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John Carpenter Haunts Your Dreams… Again

They Live

Storm King Productions has announced numerous Halloween events to excite every level of horror fan. First off, fans can download the Storm King Productions app which has a monthly contest to die for. Download the Storm King Productions app and enter to win original movie prop sunglasses from They Live, signed by John Carpenter, original movie prop stickers from They Live, They Live limited edition Steelbook Blu-ray, signed by John Carpenter and Sandy King. The contest ends November 1 and winners must be located in the USA. There will be a new contest the first of every month, as well as news, comics, photos, trivia, music, and everything John Carpenter and Sandy King, all in the palm of your hand safe at home and ONLY in their app.

Next up, Storm King has made available a limited number of their NYCC2020 exclusive cover of John Carpenter’s Tales For A  HalloweeNight Vol 6. This is the annual anthology release that is a collection of short stories from the best and the brightest creators out there. John Carpenter writes the first story and Sandy King the last story and you will not believe who’s conjured up the spooky tales in between.

Lastly, the annual Halloween Storm King Comics signing event at West Coast comic haven Golden Apple has evolved for COVID as well. Participate in the Virtual Trick and Meet! Time is running out to reserve your pre-signed copy of the Tim Bradstreet Cover of Tales for a Halloween Night Volume 6 that is a Golden Apple exclusive. The book will be privately pre-signed by John Carpenter – The Master of Horror Sandy King and several book contributors including Cat Staggs, Amanda Deibert, David J Schow, and Duane Swierczynski. Once you pre-order the fun begins because you can win PRIZES and will be invited to an exclusive virtual Q & A panel on October 31st at 1pm PST and an after viewing watch party of the original Halloween.

For an added bonus, something a little spooky and sweet for Carpenter fans of all ages has hit stores with Stanley’s Ghost! Oh no! Who’s been stealing fruit from all the gardens in Arbordale? Was it the prankster Chester Chipmunk? Or maybe Baby Fang? Accusations fly until someone suggests that maybe it was the Ghost of Bunnyburrow Manor! Find out by ordering today.

Halloween Edition: Talk with Tiara Bree Cosplay

Hello, my fellow ghouls and goblins out there to another special Halloween interview series. As promised, we have another child of the night who is just waiting to bring her witchcraft spell-casting style taste for us mere mortals. This dark and lovely servant from the realm of the unknown comes from Atlanta. She’s taken on the internet by storm with those amazing cosplay artistry. This ebony girl has the looks that will kill those who might get too close if you looking to bite into this forbidden fruit. She’s your Cos Bae, but to those who know her, goes by Tiara Bree Cosplay. So show your love and give her some Sugar as she is both a treasure and desirable queen, and give a warm welcome to Tiara Bree Cosplay! 

Raven: Hello Tiara! Thank you so much for doing this Halloween Special Edition interview series. I appreciate it. I must say, your cosplay wear is amazing and our reader will soon know it too. 

Tiara: Hello from Atlanta. Thank you Raven for having me do this Halloween interview special. 

Raven: So just to give a Heads-Up, I will also ask some Spooky questions during this Halloween interview, so, “Don’t Scream,” because really, no one is going to help you!

Raven: As you may know, I have a tradition with my female interviews to offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement if you find yourself at crossroads during your career, and in dire need of inspirational words. So here goes, “Laughing is the best form of medicine, but if you are laughing for no reason. You may need medicine. There’s your quotes for life, Tiara. 

Raven: Now, if you please, tell our readers all about yourself.

Tiara: Hey y’all, Hey! My name is Tiara Bree, Your Cos Bae, #MyCosBae! My family’s from the Virgin Islands, but born and raised in Jacksonville Florida! Two years ago, I recently moved to Atlanta to pursue acting, but when Covid hit, BAM, Tiara Bree Cosplay was born! My hair and eye color change like the wind. I think of myself as a human-chameleon. 

Raven: How tall are you?

Tiara: I’m a 5’10 

Raven: What’s your Birth sign and do you speak any languages? 

Tiara: I’m a VIRGOOOOOOO who barely speaks French but took it for about 4 years so I act like I can read/speak it. 

Raven: What does Tiara Bree Cosplay do when she has some free time?

Tiara: I don’t have “free time” since I’m always working but I thoroughly enjoy everything I do for work so it never seems like I am!

Raven: Would you stay in a Haunted house for money, fame, or food?

Tiara: To stay in a haunted house, I would definitely need money and food. Bring on the bacon! 

Raven: Own any birthmarks your fans might what to know about. What about any tattoos.

Tiara: I’ve once had an unattractive birthmark which was cut off when I was nine and was replaced with tattoo stars. So when someone asks about my former birthmark, I tell the story that I got bit by a baby alligator at a petting zoo in Alabama (Seems more badass). I have several tattoos, and I’m thinking about getting an arm sleeve. I just love them so much, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that well with my career choices of cosplaying, acting, modeling, promos, hosting, and bartending, which are all fun gigs.

