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Legendary Chinese Mythic Figure The Monkey King Heads to Contemporary New York City in A Chinatown Odyssey

The Monkey King: A Chinatown Odyssey

Taiwanese American creator Jerry Ma is supporting AAPI Heritage Month and #STOPASIANHATE this May by bringing one of Chinese literature’s most enduring characters, the Monkey King to modern-day New York in The Monkey King: A Chinatown Odyssey which has launched on Kickstarter. 

Jerry Ma hits home as he shows his native New York City falling apart with the Empress of Chinatown turning her back on the City. Tripitaka the monk must locate Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy to help her make the journey west to Chinatown San Francisco in hopes of finding enlightenment to then go back and save New York from itself!

With the amazing group of people helping with this campaign, Geof DarrowAllan DorisonJim CheungDavid Soto, and Lisa Y. Wu, through Stretch Goals, they’ll be donating money to small businesses in Chinatown New York.

Readers will also get the opportunity to own this title for only $20 during this Kickstarter which ends on Friday, June 4. Along with the book, readers will be able to back these money saving rewards and help unlock stretch goals that will help increase the amount given to local New York City Chinatown small businesses.

Review: Legend Part 2

There is no greater love than that of unconditional love. This type of love usually comes from family members, as these tend to be the people that know you better than most, and they love you despite all your flaws. As we grow older, the one word that we hear all the time, is “sacrifice”, and only until we become ones ourselves, that it becomes something tangible. I remember growing up, hearing those words describe, how parents give up everything for their kids, and for the most part, it is true.

The truth is, most parents undersell it , if they mention it at all, because the truth is, as parents ,we would do it again without blinking, because the existence of our children in our lives, is paramount to our own well-being, something we ty to pass on to our kids for the rest of our lives. As we try pass that our time on this earth is not long and our kids need to love each other if they are siblings, because after we are gone, the only thing they have is each other. This is probably one of the harder lessons siblings have ot learn, and sometimes it doesn’t take, but when push comes to shove, will they have each other’s back? This is the question that Troy faces when his brother, Poc, faces stone imprisonment in the second issue of Legend.

Dealing with the aftermath of the events with their encounter with the Dragon King, Troy and Mei Ling feel changed and even more connected, as the “dragon tears”, has the effects its legend recounted. AS they learn to deal with their newfound abilities, they also deal with a new reality, as the effect it has on their village, is catastrophic. As the Dragon King traps Mei Ling and the brothers, they have no choice but to do the Dragon King’s bidding.  This is where Troy and Mei Ling soon find out that everyone is against them, including the Rat King and his subjects. By volume’s end, the two find a compromise the Rat King, to not only save Poc but life as they know it.

Overall, an engrossing chapter of an already exciting story that blends some Princess Bride with a dash of Allan Quartermain. The story by Jerry Ma is funny, light, action packed and smart. The art by Ma is as always, breathtaking. Altogether, a gripping installment of a story that is remixing high fantasy.

Story: Jerry Ma Art: Jerry Ma
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Legend OGN

I remember watching Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Rings, for the first time and the effect it had on me. I did read the book, and I found it entertaining but had no desire to re-read it, as Tolkien’s writing can prove to be exhausting. I also watched the movie by Ralph Bakshi, and found that he tried to put too much in such a little time. That is why Peter Jackson’s adaptation felt not only true to Tolkien’s books but appropriate in time to what the books were trying to say.

Jackson, brought back what everyone in my age group, loved about reading high fantasy books like Shannara Chronicles, what attracted some to playing a great book, that is a must have for any fan of action adventuresDungeons & Dragons and watching movies like Conan, the adventure.  I did not realize until years later, that the books my mom and my aunts held in such high esteem, Carlos Bulosan’s America Is in the Heart, was also an action adventure. My personal favorite action adventures were the ones that were interwoven into Kung Fu movies, the type you could spend a whole afternoon looking through a rack of movies at Suncoast Video through, for movies like Storm Riders. I had not seen anything resembling those movies in years, and don’t fancy myself a reader of manga, where most of those swordplay type stories resided. So, when I heard the storyline of Jerry Ma’s Legend, it sounded right up my alley, as I had not seen anything like this in years.

In the opening pages, we are introduced to brothers, Poc and Troy, who are thicker than thieves, just regular men living in a quiet village, who hunt and fish for sustenance and for wages. When one of the brothers hear about an old legend, the mystical waterfall known as Dragon’s Tears, which whoever drink from it, supposedly gains powers, this propels the brothers, joined by Troy’s girlfriend, Mei-Ling, to set out an adventure to find out if it is merely a children’s story or if it’s true. What follows is a treacherous road, filled with orc-like goons, natural disasters, demons, and a dragon. By the end of the book, it appears our team is separated and defeated, and only time will tell if they find each other.

Overall, a great book, that is a must have for any fan of action adventures as it meets those needs and then some. The story by Jerry Ma, has modern sensibilities within a medieval setting, a la Knight’s Tale. The art by Ma, is always excellent, as his style captures characters, settings, and actions sequences, in a stunning way, and in a unique fashion that only he can bring it. Altogether, a fun ride that will keep the reader wanting more.

Story: Jerry Ma Art: Jerry Ma
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy