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Jerome Gagnon, Heather and Travis Gibb, David Mack, Patrick McDonnell, Joe Pruett, Evan “Doc” Shaner, Scott Snyder, Jim Starlin, and Sean Von Gorman are coming to Baltimore Comic Con

Next week is Baltimore Comic Con, September 8-10, 2023 at the Inner Harbor’s Baltimore Convention Center. The Baltimore Comic Con has announced the addition of comic guests Jerome Gagnon, Heather and Travis Gibb, David Mack, Patrick McDonnell, Joe Pruett, Evan “Doc” Shaner, Scott Snyder, Jim Starlin, and Sean Von Gorman at the 2023 event. Online tickets are available now so you can avoid waiting in additional lines upon arrival!

Jerome Gagnon, appearing Saturday from 11am-12pm on at the Cards Comics & Collectibles booth (#916), is a graphic designer by day and a comic book letterer by night. He has been actively lettering comics for the past five years and has worked as a graphic designer in the print industry for over 20 years. His previous lettering jobs vary from children’s books to horror. He has lettered superhero books for Advent Comics, was part of The Mike Wieringo TELLOS Tribute, and the Puerto Rico Strong fundraising anthology. He also participated in the first Blood, Skulls & Bones Kickstarter campaign, and others such as Broke Down and 4 Dead Bodies (#1-4), Cthulhu Invades Wonderland, and more.

Heather Gibb, appearing Saturday from 11am-12pm on at the Cards Comics & Collectibles booth (#916), co-owns and operates indie publishing company Orange Cone Productions with her husband Travis. As an editor, she enjoys taking part in bringing out the best in creators and their stories. As a writer, Heather uses her sense of humor and passion for justice as central themes in her work. Heather enjoys spending time with her family, and has also worked in the field of Child Welfare for over ten years. She has worked on titles such as Granite State PunkCthulhu Invades WonderlandPup Van Winkle, and The Super-Delish Sing-Along Comic: Cottage Cheese.

Travis Gibb, appearing Saturday from 11am-12pm on at the Cards Comics & Collectibles booth (#916), is a Ringo-nominated creator and has been working in comics off and on for over a decade, producing: Coins of JudasGranite State PunkVoodoo Nations, and Cthulhu Invades Oz/Wonderland. He has published books with Scout Comics, Caliber Comics, Image Comics, Second Sight, and Band of Bards. Travis is blessed to work with his wife, Heather, in their co-owned publishing company Orange Cone Productions, where she also works with him as his editor. Last but not least, he is the proud father of two awesome daughters and one amazing son.

David Mack is the Emmy-nominated, New York Times Best-Selling author and artist of Kabuki, writer of Marvel’s Daredevil, cover artist of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Norse MythologyJessica Jones, and Fight Club 2 by Chuck Palahniuk. He is artist on Marvel’s Jessica Jones opening titles and Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier film titles, as well as Cultural Ambassador for the US Department of State.

Mack created the Marvel Studios character Echo, who now has her own Marvel TV series on Disney+ and is featured in the Hawkeye Disney+ series. Mack has signed on to direct the HBO MAX television series of Cover, adapted from the graphic novel which is inspired by his work overseas for the US State Department. Cover was nominated for three Eisner Awards: Best Graphic Novel, Best Cover Artist, and Best Painter.

Mack created artwork for the opening titles of the Jessica Jones Netflix TV series (winner of the Peabody Award), based on the book on which he was co-collaborator. The opening titles he worked on with Imaginary Forces garnered an Emmy Nomination in the category of Outstanding Main Titles. For the Academy Award-nominated film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Mack created the art and concept for the titles sequence with Sarofsky Designs, which received recognition for the Excellence in Titles Design Award.

Mack’s comic book work has garnered nominations for ten Eisner Awards, four International Eagle Awards, and both the Harvey and Kirby Awards in the category of Best New Talent, as well as many other national and international awards and nominations.

Mack created the final two seasons of Dexter Early Cuts episodes for Showtime (the first, collaborating with legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz). The latest season earned him nominations for both the Writers Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America.