Raven: What sort of music does Tiara Bree Cosplay groove her into a good mood? 

Tiara: My music choice is Electric. I love French pop music, New Zealand style, Indie music, EDM, hip hop, rock anything with a beat I can move to, and feel something from! 

Raven: What’s your favorite Anime/Manga you love to watch or read? 

Tiara: My favorite anime is probably HunterxHunter! I’m a newbie to anime so I am currently watching Fire Force right now and love that as well! 

Raven: What celebrity, who is a vampire, would you allow to suck your neck?

Tiara:  If I can just pretend it’s Joe Manganiello, be the vampire, we’ll be straight!

Raven: What is your most favorite prop/makeup when doing a photoshoot

Tiara: I can’t pick a favorite makeup look since they all are formed with my thriving creative juices on that particular day. LOL. Some of my favorite props were my scissors sword from my Ryuko Matoi cosplay from Kill la Kill. Unfortunately, somebody threw it away though, and I never used it since.

Raven Is there an animation character that best describes Tiara Bree Cosplay’s personality?

Tiara: My personality is all over the place, a mix between a Tasmanian devil, and all the sexy anime girls who don’t wear clothes  😂 that’s how my personality feels. 

Raven: Well,  I can only imagine that all those sexy Anime Girls are going to get jealous of you.

Raven: What was your first cosplay outfit? 

Tiara: The first cosplay was Mileena at Dragon Con 2018! I always trick or treat! Ain’t no shame in my game. I don’t know about this year because of COVID though. 

Tiara: I suffer from procrastination nation and in the town of laziness! I could get so much more done, but I choose to relax. Because I like to just feel good. I’m generally happy, positive, and carefree. But hit the right button and I’m the meanest person you’ll meet 😂😂 but I’m still caring while being mean so I don’t mean any harm. 

Raven: Who be the most interesting to talk to at the dinner table: Jason, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, or R. Kelly?

Tiara: Since all of those choices are scary, I’d say put them all at the table and let’s chat! 

Raven: Are you a shy or an outgoing type of girl growing up? 

Tiara: I’ve always been outgoing! 

Raven: From your photos, you have a broad range of expressions you own. You can be sexy, nerdy, funny, and serious. How did the Cosplay World captured Tiara Bree Cosplay? How did it all start?

Tiara: I started cosplaying when I went to Dragon Con 2018. I was dating a guy who did it and he had to sais. He was going to sell it. I want them. Now I have to find a character who uses them. Then, Boom, the character of Mileena happened! Nowadays, cosplay has got more demanding, both on looks and props.  

Raven: Has it become more fun or more demanding as the life of a cosplayer/model/dancer? 

Tiara: I’m currently doing 31 days of Halloween so doing 31 different characters is a struggle. 

Raven: Does your personality resemble the type of character you want to portray or do the personalities of the characters does Tara Bree wants to become?

Tiara: I Cosplay whoever I feel like at the moment, whoever I am commissioned to do,  LOL. I cosplay whoever I think is pretty or has a cute outfit. Sometimes I’m nothing like the character but that’s the fun part. I’m an actress so I fit them all. I

Raven: What friend or enemy would you give a Chucky Doll as a gift?

Tiara: HA! Answering that would open up a can of worms that no one’s ready for. But as a joke, I will give it to my best friend Anis! If it was a live one that was killing people, I would send it to various people who will remain unnamed. 😂

Raven: What sort of characters attracts you the most?

Tiara: I’m usually attracted to the more sexy ones since I feel sexy in my everyday life.  Even though I look homeless half the time, just knowing I can throw on some makeup and a Cosplay outfit and be right back to feel myself, again! It’s fun! 

Raven: If homeless people looked like you, You would STOP TRAFFIC, girl!

Raven: As a beautiful black woman, you put a spin on the characters you portray. Do you decide what you should cosplay or your fans?

Tiara: I do let my fans vote on some of my cosplays. Some people commission characters they wanna see me do. I choose the majority. My only fans and Patreon are Poppin! 😂 (Links in my bio. My Cos Bae is my name on both. Heh heh heh). 

Tiara: Women are in control of their bodies, their sexuality, and what they choose to show, post, or not. I’m comfortable with no clothes, I’m a nudist. So even when I’m naked sometimes it’s not in a sexual way. Most times it is, LOL, but sometimes I just like to be free. 

Raven: Listen here people, never cage a sexy black female creature. It’s just wrong!

Raven:  If you had your choice to be transformed into a monstrous creature, what would you become?

