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Magnetic Press launching Two Action Graphic Novels by Kevan Stevens and Jef: Mezkal and Convoy

Magnetic Press has revealed the upcoming premiere of two action-packed graphic novels by screenwriter Kevan Stevens and fan-favorite illustrator Jef: Mezkal and Convoy, two hard-boiled tales presented as a gritty, grindhouse-style double feature. These genre-bending stories spotlight misguided anti-heroes in pursuit of destiny.

Mezkal and Convoy

Mezkal is a psychedelic mix of Breaking Bad, Desperado, and a just whisper of Apocalypse Now, following a disillusioned young man as he seeks a life away from his American drudgery in Mexico. He soon finds himself falling for a local girl who is herself wrapped up in a world of drug smugglers and other bad hombres. Filled with vibrant characters, unexpected twists, and explosive showdowns, this south-of-the-border noir is both thrilling and heartbreaking.

Convoy thrusts readers into a near future ruined by mankind’s greed. A crew of mercenary couriers take the contract of their lives transporting precious medicine across the wasteland, only to face off against lawless raiders, competing agents, and their own frustrating disappointments. Filled with crazy characters and high-octane set pieces, CONVOY is a gonzo collision of Mad Max and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Both titles feature the vibrant illustrations of popular French cartoonist Jef.

This graphic novel double feature is being offered for pre-order through a Kickstarter campaign launching on Tuesday, January 17th at 10am CST. Unique campaign-exclusive bundles will include limited-edition artifacts from the story worldsas well as a deluxe slipcase set of both books within a silver foil-stamped case. Other exclusive items and stretch goals can be unlocked during the campaign.

The limited pre-order campaign will run for 18 days on Kickstarter, ending February 3rd at 5pm CST. Both books will ship to backers and bookstores in June.