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Black Canary Releases a Second EP

“From Gotham to Apokolips, songs for broken gods and superwomen.”

In March 2016 Black Canary dropped a 3-track EP via Bandcamp, a great marketing tie-in and something fun for fans of comics and quality music.

Today, a second 3-track EP dropped with three all-new songs for fans of the band to enjoy (and listen to while reading the comics featuring the band). The new EP helps celebrate 70 years of the character.

EP2 features three new songs, “Get in The Car,” “Lost Art,” and “Last Days,” all can be bought as a track or the whole album for $3.50.

The release is the combined awesome of Black Canary writer Brenden Fletcher along with Michelle Bensimon, Joseph Donovan, Ryan Morey, and m van ark. The cover art is by Annie Wu.

You can read about the adventures of the band now in Black Canary Vol. 1: Kicking and Screaming and Black Canary Vol. 2 New Killer Star.