Tiara: If She-Hulk is considered a monster, I would become her because she’s perfection! Or how about the Dragon from Game of Thrones! LoL. 

Raven: Here is a curious question. Many fans want to see more of their favorite cosplayer do Lewd or Only Fans photos? What is your opinion about women doing Lewd or Spicy photographs? Is it something you are comfortable in doing? 

Tiara: If women, or men, want to post lewd and nudes. They have the right to do so in whatever capacity they see fit. Some people take requests, some people just post what they want to show. It is up to them.  

Raven: What there ever an unusual request made from a fan wanting to see you in? If so, what?

Tiara: No unusual request for me, just several Cosplay characters that I’ve never heard of, LOL! 

Although, I’m not sure what’s the deal with foot fetishes. I’ve always had a foot-hate fetish until this year (I thought I had a phobia, but I just hated feet). Now, all of a sudden, people have been asking for mine, LOL! I think it’s just a sexual thing. 🤷🏽‍♀️ What’s a girl to do?

Raven: Do black women who cosplay get the proper attention and admiration for their artwork than other women who cosplay? If not, what needs to change?

Tiara: 🤷🏽‍♀️ Black women do not get the attention, notoriety, admiration, exposure that they should in this industry. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for my whole life with this stigma and unfortunately, I’ve have gotten used to it. I’m not sure if this will ever change. 

The unsteady climate of our country with race issues and blatant behavior for not caring for blacks and our lives leaves my faith in shambles. This also translates into all avenues of the entertainment world, including Cosplay. More platforms are popping up to showcase us, but to be on the scale of our white counterparts, or Asian counterparts, who are all thriving in this industry, it’s going to be a long upward battle. I know we can get there, it’s just not going to be a quick thing.

Raven: What is Tiara Bree Cosplay, “Biggest Pet Peeve”?

Tiara: My biggest pet peeve is STUPID! LOL. When I say that, I mean people who lack common sense, don’t think logically before acting, don’t think or take consideration of others and things. Just plain stupid.

Raven: What sort of cosplay wear would Tara Bree wear while fighting an Alien Invasion?

Tiara: I would dress an outfit like theirs because then they would think I’m one of them and I will have the upper hand for sneak attacks! 

Raven: Because of the Pandemic, a lot of public events have been postponed until further notice. What would you love to see come back? 

Tiara: DRAGON CONNNNN! COME BACKKKKK! It’s the only con I’ve ever been to. In Jacksonville,  it’s boring living here, LOL! But of course, we would go and hang by the beach down there since Atlanta doesn’t have one. 

Raven: If I could visit your hometown, what sort of places would you show me or dine? 

Tiara: I would take you to a breezy jazz club. They’re expanding, and the best jazz club, restaurant, cigar lounge in JAX! 

Raven: What sort of advice or words of wisdom you can offer new cosplayers out there? 

Tiara: If I was too new cosplayers! Just do it! There’s no rules, right way, or guidelines to Cosplay. It’s supposed to be fun, all in participation, and for everyone to do as they please. So for people looking to get into it, just do it. There are research and advice you can get from people, but that’s just going with the process. Just ask if you need help,  I’m always here to help new people as best I can! Just gather some clothes, make-up, props, etc. that make you feel like the character you’re trying to portray and live that life!  

Raven: How Evil can Tara Bree be? 

Tiara: Da Evilist in all the land!

Raven: And of course, the most important question to ask on this interview, Can I get a Hug?

Tiara: PS, no hugs because of Covid😂

Raven: That my readers, is the end of our interview with the sensational Tiara Bree Cosplay. It’s in Tha Books! Thank you so much Tiara for being a beautiful black woman and a loving person.

Tiara: Thank you Raven for having me do this interview, Some of your questions were funny and interesting. Happy Halloween everyone!

Raven: If I could have one last question and ask where can readers find more delicious Tiara Bree treats?

Tiara: Not a problem. Here are all of my Hyperlinks of me and my, Tasty Treats

Amazon Wishlist
Facebook Page
Model IG

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Halloween series: Talking Cosplay and Deep Dark Secrets with AngieV

Welcome, all you Night-Stalking readers. This is Raven Steel with a special Halloween interview edition. All through the month of October, I will interview as many female cosplayers out there in social media as I can to give our Children of the Night a tasty Halloween Treat. It will be something to sink your teeth in and gush-out with expectations.  This next exclusive interview comes from the cradle of Western Civilization, Greece. She young, talented, and a whole lot of beauty. When she is not dancing up a storm, sketching her next cosplay wear, or just trolling the video gaming world, this bathing beauty is working hard on her next set of photos for your eyes only! So drop your Halloween candy treats and gather around as our next interview with AngieV Cosplay is now!

Raven: Welcome AngieV Cosplay. It is such a wonderful treat to finally meet you. Opa! 

