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The Minions Return to Steal Comics this November

Titan Comics have announced that Illumination’s Minions – the breakout mascots of Universal and Illumination’s global phenomenon Despicable Me animated film series – are set to return to comics this November in an all-new series, Minions: Viva Le Boss.

Spinning out of the highly successful Despicable Me franchise, the new Minions series, is written by Stephane Lapuss featuring art from Renaud Collin. The yellow Minions journey through history looking for a truly villainous leader– but are they doomed to be Minions without a master?

Minions Viva Le Boss #1 expands Titan Comics’ catalogue of Minions comics and graphic novels, which includes Minions: Vol. 1: Banana and Minions: Vol. 2: Evil Panic.