In 2016, the US State Department honored Mack as a Cultural Ambassador selected to travel abroad to teach storytelling in other countries. In the country of Georgia, Mack taught at settlement camps for displaced persons, the Asylum Seekers Center, the Marneuli Youth Center, Tbilisi Arts Academy, and Special Needs school, and the Tbilisi Palace of Fine Arts Museum featured a massive exhibit of Mack’s work and books.

In North Africa and Asia, Mack taught at the school for the Deaf in Tunisia and Singapore, as well as several other schools and universities as a State Department envoy, and was a special guest speaker for an event in Libya.

Mack had gallery exhibits of his work in Paris and Brussels, and recently in Los Angeles and Chicago, presented with originals of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, and he spoke in Barcelona at the OFFFest presentation of trailblazing artists and designers, and delivered an inspiring TED Talk.

Mack directed popular music videos for Amanda Palmer and Dashboard Confessional, and has recently completed a new creator-owned project with Brian Michael Bendis from DC Comics called Cover, which earned him Best Comic Artist of the Year from Comic Watch. Mack is developing his creator-owned comic book Kabuki as a TV series with Sony. In 2018, Mack was honored with the prestigious Inkpot Award for his Achievements in Comicbook Art.

Patrick McDonnell, appearing courtesy of Abrams Books, is the bestselling author, illustrator, playwright, painter, and creator of the comic strip Mutts, which appears in more than 700 newspapers around the world. He has received numerous awards internationally, including a Caldecott Honor and the Reuben, the highest honor given by the National Cartoonists Society. The Art of Nothing, a career-spanning monograph, was published by Abrams ComicArts in 2019. His latest book is The Super Hero’s Journey — an original graphic novel in the Marvel Arts line. He lives in New Jersey.

A noted comic book editor, publisher, and writer covering over three decades, Joe Pruett has been nominated for numerous Eisner, Harvey, and Eagle awards. He is also known for the anthology series Negative Burn and his work at Marvel, where he wrote various X-Men family titles. Most recently, Joe has been the Publisher/COO of AfterShock Comics and writer of the Black-Eyed Kids horror series.

Evan (Doc) Shaner is a DC Comics exclusive cartoonist. His past works include Future QuestThe TerrificsMan of SteelSupergirlDoom PatrolStrange Adventures, and The New Champion of SHAZAM! among others. He lives in Michigan with his wife, two children, and their dog.

A New York Times Best Selling author with previous works on DC’s BatmanSuperman, and Justice League, and Image Comics’ WytchesScott Snyder has made a name for himself, with his current focus on his creator-owned books such as NocterraChainWe Have DemonsClearNight of the GhoulBarnstormersDudley DatsonCanaryDuck and Cover, and Book of Evil.

The multi-talented Jim Starlin has worked on both writing and creating art for some of the most noteworthy creations since his entry into the field of comics in the 1970s. The mind behind the Marvel character Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu, he is also responsible for a number of noteworthy cosmic characters in the Marvel Universe, including Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and the villainous Thanos, all of whom are featured in the major motion picture, Guardians of the Galaxy. He developed noteworthy runs on Marvel’s Captain MarvelWarlock, and Silver Surfer, Marvel mini-series Infinity GauntletInfinity War, and Infinity Crusade, and DC Comics’ BatmanThe Weird, and Cosmic Odyssey. His Death of Captain Marvel was the first Marvel graphic novel to be published. More recently, he has provided writing and art for DC’s Stormwatch and writing on Green Lantern: Mongul, and he returned to his classic villain with Marvel’s Thanos: The Infinity Revelation.

Sean Von Gorman is an NYC-based comics illustrator and writer. He is known for co-creating Toe Tag Riot (Black Mask Studios), and Pawn Shop (Z2 Comics) with Joey Esposito. He has recently reunited with Esposito on his latest work, The Pedestrian. He has also contributed art for projects published by Image, Dark Horse Comics, and IDW, as well as anthologies such as Occupy Comics (Black Mask) and the Eisner Award-winning Love Is Love (DC/IDW). In addition to his comics work, Sean has also contributed art for Neil Gaiman’s Neverwear and features for Alt Press Magazine and The New Yorker. He is also a brilliant guerrilla marketer, who has been known to handcuff himself to things and escape straitjackets to promote his comics. His next project, Ghost Planet, was released in 2022.