Angie: Thank you so much for having me to do this interview with my friend, Raven Steel.

Raven: Well, thank you so much for that. Believe me this the best Halloween Treat I will always treasure! 

I have a tradition with my interviews to offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement if you find yourself at crossroads during your career, and in dire need of inspirational words. So here goes, “People who wonder whether the glass is half empty or half full are missing the point. The glass is REFILLABLE!” There, I’ve said it.

As you know, I’m going to ask you some scary/spooky questions to you, so don’t be alarmed nor bite my neck.  So without any further delay, Ms. AngieV Cosplay, let us begin to know more about you and the amazing things you create! Give those readers a shout-out!

Angie: Hello! Angie V here! \^.^/ I’m born and live in Greece and most specifically in Athens! My eye color is hazel/brown and my natural hair color which I still have is brown as well!

Raven: Were you born right or left-handed? 

Angie: I’m right-handed but I can also use my left hand as well! I’m just not very good with it.

Raven: Are you a pet lover?

Angie: I love all pets, especially cats! I own 2 cats named Billy (boy) and Esta (girl). I have had them since I was 12 years old!

Raven: What transformation would AngieV be: a Sexy Werewolf or a Sexy Zombie?

Angie: I’d love to do a werewolf cosplay at some time!


Raven: How tall are you? 

Angie: I’m 1.68 meters tall! (5 feet 5 inches tall)

Raven: What’s your birth sign? 

Angie: My sign is Leo and my horoscope is Cancer!

Raven: Do you speak or write any other languages?

Angie: Other than Greek, I speak English, but I’d love to learn more languages especially Japanese!

Raven: Is there a deep dark secret you are willing to confess to us now? 

Angie: I’m not a fan of Harry Potter nor Lord of the Rings, and I haven’t watched the Star Wars series either. I’m so sorry for all my fans out there!

Raven: What makes you happy? 

Angie: Friends! I love being with my friends and people who are close to me! And oh, I love ice-cream too, and fluffy kittens!

Raven: What does AngieV Cosplay eat and drink when she is being creative? 

Angie: I don’t, xD. When I’m being creative there is no time for eating or drinking. My focus is 100% on my work so much that I often forget to eat and or drink until my body runs out of energy thus my body starts to shut down. That’s when I come back to reality, grab something fast to eat, and either go back to work or just give it a rest.

Raven: Do you have a favorite Comic, Anime, Manga, graphic novel book you like to read or watch?

Angie: From Mangas, I like ‘A Silent Voice’ and from anime, I like ‘Say I love you’ and ‘Stein: Gate’ a lot! BUT Yu-Gi-Oh will always have a special place in my heart. That anime no matter how much time passes is still gold for me!

Raven: If you were made out of the body parts of celebrities, what celebrity body-parts would you use to create an AngieV Cosplay?

Angie: I adore their characteristics like Megan Fox, Bebe Rexha, Jennie (from Blackpink), and many more than that, but I can’t think of any right now. These three, I think cover the question pretty well.

Raven: What are Greek women notorious for? 

Angie: Hmmm, our temper maybe, but I promise It’s not our fault! Most of the time the real issue is the Greek men who make us furious! We are very lovable and have kind hearts. Most of us are willing to help anyone needing some help!

Raven: If your life could be any character you love, who would it be? 

Angie: Pfft! That’s a tough one as some of my favorite characters suffered some really dramatic experience. But if there is a fantasy world I could live the rest of my life in, it would have to be the world of Pokemon! Who wouldn’t like to be in a world like that with cute creatures that have abilities? I would love to train as well as be friends with some Pokemon characters! Or maybe the world of Yu-Gi-Oh to play some card games and meet my ultimate husbando, Atem!

Raven: Were you a shy or outgoing young girl growing up? 

Angie: I was both actually, but over time it changed. As a child, I was very outgoing but by the time I reached middle school, I became very shy. Later in high school, I became more sociable, again! Right now I could say I’m still kinda shy but very sociable!

I still have a hard time approaching new people, but once I get to know the person, I become more excited to meet them and become more talkative!

Raven: Did you love to dress up? What sort of costumes was your favorite? 

Angie: I loved dressing up during carnival time in Greece especially as a princess, and fairies characters like the ones I grew up as a child. Though it’s been a while since I’ve cosplayed it, I hope to bring back my favorite characters in my project plans soon.

Raven: As of right now, how many cosplay outfits do you own?

Angie: I’m not sure I’ve sold some of my costumes while others have been unusable. I’d say probably around 20?

Raven: What got you started into cosplaying? 

Angie: It started when I was searching for an anime show on my phone when I got into some articles regarding cosplay’s photos. I did some research about it and instantly fell in love with the idea of dressing up as an anime character! I knew I had to try it. I did, and I loved it. Even today, I still am in love with it.

