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Mega Centurions – They saved the world. Now they struggle to pay rent

As the Mega Centurions, Cassidy, Reggie, and Thad saved the world from an alien invasion led by Prince Venkor. Unfortunately, things went downhill after that. They lost their powers and were unable to prove they were the Mega Centurions. Now, they work stressful jobs in the big city and struggle to pay the rent. Things change once they meet the Grey Knight, an interstellar mercenary and former henchman for the prince. Grey warns of a second invasion and asks for their help in protecting the Earth. Can she be trusted and can they be heroes without powers?

Coming from Scout Comics, Mega Centurions is by writer Jon Parrish, art by Dexter Wee, color by Kote Carvajal, lettering by Cristian Docolomansky, and edited by Steven Forbes.

Mega Centurions

Review: ¡Fantasmagoría! #1

HBO has had a history of delivering excellent shows with amazing talent that pushes boundaries. The network often told stories that most mainstream outlets rarely touched or even cared to. They wanted to introduce a new standard of prestige television and it did exactly that. One of its most memorable features was the Hudlin Brothers’ Cosmic Slop as it touched on subject matter affecting persons of color. Since then, not much content has came out that resembled anything near to the impact that feature had. In SBI Press’ newest book ¡Fantasmagoría!, we get an echo of yesteryear with a Latinx twist in what horror fans can relish.

In “El Corazon Negro,” one veteran Lucha Libre has an epic brawl with Death himself, but not everything goes as planned. In “The Flying Coffin,” one man makes a deal with devil only to be outsmarted by Hell’s Angel himself. In “Put A Little Chile In It,” one woman consults a witch for a love potion only to leave the object of her desire, literally in flames. By issue’s end, each story has the reader on the edge of their seat and leaves them little creeped out.

Overall, it’s an excellent first issue in what is landmark series that gives the world a series of horror vignettes that will both entertain and scare. The stories by Eric M. Esquivel and James A. Fino reminds me of how episodes from Tales From The Crypt used to make me feel. The art by the creative team more than compliments each story. Altogether, it’s an astonishing debut that will both thrill and frighten in the same breath.

Story: Eric M. Esquivel and James A. Fino
Art: Julieta Colas, Victor Moura, Fernando Pinto, Trevor Richardson, Beli De La Torre, Kote Carvajal, Henry Barajas
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy

Preview: Clusterf@#k TPB


story by Jon Parrish
art by Diego Toro, Kote Carvajal, Steven Forbes
letters by Nic J. Shaw
144 pages
Full Color
Digital Graphic Novel
Mature Audiences 17+

After defeating an evil wizard, two private investigators suddenly find themselves being pursued by werewolves, vampires, and worst of all – GOVERNMENT AGENTS!  Luckily, Karl can transform into a powerful DEMON and Jim can transform into a GIANT… pain in the butt. Will they survive the night? And more importantly… will they get PAID??  Yeah… it’s just one big CLUSTERF@#K