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Zynga Introduces Mafia Wars 2 With Digital Comic

To launch the sequel to their very popular video game Mafia Wars, Zynga has released a digital comic to introduce folks to the characters of Mafia Wars 2.  By connecting an account like Facebook with the application you’ll be able to read the digital comic for free.  Click the image or this link to check it out.

This isn’t the first time Zynga has turned to comic books for their web based games.  Earlier this year they offered comic book inspired loot as part of Mafia Wars as well as having a tie-in for X-Men: First Class.

X-Men Come to Mafia Wars

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The promotion has been running for a few days now but the X-Men have come to the popular Zynga video game Mafia Wars.  By completing various tasks you’re able to collect items inspired by this summer’s movie X-Men: First Class.  This is the second super hero inspired tie-in by the game.  Could we see a full fledged game based on super heroes come from the company?


Mafia Wars Gets Super

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The popular Zynga video game Mafia Wars is getting super.  For a limited time the Mystery Bag items will have some sort of super hero tie in.  The graphic for this shows off some comic books including United States Comics and Sleuth Comics.  Great to see folks getting into “2011: Summer of the Nerd.”