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Preview: Uncle Scrooge #19

Uncle Scrooge #19

Lars Jensen, Jens Hansegård, Gary Leach (w) • Marco Rota, Noel Van Horn (a) • Andrea Freccero (c)

Maniacal Magica De Spell puts a magical double-whammy on Scrooge McDuck—teleporting his fortune to her new “Himalayan Hideout,” then forcing him to experience a dire day “When Magica Won”!

FC • 40 pages • $3.99


Preview: Uncle Scrooge: The Eternal Knot

Uncle Scrooge: The Eternal Knot

Romano Scarpa, Gary Leach, Joe Torcivia (w) • Giorgio Cavazzano, Romano Scarpa, Gary Leach (a) • Dave Alvarez (c)

Bad deals come back to haunt Scrooge McDuck! When our miserly mallard isn’t buying screwy outer space real estate, he’s betting fellow gold miners that he’ll never get married—then falling for a spendthrift spouse! Add a winter wager with Santa’s grouchy grandpa, and you’ve hit the tightwad trifecta for thrills! Collects issues #10–12.

TPB • FC • $12.99 • 120 pages • 6” x 9” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-639-3


Preview: Uncle Scrooge #9

Uncle Scrooge #9

Tito Faraci, Gary Leach (w) • Giorgio Cavazzano (a) • Giorgio Cavazzano (c)

“Another Christmas on Bear Mountain”: If Scrooge McDuck stepped back in time—to that fateful Yule night when he first met Donald as a grown duck!—might he settle the misdeeds that have haunted them for an age?

FC • 40 pages • $3.99