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Mondo Reveals the Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 Scale Black Variant Figure

Based on the seminal Batman: The Animated Series, the Batman 1/6 Scale Figure stays true to the television classic – sculpted to match the iconic style of the show.

Featuring approximately 30 points of articulation: multiple switch-out hands, heads, accessories, and a Bat Symbol figure stand.

The Mondo Exclusive version of Batman features an alternate black costume deco, as well as an unmasked Bruce Wayne head, and black folded cowl. In addition to this, it also features a blue folded cowl, for use on the original Batman 1/6 Scale Figure (sold separately), so you have the option to display the unmasked head on either version of the figure!

The Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 Scale Figure (Black Variant) is AVAILABLE NOW.

Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 Scale Figure (Black Variant)Features an alternate black costume deco, as well as an unmasked Bruce Wayne head and black folded cowl. Approx. 12″ in height, Weight: Approx. 3lbs, Material: PVC, ABS. Artists: Ramirez Studios, Jason Wires Productions, Joe Allard, Hector Arce. Expected to Ship in January 2020. Ships Worldwide. $150

SDCC 2019: Mondo Unleashes Mondoids Series 1 Vinyl Figures with a SDCC Mondoid Venom Variant

Mondo has announced the Series 1 lineup for Mondoids, a new line of designer vinyl figures that feature uniquely freaky takes on sci-fi, horror, and comic book icons. Designed by Scarecrow Oven, each Mondoid features a removable head that can be mixed and matched with most other Mondoids figures bases. Mondoids Series 1 includes the Marvel – Venom (regular and SDCC exclusive variant), Marvel – Green Goblin, Gremlins – Melting Stripe, Fallout – Vault Boy, Friday the 13th – Jason Voorhees (regular and Mondo webstore exclusive variant), Jurassic Park – Raptor, and a super-sized Jurassic Park – T-Rex Mega Mondoid.

Mondoids Series 1 will go on sale at mondotees.com today, Tuesday, July 9. The SDCC exclusive Venom Mondoid variant will be available at the Mondo booth #435 at San Diego Comic-Con beginning Wednesday, July 17 (SDCC Preview Night).

Mondoids / Series 1

Fallout – Vault Boy / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Hector Arce)

Friday the 13th – Jason Voorhees / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Mike Pflaumer)

Friday the 13th – Jason Voorhees (Mondo Webstore Exclusive) / $22 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Mike Pflaumer)

Gremlins – Melting Stripe / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Bigshot Toyworks, Mike Pflaumer)

Jurassic Park – Raptor / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Bigshot Toy Works, Hector Arce)

Jurassic Park – T-Rex Mega Mondoid / $25 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Bigshot Toyworks, Hector Arce)

Marvel – Green Goblin / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Hector Arce, Mike Pflaumer)

Marvel – Venom / $20 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Mara Ancheta)

Marvel – Venom (SDCC Exclusive Color – Edition of 500) / $35 (Artists: Scarecrow Oven, Ramirez Studios, Darren Henke)