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Get Birdcage Bottom Books’ 2021 Releases, Running on Kickstarter Now

You can pre-order Birdcage Bottom Books‘ 2021 publications now through their Kickstarter campaign and get exclusive original art, custom art, limited edition comics, and more! The campaign ends March 29 and 4:06 ET.

Coming in 2021 are:

TOO TOUGH TO DIE: An Aging Punx Anthology

From “tired of being pushed around” to “just plain tired”, the TOO TOUGH TO DIE anthology explores the spectrum of what it means to be an aging punk through personal stories by some of the best cartoonists around. Shifting perspectives on angsty rebellion, the importance of community, persistent racism within the scene, appearance and identity and more are covered within this nearly 300 page tome.

Co-editors Haleigh Buck and J.T. Yost have tapped preeminent punks including Josh Bayer, Emily Flake, Casanova Frankenstein, Hyena Hell, Janelle Hessig, Gideon Kendall, Carrie McNinch, Brother Malcolm, Liz Prince, Aaron Renier, Ben Snakepit, Jenn Woodall, and so many more to provide punk-themed autobiographical comics for your eager consumption.

6” x 9”, 260+ pages. $20
Full-color covers with b+w interior. Perfect-bound

TOO TOUGH TO DIE: An Aging Punx Anthology

Flop Sweat is an ongoing serialization of Lance Ward’s autobiographical comics arranged chronologically. Previous self-published collections of these comics were featured in The Best American Comics. Ward’s life has been rife with pitfalls: abandonment, addiction, mental illness, sexual assault, arrest, attempted suicide, and even a death experience (not “near-death”, he was clinically deceased!). Yet, through it all he has somehow maintained a positivity about and loyalty to his art, even after crushing his drawing hand!

This second issue delves into Ward’s teen years battling family dysfunction, sex & drugs, another injury and joining the military!

In issue three, Ward is befriended by a shady character while working night shifts at a convenience store leading to cocaine addiction, grand larceny and committal to a psych ward.

This fourth issue finds Ward struggling (and failing) to remember an entire year of his life after waking up in yet another psychiatric hospital.

5.5” x 8.5”, 28 pages. $6
Full-color covers and interior

Everything Is Super by Rottsteak

Everything is Super follows the misadventures of Lloyd the Human Hemorrhoid Herman as he stumbles through contemporary life in a dead end, backwater superhero town. Volume one collects issues one through four. Recommended for mature audiences.

6” x 9”, 120 pages. $15
Full-color covers and interior. Perfect-bound

Everything Is Super

Comfort Creatures by Robert H. Stevenson

What happens when the things that once brought joy and comfort to your soul have transmutated into a haunting, dripping, mess of a monster you can’t help but love/hate? It’s called Comfort Creatures, an all-ages collection of illustrated rhymes with corresponding creatures that play like cautionary tales about some of our delicious escapisms.

5.5” x 8.5”, 24 pages. $6
Black cardstock with white ink cover with b+w interior

Comfort Creatures

Silver Sprocket Announces their Spring Publishing Season

Silver Sprocket has announced its upcoming slate of releases. On top of these, there’s more to come from Ashley Robin Franklin, Benji Nate, Ben Passmore, Caroline Cash, Jenn Woodall, Micheal Sweater, and Travis Rommereim.

Big Punk by Janelle Hessig

Fed up with wealthy techies destroying the formerly gritty culture of Fog City, a punk lady moves out to the sticks to soothe her soul. Though she is only looking to escape, a mysterious and hairy stranger disrupts her plans and causes her life to change in unexpected ways.

18 full-color pages; 5.5″ x 8.5″; SRP: $5.00; ISBN: 9781945509421; Diamond: OCT192066

Big Punk by Janelle Hessig

No Romance In Hell by Hyena Hell

Disappointed with her romantic prospects in Hell, a demon ascends to Earth’s surface on a quest for loving tenderness from human men. Disappointment, disintegration, and hilarity ensue in this brimstone-infused roasting of modern romance.

