at your favorite comic shop or bookstore. Giacomo Bevilacqua’s The Sound of the World By Heart will be released in comic shops and bookstores everywhere on March 29. Both are presented in premium hardcover format, retailing for $19.99 and $24.99 respectively.

Lion Forge Acquires Magnetic Press

lion forge comics featuredAward-winning Magnetic Press becomes the Magnetic Collection at Lion Forge Comics. The deal went down officially September 30th. Mike Kennedy, Publisher and President of Magnetic Press, has joined Lion Forge Comics as Creative Director of the Magnetic Collection. In that role, he will curate a branded collection of premiere books across all imprints at Lion Forge, including new acquisitions as well as the award-winning and critically-acclaimed, creator-centric Magnetic catalog of titles.

The Magnetic Collection brand reflects Kennedy’s consistent vision for what ground-breaking graphic novel literature can be. Readers can be confident that a Magnetic Collection book within a Lion Forge imprint upholds the same standards for storytelling trailblazed in Magnetic Press

Among the award-winning and acclaimed titles and talent that this acquisition brings to Lion Forge as part of the Magnetic Collection:

Love: The Tiger (2015 YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens, 2015 YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers, SLJ Starred Review, Cybils Children and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards Nom 2015)

Love: The Fox (2015 IPPY AWARDS GOLD MEDAL – Best Graphic Novel)

Love: The Lion (Booklist Starred Review)

Doomboy (Eisner Nom 2015 Best Publication for Teens, 2015 YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens list, PW 2015 Year-end Critics List)

Warship Jolly Roger (2016 YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens)

Wasted Lands Omnibus (Eisner Nom 2015 Best Graphic Album Reprint)

A Glance Backward (Booklist Starred Review, Eisner Nominee 2016 Best US Edition of Foreign Material)

Federico Bertolucci:  Eisner Nominee 2015 Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (Love series)

Tony Sandoval: Eisner Nominee 2015 Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (Doomboy, A Glance Backward)

Kennedy joins other recent high-profile Lion Forge hires:  Rich Johnson (VP – Sales, Marketing, and Business Development), Mark Smylie (Executive Editor), Syndee Barwick (Director – Marketing and Product Development), Joe Illidge (Senior Editor – Lion Forge), Devin Funches (Sales and Marketing Manager), and Andrea Colvin (Senior Editor – ROAR).