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Wake Up to the Smell of Heavy Metal… Coffee

Heavy Metal Coffee

Heavy Metal​’s dedicated, longtime fans will now have a new way to help stay awake, alert, and focused on reading more comics, now that the magazine and Dark Matter Coffee have collaborated to produce Heavy Metal Coffee.

The Chicago, IL-based Dark Matter adheres to a philosophy where quality coffees are sourced based upon traceability, innovation, and social responsibility, enforcing a level of quality control not unlike the magazine, which is dedicated to delivering premium genre content from legendary creators and emerging talent. Heavy Metal​ fans will be able to purchase the coffee by itself, or as part of a premium subscription model through the publisher that offers a combination of coffee, magazines, comics, and merchandise in a monthly shipment at an efficient price.

Each subscription release will feature high concept coffee and art!

The artwork in question is a collage of Heavy Metal​ iconography past and present, featuring the long-running TAARNA and NELSON characters, along with images from more contemporary offerings from the publisher like Dylan Sprouse’s Sun Eater, Matthew Medney’s Dark Wing, ​Brendan Columbus’ Savage Circus, ​and Bart & Michelle Sears’ Maiden​. Each quarter for the first year, Heavy Metal​ and Dark Matter will update the art, appealing to collectors and completists who have supported the magazine for years.

Heavy Metal Coffee ​ is available at the publisher’s online shop now for preordering, and starting to ship for the holidays. The monthly subscription is $22 dollars a bag, including shipping or you can buy it ala carte for $25 plus shipping. The product will be available on HeavyMetal.com and DarkMatterCoffee.com