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The Impure Comes to Comic Shops in March from Ralf Singh, Hannes Radke, Marc Schmitz, and Scout Comics

Twenty years ago Castor, homeworld to the siblings Nero and Minerva, was destroyed by aliens. Eventually they join the dreaded ITO, the spearhead of the Earth Forces, to ensure something like this will never happen again.

But when Minerva betrays her brother and all they ever believed in, it is up to Nero to stop his sister before she reaches the alien alliance. For what Minerva has stolen may well turn the tides of war and spell humanity’s downfall.

The Impure is a four-book miniseries published by Scout ComicsNonstop! imprint that follows the story of a devoted soldier in an interstellar war, whose world begins to fall apart while he begins to question his own loyalty.

The Impure is out this March from writer Ralf Singh, art by Hannes Radke, colors by Singh, and lettering by Marc Schmitz and Singh. It features covers by Hannes Radke and Ralf Singh, Miki Montlló, and Alexander Artin.

The Impure