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Civil War II #5 Pits Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel in All Out Grudge Match!

The battle lines have been drawn and war erupts! As the devastating fallout from the death of Bruce Banner sends shockwaves across every corner of the world, Iron Man and Captain Marvel duke it out with the future of the Marvel Universe on the line!

Marvel has released a first look inside the explosive Civil War II #5 – coming at you this September from the A-List creative team of Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez and Justin Ponsor. As punches are thrown and the war hits a fever pitch, truth behind Ulysses’ predictive powers stands revealed – and it’s a game changer! Plus – an ending so shocking it’ll have the world talking!

CIVIL WAR II #5 (JUN160760)
Variant Covers by KIM JUNG JI (JUN160761), MICHAEL CHO (JUN160762) and PHIL NOTO (JUN160763)
FOC – 08/29/16, On-Sale – 09/21/16


Civil War II #1 Gets a Digital Special Edition

One of the biggest books of the year just got bigger! Fans can go deeper into the blockbuster Civil War II event with Civil War II #1 Special Edition – available exclusively on digital platforms. Go behind the scenes of one of the biggest events in Marvel history and see how blockbuster creators Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez and Justin Ponsor created this high-octane first issue.

Clocking in at over 200 pages, the Civil War II #1 Special Edition contains the entire, explosive first issue along with never-before-seen extras. See the process that went into making this landmark issue as you go from script to layouts to inked pages to final colors. Read Brian Michael Bendis’ entire script to Civil War II #1 and see how artist David Marquez and colorist Justin Ponsor brought each page to life in vivid detail. A must see for comic fans and art enthusiasts!

Then, feast your eyes on an exciting Civil War II #1 variant cover gallery. Featuring the talents of Steve McNiven, Phil Noto, Michael Cho, Kim Jung Ji, Yasmine Putri and more – witness some of the greatest artists in the industry take on Civil War II in style!