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Star Trek Beyond Soars Into First

Star Trek BeyondIt shouldn’t be a surprise, but Star Trek: Beyond came in first this past weekend earning an estimated $59.6 million. the previous Star Trek: Into Darkness opened to $70.1 million. The film received positive reviews and got an A- from Cinemascore. It had a reported budget of $185 million.

Coming in second was The Secret Life of Pets with $29.3 million and third was Ghostbusters with $21.6 million.

Next up are new films, Lights Out which did really well with $21.6 million and Ice Age: Collision Course disappointed with $21 million.

In comic book related movie news, Captain America: Civil War continued to earn money with an estimated $108,000. The film has earned $1.151 billion so far.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows added $105,000 to its domestic total. The film has earned $81.074 million domestically and $235.2 million worldwide.

Preview: Lights Out Continues in Green Lantern Corps #24

Last week, DC Comics gave provided us with a first look at Lights Out – this October’s epic crossover event that will change the Green Lantern universe forever.

Green Lantern Corps writer Van Jensen spoke a bit about the villainous mastermind behind it all, Relic:

It’s not that he is just a bad person who wants to kill and destroy. He has a true purpose that he’s working for, and that purpose just happens to put him at odds with the Green Lanterns.

As for the impact of “Lights Out”? It’s a crossover that’s “a completely redefining story.” It totally changes the paradigm of what the Green Lanterns are all about.

Check out some of Bernard Chang’s interior art for Green Lantern Corps #24, the second chapter of Lights Out, which lands in stores on October 9.

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Preview: A First Look at DC Comics’ Lights Out

This October, Lights Out will span across all of the Green Lantern family titles. And earlier this week, Relic’s Villains Month one-shot hit stores and set the stage for this epic crossover event that will change the Green Lantern universe forever.

Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti explained about the story

There are seven different colors of the emotional spectrum, each of them represented by their own corps. Green Lanterns wear rings powered by will, Red Lanterns rage, Yellow Lanterns fear, and so on. For reasons none of the Lanterns are sure of, the rings have been malfunctioning lately. Enter Relic, a remnant of the universe before ours, who thinks he knows what’s wrong with the rings and has a solution. Unfortunately, ridding the universe of every last Lantern is part of that solution.

The way I describe the story is, it’ll tie together every Lantern of every Corps who has ever appeared in any comic book – ever. It’s an ambitious story, and our editors have been great about letting us take substantial risks with these characters. We’re holding nothing back.

Check out a sneak peek at artist Billy Tan’s awesome interior art for Green Lantern #24, which will kick off Lights Out when it lands in stores on October 2nd.