Raven: What was your first cosplay character? 

Angie: Not a lot of people know about it but my first cosplay was Hatsune Miku! I was really happy to cosplay her, but I so wanted to try to create the costume myself. I ended up just buying the Hatsune’s costume. Two years later, I am happy to say, I made my very first time a cosplay costume. I created the classic look of Ahri’s skin!

Raven: What’s your most favorite cosplay outfit to wear? 

Angie: I think I love wearing Ahri costumes because of the tails! It’s something I don’t get to do with other character costumes and I’ve found everyone loves it. It’s very nice being surrounded by 9 fluffy tails!

Raven: If you had to eat a body-part from someone, what body-part would it be?

Angie: A thigh, probably a thick thigh.

Raven: Your looks change from an alluring savage, almost animalistic look, to a cute-sweet almost innocent look about you. Is that your way of becoming the character you portray? 

Angie: Yup! I work to make myself look as close as possible to the character. The cosplays that I create amazes everyone, including myself, show how I work hard to make these popular characters look like in reality.

Raven: You almost don’t wear any makeup. Is that a personal choice or something else? 

Angie: Actually, I do wear all the necessary makeup stuff but I don’t want to overdo it. Many of the characters have a youthful appearance or a strong or viral physique that may require less makeup than others.

For cosplay it’s necessary so I can make my characteristics look as close to the character itself. My main focus is to look like the character but as well as to look good in general. Who doesn’t want to look good when taking photos? I’m also very curious about how other cosplayers dress-up wear and makeup application looks.

Raven: Does the personality of the person determine what sort of character to wear? Or, does the character’s personality chooses the cosplayer? 

Angie: It’s both in this case, again! Some of the characters I see almost talk to my soul and I  find myself loving them more and more. So you just can’t say ‘NO’ to cosplaying a character, but there are times you’ll find a costume design which will attract you to make it.

I’ve done both kinds as well. For example, I feel Ahri is a character that’s speaking to me and every time a new skin of hers becomes available, my inner voice saying ‘~YES~’ to me. But when I cosplayed Nidalee, I did it because she has a simple yet beautiful design which I thought would look good on me.

Raven: Have your fans ever suggested you cosplay a character for their benefit? Would you ever try to cosplay something out of your character like Gothic or Vampire look? 

Angie: Yeah, my fans have suggested to me several cosplays looks. I have made some that were commissioned to me like my Akagi cosplay and the ‘Gothic GF’ which everyone ended-up loving! The gothic style looked so good on me that even I had a hard time believing it! Also, I did a demon look last year for Halloween and a D&D event which looked nice as well!

Raven: Would you date an Alien or a Socialist?

Angie: An Alien are you kidding me? Of course, it would be the Alien! How many more chances I will have in my life to do so if not now?

Raven: What sort of character attracts you to cosplay it? 

Angie: Mostly characters that reflect my personality making me feel comfortable to portray. Sometimes though, I’ve challenged myself with various cosplaying characters I have absolutely nothing in common but it’s less likely to happen. I also do characters with simple but cute designs as they are easy to make their costumes and cosplay. As of right now, I’m working on some big projects that will be amazing.

Raven: What sort of places or locations do you prefer to show off your cosplay outfits? What do you prefer doing indoor or out shots? 

Angie: I like finding locations that match a character’s origin. For Yumeko, it would be somewhere indoors with some poker marks and cards. For Nidalee, it would be in a forest or a lake. For 2B an abandoned building or location. Luckily there are a lot of locations near me so that I can visit any time! I think overall, I like most of my photoshoots outdoors as I’ve gotten some great shots.  Although I do have to admit, indoor photoshoots are much comfortable to work in.

Raven: Fans nowadays want their favorite cosplayer so more wearing less. What’s your opinion about Lewd or Only Fans photos? Should these women control what sort of photos should be taken or answer to their fans what they want to see? Do you control what sort of photos should be taken or have the fans control what they want to see their favorite cosplayer wear? 

Angie: I have nothing against lewd or spicy content, everyone should do what they love. It is a personal choice! I have occasionally made spicy content as some characters expose more skin than others. I don’t feel comfortable when it’s going too far tho. There’s a limit to how comfortable I am when photo shooting spicy photos. There are cosplay girls who share my opinion as well.  All cosplayers should determine what should be their “Spice Level” on their own. It should be a guideline to their liking. I don’t feel comfortable with lewd content or exposed poses. That’s without saying that I do like the fan services and spiciness of the character.

Speaking personally, all of my cosplay portrayals offer a sense of being seductive.  There are times various fans have approached me to do a lewd or implied nude content to commission me and I simply had to decline the request. Fans are understanding! They consider your feelings and choices. If not, then they are not a fan but thirsty men trying to get you to submit to their demands. I won’t lie that I have made some not so comfortable spicier shots in the past, but overall, I didn’t like it and have never been made public nor to anyone at all.