24 b&w pages; 6″ x 9″; SRP: $5; ISBN: 9781945509476; Diamond: DEC191857

No Romance In Hell by Hyena Hell

Radlands by Liz Suburbia

Salivate over a motley crew of sexy punks, weirdos, and extraterrestrials in The Radlands, a collection of pin-ups by “Sacred Heart” and “Cyanide Milkshake” indie comic superstar, Liz Suburbia. 

*Not liable for uncomfortable stirrings in your nether regions.

24 b&w pages; 5.5″ x 8.5″; SRP: $5.00; ISBN: 9781945509513; Diamond: FEB201977

Radlands by Liz Suburbia

Stolen Sharpie Revolution by Alex Wrekk

The go-to guide for all things zine related, this book contains everything you need to get started creating your own zines and participating in zine culture. Includes thoughtful lists and step-by-step guides on everything from definitions of a zine, where to find zines, and why zines are important.

Brand new sixth edition published by Silver Sprocket.

152 b&w pages; 4.25″ x 5.5″; SRP: $10.00; PB ISBN: 9781945509452; Diamond: FEB201978
Hard-cover (for libraries) ISBN: 9781945509483

Stolen Sharpie Revolution by Alex Wrekk

You Will Be Okay by Meggie the Ramm

An anti-anxiety pocketbook that tells you that you’ll be okay at least eight times.
It’s filled with coloring pages, simple thought exercises, advice and resources to help you get through anxiety attacks.
Anxiety attacks can be scary. But whatever happens, you will be ok.

38 b&w pages; 4″ x 4″; SRP: $5.00; ISBN: 9781945509506

You Will Be Okay by Meggie the Ramm

One Million Tiny Fires by Ashley Robin Franklin

Fusing sexual intimacy with cosmic dread, this queer horror tale follows Briana and Cassie, a couple in an isolated Texas farmhouse, whose rural fantasy has soured into a tense nightmare. After discovering an unknown object that had crash landed from the sky, Briana begins to suspect that something uncanny is happening to her partner.

Limited printing of 2,000 pieces with metallic silver foil cover.

40 b&w pages; 5.5″ x 8.5″; SRP: $10.00; ISBN: 9781945509544

One Million Tiny Fires by Ashley Robin Franklin

Yes I’m Flagging by Archie Bongiovanni

Queer Flagging 101: How to signal the sex you want using the hanky code. 

You *know* that cutie with the red bandana around their neck is wearing that hanky on purpose—but WHY!? This zine will break it down for ya!

28 full-color pages; 5.5″ x 5.5″; SRP: $5.00; ISBN: 9781945509537

Yes I’m Flagging by Archie Bongiovanni

Gnartoons by James the Stanton

Collecting hundreds of pages from Seattle, WA, celebrated indie comics artist James the Stanton. Trippy, drippy, psychedelic fun like a Hannah-Barberra mushroom trip, including sought after comics that have been out-of-print for years in glorious CMYK plus neon Pantones. 

272 full-color pages; hard-cover; 6″ x 9″; SRP: $29.95; ISBN: 9781945509414

Gnartoons by James the Stanton

Next World Tarot: Pocket Edition & Art Book by Cristy C Road

Following up on the breathtaking “Next Word Tarot” deck by queer-punk-feminist-latinex icon Cristy C Road, we are pleased to present an over-sized hardcover art-book with expanded card descriptions in both English and Spanish, along with an economically priced “pocket edition” of the original deck at standard Tarot deck size.

Featuring body outlaws, endangered cultures, and anti-colonial belief systems, THE NEXT WORLD TAROT envisions a world where justice relies on respect and revolutionary love. The Fool’s Journey is about smashing systematic oppression, owning their truths, being accountable to the people and places that support them, and taking back a connection to their body that may have been lost through trauma or societal brainwashing. The NEXT WORLD TAROT is a visual spectacle of both the battle cry and the re-connection between outcasts and their criminalized identities.

Hardcover: 176 full-color pages; 9” x 12”; SRP: $50.00; ISBN: 9781945509384
Pocket deck: 78 full-color cards and guide-book; 2.5″ x 3.75″; SRP: $20; ISBN: 9781945509377

Next World Tarot: Pocket Edition & Art Book by Cristy C Road