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Review: I Love This Part

Growing up, I used to hear that expression, “No Man is an island,” and I never knew what it meant. I heard it from my school teachers, my parents, my family elders and even some of my neighbors. With no one explaining it right out, I assumed, that you can’t accomplish most things by yourself. This is partially true, but as I grew older, I realized it was more than that.

As the need for human connection, is truly the lifeforce that runs through our veins. As there is nothing like meeting some, who just like you. It is even more affecting, when you fall in love with that person. So, when I heard about Tillie Walden’s masterpiece, I Love This Part, I had a feeling it would take my heart places.

We are transported to your average small in America, where boredom is commonplace for teenagers and life is otherwise ordinary. We meet two teenagers, who find out they have a lot in common, from music, to stories, and everything in between. All of a sudden, the unexpected happens and one of the girls falls for the other, and their relationship is never the same. By book’s end we go through the rollercoaster of emotions, as it becomes too much for one of them to bear, as ultimately a love of music becomes the only thing they share moving forward.

Overall, a moving, emotional, and sublime tale of a deep connection which goes beyond words. The story by Walden is awe-inspiring and heartfelt. The art by Walden is gorgeous and luminous. Altogether, an otherwise ordinary tale from the outside that tugs at your heartstrings all throughout and at the end.

Story: Tillie Walden Art: Tillie Walden
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy