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Review: Faction Vol. 2

faction vol 2Faction is a biannual comic anthology showing off some of New Zealand’s talented comic creators. From fairytale worlds to grim apocalyptic futures, Faction showcases enormous Kiwi talent. I honestly never had heard of this before being reached out to, but after reading it, I really want to check out what I missed out in the first volume.

The talent here varies, and some stories are stronger than others, but it’s all good to great. There’s fantastic talent throughout the anthology and I expect some of these folks to get picked up by major publishers soon (I actually wish I ran a publisher to snatch some of them up).

This second volume is 10 stories spanning 90 pages and at $24.94 New Zealand, roughly $20 US dollars, it’s a little pricey, but lets face it, you’re not finding this on comic shelves, though you should be able to. It’s worth the price if you’re looking for talent you can’t find elsewhere and want to see what some of New Zealand has to offer.

The stories vary in their style and the types of tales, but it’s all really good. Some of the art is absolutely stunning and most of the stories had me wanting more. How most of these folks haven’t been snatched up, and are bigger names, just confounds me. Like all anthologies, some entries are stronger than others, but there’s no weak ones here, and some of it is amazing.

While it might be a little expensive, the anthology is an awesome anthology, doing exactly what it should be, showing off New Zealand talent you might not otherwise see. Count me as a fan and I can’t wait to see what the third volume has to offer.

Story and Art: Allan Xia, Cory Mathis, Damon Keen, Sheehan Brothers, Rachel Royale, Michael Mulipola, Ned Wenlock, James Squires, Adrian Kinnairs, Mukpuddy
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

3 Bad Monkeys provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review