As I don’t feel comfortable with Lewd shots, I control the spiciness of the photos that are taken and personally choose them for my fans to admire and own. I believe any fan would be happy to see or own any content from their favorite cosplayer that has personally worked hard to prepare for their satisfaction. I feel happy to deliver it to them! I know that I would be happy to have them. Let’s change gears,

Raven: What is the first thing people notice about AngieV Cosplay when they meet her for the first time? How do your fans treat you? 

Angie: My fans are the best! I love them all! They are so warm with me and make me feel really special so I try to return the love with a hug! (most of the time at least, as some of them, are shy and get away fast before I get the chance!) I think that most of my fans think of me as a serious or a super professional person but I’m very cheerful and goofy so it is a pleasant surprise! Of course, during cons, I am a professional working at booths most of the time. Then there are times when I hear a fan is looking for me for photo-op, I start to melt and I can’t hold on to my cool any longer so I get back to my regular self.  BRING BACK THE CONS! I think that’s what I miss most about them.

Raven: If you were on a killing spree, what song would you have played?

Angie: Some K-pop music maybe, no matter what it has to be a song with a great beat to keep the spirits up!

Raven: Do AngieV’s friends and family know you cosplay? What’s their reaction? Is cosplaying very popular in your country? 

Angie: Of course all my family and friends know about cosplay! My family took some time to understand my passion and accept it but my friends instantly got excited! Cosplay isn’t as popular in Greece as in other countries but due to the number of the cons that increased the past a few years the cosplay community grew a lot and more people are into it now!

Raven: Are there any special cosplay projects that will break the internet? Can I get a Hug? 

Angie: AWWWWWWW Of course you can get a hug! *hugs* I hope that my K/DA projects will help me get more fans worldwide but I’m not even halfway close to finishing them so I can’t tell much about it! I hope you will be able to see it soon tho!

Raven: That’s it, Everyone! This interview is in Tha’ Books! Thank you so much AngieV Cosplay for that amazing interview. Now you made me want to go to Greece and see all of your work! 

Angie: Thank you Raven Steel for making this a memorable moment, I appreciate it.

And now hugs for everyone who read my interview until the end! *hugs tightly while whispering in the ear ‘You are awesome’* :D  Thank you very much and I hope I didn’t creep you out (a lot at least)!

Kisses till next time <3 ~AngieV

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Rep. Katie Porter Goes as Batgirl for Halloween

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) decided to dress up for Halloween today going as Batgirl.

The Representative wore the outfit during a Financial Services Committee Session though changed into her civilian clothes for today’s House vote on the impeachment resolution.

Republicans fumed at an elected official having some fun incorrectly identifying her costume as Batman as they Tweeted their anger.

Porter corrected reporters when asked:

“Batgirl,” she told Washington Post reporter Mike DeBonis. “It’s not Batman. It’s Batgirl.”

(via TPM)

The Unusual Company Presents: Tony Moran Appearing at Baltimore Comic-Con

The original Michael Myers from John Carpenter’s HalloweenTony Moran, is coming to Baltimore Comic-Con on Friday October 18th and Saturday October 19th as a booth guest of The Unusual Company at Booth #701 at the Baltimore Convention Center in Downtown Baltimore, Maryland.

Tony will be available to meet with fans and celebrate Halloween. Tony will be appearing on Friday from 2pm to 6pm and on Saturday from 12pm to 5pm to sign autographs and take photos with fans. Prices vary for autographs, and several items will be available to purchase, including photos, posters, props, Funko Pops, masks, and more!

Bohemian Rhapsody Rocks Into First as New Movies Take 1, 2, 3

Bohemian Rhapsody topped the weekend domestic box office with an estimated $50 million. The film has a reported budget of $52 million.

The film was hit by some critics for accuracy but audiences loved it giving it an “A” CinemaScore. With an audience of 51% female and 78% of the crowd age 25 years or older, the film should have solid legs for a while iwht little direct competition.

Internationally, the film expanded to 64 total overseas markets. It debuted in the UK last weekend. This weekend it earned an estimated $72.5 million for a global total of $141 million so far. It adds another 14 markets next weekend including Japan.

In second place was The Nutcracker and the Four Realms which opened with an estimated $20 million which is the lower end of expectations. The film didn’t receive good reviews or word of mouth receiving a “B+” CinemaScore and poor Metacritic and RottenTomatoes scores. The film also debuted in 45 international markets bringing in an estimated $38.5 million for a $58.5 million global debut.

Nobody’s Fool opened in third place with an estimated $14 million. It received an “A-” CinemaScore playing to an audience that was 61% female and 77% of the audience age 18-44. The film should do fine with a budget of just $19 million.

