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Preview: Justice League: Endless Winter #2

Justice League: Endless Winter #2

Written by: Andy Lanning, Ron Marz
Art by: Carmine Di Giandomenico, Howard Porter, Marco Santucci

“Endless Winter” chapter nine! This is it-the final chapter in the five-week, nine-issue Justice League crossover! With the Frost King’s origin revealed, the Justice League must battle the mistakes of the past as well as the global freeze that now threatens the entire population. This issue is snow-packed with characters and action as Superman battles Black Adam while Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Queen Hippolyta, and Swamp Thing face the Frost King and his monstrous army! All of the world is watching, and the Justice League must make a choice.

Justice League: Endless Winter #2

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Justice League: Endless Winter

The December holidays have begun, happy holidays everyone! What geeky presents have you gotten? Sound off in the comments. While you wait for the weekday to end and the weekend to begin, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

Comichron – Three Jokers #3 tops DC in October; publisher’s smallest non-shutdown new comics slate since May 1991 – For those that enjoy the race.

The Beat – A Year of Free Comics: Magic monster hunting with TALES OF THE HANGMAN – Free Comics!

CNN – New comic book celebrates nurses as health care superheroes – This is nice to see. We owe them all far more than this though.

Iran Book News Agency – Iranian graphic novel ‘Arshia’ published in English – Could be interesting to check out.


Boing Boing – Dune: The Graphic Novel
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Blog Critics – Okay, Universe: Chronicles of a Woman in Politics

Review: Justice League: Endless Winter

Justice League: Endless Winter #1

From the ruins of Superman’s Fortress Of Solitude rises the Frost King, a delusional madman with the power to freeze the globe and an army that can withstand the Justice League? And how does he tie to Black Adam and Swamp Thing?

As I had started reading through Justice League: Endless Winter, the opening salvo for this little event, I had worried it would be just another mediocre event with some Z-list bad guy. The jury is still out, I guess. because it’s just one issue. I do feel that there are a few layers to this event to dig into. The Flash is concerned about family, looking for answers from the superhero community. There are some loser villains that catch an L at the beginning. Is there more to them in Endless Winter? The Frost King, the big bad, doesn’t see the Justice League when he’s confronted but instead those that faced him hundreds of years ago. For me, there are these additional nuggets that leave me wanting to know the answers. I’m curious enough to read the next issue of this story, which will take place in the pages of The Flash.

The writing team is comprised of Ron Marz and Andy Lanning. I feel like these two veterans have crafted a good first issue of Endless Winter. We know the Justice League is tough and skilled and they give us that at first, and in doing so, we know Frost King must be pretty bad-ass to dispatch them as easily as he does. Everyone has a unique voice in that they sound like they should. And this ties in with the current DC universe, having it take place at a point after the Brian Bendis Man Of Steel series. There’s a good amount of unanswered questions and maybe a part of this feels cliché, because how often in comics does the bad guy just wipe the floor with the heroes when he first pops up? But it still works.

It looked like Howard Porter was trying something different with his art. Maybe it was Marco Santucci’s involvement but it was a bit hit-or-miss for me. That said, I think I liked where the art was going. I’ve seen Porter’s work criticized a bit as being too 90’s. I feel like he’s taking some chances and mixing things up to give a different artistic look and while I felt there were just a couple of spots that looked weird, I think I like this style going forward from him. The colors were perfect throughout Endless Winter and come off so bright and vibrant.

I didn’t see any sort of checklist to know how long Endless Winter was going to be. I just know the next part is in The Flash #767. I’ll definitely be checking that issue out to see where this all goes. For a first chapter, Justice League: Endless Winter has plenty to keep a reader interested and happy. I’m not much of a DC reader and I enjoyed this so I think if this is your wheelhouse, you’ll be pleased.

Story: Andy Lanning, Ron Marz Art: Howard Porter, Marco Santucci
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Far Sector #9

Wednesdays (and now Tuesdays) are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this week.

Batman/Catwoman #1 (DC Comics) – We read the first issue and mixed about it but this one is on a lot of people’s radars.

Black Widow #4 (Marvel) – This series has been fantastic so far. Full of action and humor, it’s just beyond entertaining, and this issue ups the “holy crap” factor.

Captain Canuck Season 5 #1 (Chapterhouse) – If you’re looking for superhero comics not from the big two, check this one out.

COVID Chronicles (AWA Studios) – Chronicling ten personal accounts from the frontlines of COVID-19. A perfect example of graphic journalism.

DCeased: Dead Planet #6 (DC Comics) – The series begins to up the action as numerous plot threads begin to come together for a hell of a battle.

E-Ratic #1 (AWA Studios) – A new superhero series staring a 15-year-old who can only use his powers for ten minutes at a time. The concept sounds interesting and it’s from the talented Kaare Andrews and Brian Reber.

Far Sector #9 (DC Comics/DC’s Young Animal) – Things become much clearer in this issue as we continue to question who we can trust.

Happy Hour #2 (AHOY Comics) – In a world where you can’t be unhappy, the state will go to horrific lengths to make that happen. The first issue was an intriguing concept and we want to check out more.

Hellboy & the BPRD: Her Fatal Hour (Dark Horse) – The follow up to “The Beast of Vargu”, Hellboy is always a good time to read.

Justice League: Endless Winter #1 (DC Comics) – The mini-event kicks off here and it feels like an old-school DC storyline.