A Star is Born dropped to fourth place with an estimated $11.1 million to bring its domestic total to $165.6 million. Internationally, the film added another $13.9 million for an international total of $128.3 million and a global total of $293.9 million.

Rounding out the top five was Halloween which dropped quite a bit in its third week release. The film added $11 million over the three days to bring its domestic total to $150.4 million. It also added $18.3 million internationally to bring that total to $79.2 and $229.6 million worldwide after three weeks. With a budget of just $10 million, it’s a guarantee we’ll see a sequel and a return of the slasher horror genre.

When it comes to comic films….

Venom dropped from 3rd to 6th with an estimated $7.9 million, a drop of 26.3%. It now has earned $198.7 million domestically. Internationally the film added $15.6 million to bring that total to $342.9 million and $541.6 million worldwide. With China opening this coming weekend, the film will do quite well when its run is up and likely will end up earning an average amount for SONY’s Spider-Man films.

We’ll be back in an hour for a deeper dive into this year’s comic adaptations.

Halloween Repeats in First Place at the Weekend Box Office

It was a repeat of 1, 2, 3, and 4 at the weekend box office as Halloween repeated with an estimated $32 million domestically to bring that total to $126.7 million after 2 weeks.

Internationally, it was also the top film with an estimated $25.6 million from 62 markets for an international total of $45.6 million.

Worldwide, the film has earned $172 million on just a $10 million budget all but guaranteeing a sequel and a return of the slasher franchises to theaters. Expect a fast track to bring back other classics and create some new ones.

In second was A Star is Born with an estimated $14.1 million domestically to bring that total to $148.7 million. The film also earned $17.6 million from 75 international markets to bring that to $104.6 million and a worldwide total over $253.3 million.

Venom came in third place with an estimated $10.8 million to bring its domestic total to $187.3 million and $17.3 million added overseas. The film has earned $187.3 million domestically and $321.1 million for a worldwide total of $508.4 million.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween earned an estimated $7.5 million to come in fourth. The film has earned $38.3 million domestically. It also earned an estimated $10.3 million internationally bringing that number to $24.2 million for a global total of $62.5 million.

Rounding out the top five was a new film, Hunter Killer which earned an estimated $6.7 million domestically. The film received an “A-” CinemaScore from opening day audiences which were 55% male and 93% were aged 25 years or older.

There were no other comic adaptations that charted over the weekend and it’ll be about a month and a half until we get some more comic films at the box office. Venom has the market cornered. We’ll be back in an hour for a deeper dive into this year’s comic adaptations.

Halloween Scares Up the Second Largest October Opening Weekend of All-Time

It was the second largest October weekend ever headed up by Halloween which earned an estimated $77.5 million for its debut weekend.

The three day debut is the second largest October opening weekend of all-time, just $3 million shy set by Venom earlier in the month. It did have the largest October opening day of all-time and the second largest ever opening for an R-rated horror film.

Internationally, the film earned an estimated $14.3 million from 23 markets. It will open in another 46 markets with France next weekend followed by Australia, Brazil, Italy, Germany, and Spain the following weekend. It then opens in South Korea October 31.

With just a $10 million budget, the film’s team must be happy with the results. The film received a “B+” CinemaScore and played to an audience that was 53% males and 59% were age 25 or older.

In second place, and holding on to the spot three weeks in a row, was A Star is Born. The movie earned an estimated $19.3 million to bring its domestic total to $126.4 million on a $36 million budget. Internationally, the film added an estimated $22.8 million from 75 overseas market. It still has to open in Japan which doesn’t happen until December 21.

Venom dropped from first place last weekend to third place with an estimated $18.1 million. That brings its domestic total to $171.1 million. It also added $32.3 million from 65 markets to bring that total to $290.7 million and a worldwide total of $461.8 million.

In fourth place was Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween which held steady at that spot from the previous weekend. It earned an estimated $9.7 million to bring its domestic total to $28.8 million on a $35 million budget after two weeks. The film also added $6.2 million internationally to its total to bring its worldwide earnings to $39.9 million.

Rounding out the top five was First Man which earned an estimated $2.35 million over the three days. Domestically its earned just shy of $30 million. The film added 25 new markets to bring that total to 47. Internationally it earned an estimated $13.4 million to bring that total to $25.5 million.

We’ll be back in an hour for a deeper dive into this year’s comic film adaptations.

Halloween ComicFest 2018 Has Free Comics October 27

On Saturday, October 27, participating comic shops across North America and around the world will hand out more than 1.7 million free comics to anyone who comes into their shop during Halloween ComicFest! During the event, anyone who goes into a participating comic shop can choose a free comic from the 34 titles available this year and participate in the fun Halloween-themed activities hosted by the comic shops.