Kill a Man (AfterShock) – The highly anticipated MMA graphic novel is here and it exceeds our expectations. A great mix of focusing on characters and grappling.

King in Black #1 (Marvel) – Marvel’s next big event kicks off here and it’s a hell of a start.

Knock Em Dead #1 (AfterShock) – A new series from Eliot Rahal who we’ll read no matter what it is. This is a supernatural horror taking place in the world of stand-up comedy. We’re intrigued.

Lumberjanes: End of Summer #1 (BOOM! Studios/BOOM! Box) – The beloved series wraps up.

M.O.D.O.K.: Head Games #1 (Marvel) – We laughed multiple times during this issue that’s a lot of fun. We can’t wait for the second issue.

Overwatch: Tracer – London Calling #1 (Dark Horse) – The hit game comes to comics and it’ll be interesting to see how this one goes over with that crowd.

Red Atlantis #2 (AfterShock) – The election thriller continues and we really want to know where this one’s going. Very timely and not a direction we’re expecting.

Seeds of Spring #1 (Microcosm Publishing) – A Canadian teenage exchanges books and tapes with a pen pal. The series juxtaposes the main character’s life with that of 19th-century Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin.

Strange Adventures #7 (DC Comics/DC Black Label) – A hell of a reveal in this issue.

The Walking Dead Deluxe #4 (Image Comics/Skybound) – It’s been interesting reading these newly colored releases in the age of COVID. The context definitely has changed a bit since they were first released.

Preview: Justice League: Endless Winter #1

Justice League: Endless Winter #1

Written by: Andy Lanning, Ron Marz
Art by: Howard Porter, Marco Santucci

“Endless Winter” chapter one! The crossover event of the season begins here! The Justice League encounters an extinction-level global storm brewing at the former site of the Fortress of Solitude. Enter the Frost King, a monster mad with power with an army at his command! What devastating mystery lies in his past? And how is he tied to Queen Hippolyta, Swamp Thing, Viking Prince, and their reluctant ally, Black Adam? Two timelines will reveal further clues and secrets throughout each chapter of this blockbuster tale!

Justice League: Endless Winter #1

Around the Tubes

Juliet Takes a Breath

Lots of interesting articles from over the weekend to help kick off the week. It was also Black Friday with today being Cyber Monday. What good deals are you all finding? Sound off in the comments. While you start the week, here’s news and reviews you might have missed.

The Hollywood Reporter – ‘Turtle in Paradise’ Graphic Novel in the Works at Random House – Very cool!

The Jerusalem Post – Italian Holocaust graphic novel trilogy debuts final installment – Hadn’t heard about this. Might need to check it out.

Sight Magazine – “Something to be proud of”: UK graphic novel highlights homeless – Great to see comics used this way.

How to Love Comics – Justice League: Endless Winter Reading Order Checklist – For those interested in the upcoming storyline.

Kotaku – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Vs. Jagmeet Singh At Among Us, Streamed Tonight – Very cool to see video games used like this, and congrats on all of the money raised.

Kotaku – Marvel’s Avengers Didn’t Sell As Expected, Says Square Enix – The game had some rough buzz going into it, so this isn’t a surprise at all.


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The Justice League Faces An “Endless Winter” This December!

This December, the Justice League learns firsthand the meaning of “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” in Justice League: Endless Winter, a nine-issue event taking place throughout the month of December.

1000 years ago, a disparate group of heroes – Hippolyta, Black Adam, Swamp Thing and the Viking Prince – banded together to prevent the world from freezing at the hands of the Frost King, an exiled Norse god with the ability to control entire ecosystems. The heroes triumphed, but victory came at a terrible price, one that has been kept secret until now.

Justice League: Endless Winter spans a total of nine titles, all co-written by Ron Marz and Andy Lanning.

The title lineup for Justice League: Endless Winter includes:

Justice League: Endless Winter #1 (on sale December 1) with art by Howard Porter and Marco Santucci and cover by Mikel Janin

Justice League: Endless Winter #1

The Flash #767 (on sale December 8) with art from Clayton Henry and Marco Santucci and cover by Clayton Henry

The Flash #767

Superman: Endless Winter Special #1 (on sale December 8), art by Phil HesterAnde Parks, and Marco Santucci and cover by Francis Manapul

Superman: Endless Winter Special #1

Aquaman #66 (on sale December 15), with art by Miguel Mendonça and Marco Santucci and cover by Mike McKone

Aquaman #66

Justice League #58 (on December 15), art by Xermanico and Marco Santucci, with cover by Francis Manapul

Justice League #58

Teen Titans: Endless Winter Special #1 (on sale December 15), featuring art by Jesus Merino and Marco Santucci, and cover by Bernard Chang

Teen Titans: Endless Winter Special #1

Justice League Dark #29 (on sale December 22), art by Amancay Nahuelpan and Marco Santucci, cover by Kyle Hotz

Justice League Dark #29

Black Adam: Endless Winter Special #1 (December 22), art by Brandon Peterson and Marco Santucci, featuring cover by Dale Eaglesham

Black Adam: Endless Winter Special #1

Justice League: Endless Winter Special #2 (December 29), with art by Howard Porter, Carmine Di Giandomenico and Marco Santucci, and cover by Mikel Janin

Justice League: Endless Winter Special #2

The action all begins on December 1 with Justice League: Endless Winter #1.

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