Thirty-four free comics, including 22 full-size and 12 mini-comics can be picked up. This year’s titles include Marvel Comics’ Ms. Marvel #1, Superior Spider-Man #1, and Thor: Road to War of the Realms #1; DC Comics’ John Constantine: The Hellblazer; and Hellboy, Jughead: The Hunger, and Rise of the TMNT, among other spooktacular titles for comic readers of all ages.

Halloween ComicFest also features “The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest Ever!”, running now through November 8th.  Fans can enter one of five categories – Superhero/Comics, Video Games, TV/Movie, Horror, or Original – just by uploading a picture of themselves in costume and submitting it into the appropriate category on the contest site. Everyone who enters will be eligible for the category Vote Winners prizes of a $100 Shopping Spree to their local comic shop. The adult and child entries who earn the most votes in their respective categories will win. Voting takes place from November 1st through November 8th.

Fans who upload a picture of themselves in costume and holding one of the 34 official 2018 Halloween ComicFest Full-Size or Mini-Comics comics are eligible to win more prizes, including a $100 and $500 shopping spree to their local comic shop! Winners for these prizes will be selected at random.

Movie Review: Halloween

halloween-poster-2018This sequel to the original Halloween pretends its sequels never happened, and, upon jettisoning four decades of history, brings us the best reinvention of the story of Michael Myers ever. Finally, we have a worthy sequel to the film that helped define the slasher genre.

While this is almost a cliche, the best way to describe this film is “all killer, no filler.” Indeed, including flashbacks to the original film, you go nary 15 minutes in this film without someone getting brutally murdered by Michael Myers.

The film plays very close to the structure of the original: Michael Myers, in an asylum, nearing the anniversary of his murders, is visited by two real-crime podcasters (how very 2018!) who want to interview him ahead of his transfer to another facility.

His doctor introduces them, and they go about further investigating the murders that happened 40 years ago, including an interview with a fairly off-kilter and paranoid Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) the sole survivor of Myers’ previous spree. Just like the original, our monster breaks out during the transfer and returns to his hometown to go on a murder spree.

The only difference is, this time Laurie has been preparing for 40 years for this very moment. In some of the film’s best parts, and a supreme twist of fate, Myers becomes the hunted and she becomes the hunter. And this is where the film becomes wholly different and its own thing.

She is joined in this with both her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak), who have varying degrees of tolerance for their mother/grandmother’s nuttery. To be fair, the elder Strode very much seems to have gone off the deep end, and hearing that Myers is back confirms all of her fears and preparation as realism, not paranoia.

The best surprise of the film is having this Trinity of three generations of strong women uniting to fight this unstoppable evil. It takes the first film’s rumination on purity and power and makes it a culturally relevant feminist coup de grace for today. The Strode women, divided by generations and outlooks on the world, when united are the only force that even comes close to counteracting Myers.

The other great surprise of the film is just how funny it is. Screenwriter Danny McBride and screenwriter/directorDavid Gordon Greenwho are normally more adept at stoner comedy (Pineapple Express, Your Highness, Eastbound and Down) put some really amazing touches on here to help break the tension. While the film is all killer, no filler, in between the kills we often get moments of levity that help set up the characters who are about to die gruesome deaths at the hands of Michael Myers and the stakes of the next phase of murder sprees.

Yes, it’s also extremely brutal. This film earns its R rating with some truly gross special effects that we haven’t seen outside of a Troma film in a long while. Also, apparently in this universe blood spurts very very very loudly! There are also a few moments involving impaling, or people’s heads being smashed in, that are on full display here. Horror and slasher fans will be delighted.

Again, it’s almost played for comical effect, and helps lighten the tone of what would otherwise be so dark and depressing. But the film never enters into camp, always staying on the right side of the slasher genre. While it knows that some of the campy elements are necessary, it keeps its funny parts funny and violent parts brutal.

The other great thing about this film is it does not present a great barrier to anyone who has never seen a Halloween film before. It sets up its universe extremely well and establishes its characters even without knowledge of the previous material. However, for die-hard true fans there are a lot of nods to the original that make you feel right at home. This also includes a return of the iconic John Carpenter score, which is as effective now as it was four decades ago.

Fans will eat this film up, and general audiences will likely have a good time as well, though maybe not as good of a time as the core audience. In this way it’s very much like the films in the Marvel franchise where there is a definite fanbase who will enjoy the film at a different level, but there is a strong mass appeal as well as a low bar for entry.

This is not only a great Halloween film, it is a great film for Halloween time. The slasher movie is a tried-and-true staple of the horror genre and especially popular this time of year. Audiences will find the tricks and treats that they so desire here and will be thoroughly satisfied.

3 and 1/2 out of 5 stars

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