Insta/Twitter @VonGormanArt

This year’s confirmed guests for the show include: Dan Abdo (Blue, Barry & Pancakes), Arthur Adams (Longshot), Sarah Andersen (Saturday and Sunday only, Sarah’s Scribbles), Mirka Andolfo (Sweet Paprika), Art Baltazar (Yahgz), Jeremy Bastian (Dune: House Harkonnen), Marty Baumann (Saturday only, Pixar artist), Carolyn Belefsky (Curls), Brian Michael Bendis (Action Comics), Jon Bogdanove (The Death of Superman), Judy Bogdanove (Steel Annual), Russ Braun (The Boys), Dan Brereton (Nocturnals), Harold Buchholz (Sweetest Beasts), Mark Buckingham (Fables), Greg Burnham (Tuskegee Heirs), Jim Calafiore (NED, Lord of the Pit), Chris Campana (Death Dealer), Joe Carabeo (Black Magic Tales), Richard Case (Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror), Castillo Studios, Howard Chaykin (Time Squared), S.A. Check (Night of the Living Dead: Revenance, courtesy of American Mythology Productions), Jo Chen (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Sean Chen (Genesis), Jim Cheung (Young Avengers), Frank Cho (Harley Quinn), Amy Chu (KISS: The End), Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-Men), Matthew Clark (Adventures of Superman, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Brian Clevinger (Atomic Robo), Steve Conley (The Middle Age), Katie Cook (Nothing Special), Nick Davis (Night Guardians), Deans Family (Crass Fed), Mike DeCarlo (The Simpsons, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Vito Delsante (Stray), Abby Denson (Uniquely Japan), Todd Dezago (The Perhapanauts), Derec Donovan (Adventures of Superman), Scott Dunbier (Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Jan Duursema (Star Wars: The High Republic), Drew Edwards (Halloween Man), Garth Ennis (The Boys), David Finch (Moon Knight), Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs), Chris Flick (Capes and Babes), Scott Fogg (Phileas Reid Knows We’re Not Alone), Tana Ford (LaGuardia), Trish Forstner (Stray Dogs), Franco (Fae and the Moon), John Gallagher (Max Meow), Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (DC Nation), Ron Garney (BZRKR), Joe Getsinger (Finding Jack Kirby in a Pile of Zinc), Mike Gold (Green Arrow), Jimmy Gownley (Amelia Rules!), Randy Green (Nyobi Outbreak), Mike Grell (Jon Sable), Dawn Griffin (Zorphbert & Fred), Torunn Grønbekk (Carnage), Chris Gugilotti (Teen Titans Go!), Gene Ha (Mae), Laura Lee Gulledge (Page by Paige), Bob Hall (West Coast Avengers), Cully Hamner (Blue Beetle), Bo Hampton (Batman: Castle of the Bat), Scott Hanna (Amazing Spider-Man), Tony Harris (The Whistling Skull), Dean Haspiel (Covid Cop), Buz Hasson (Adam Green’s Hatchet, courtesy of American Mythology Productions), Glenn Hauman (They Keep Killing Glenn), Mike Hawthorne (Deadpool), Marc Hempel (Sandman), Greg Hildebrandt (Star Wars), Morry Hollowell (Old Man Logan), Jamal Igle (Superman), Mark Irwin (Green Lantern), Chris Ivy (Venom: Tooth and Claw, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Klaus Janson (Daredevil), Geoff Johns (Geiger), Dave Johnson (100 Bullets), Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Alien), J.G. Jones (Wanted), Kata Kane (Altar Girl), Chris Kemple (Artist Alley Comics), Tom King (The Penguin), Barry Kitson (Amazing Spider-Man), Dan Krall (House of Night), Leeanne M. Krecic (Let’s Play), James Kuhoric (Cursedverse: Blighted Dawn), Jae Lee (Inhumans), Nate Lovett (Dungeons & Dragons), Matthew Loux (Prunella and the Cursed Skull Ring), David Mack (Kabuki), Howard Mackie (Danny Ketch: Ghost Rider), Kevin Maguire (Justice League), Tom Mandrake (Spectre), Laura Martin (Nubia: Queen of the Amazons), Mariano Brothers (Claire Lost Her Bear at the World’s Fair), Ron Marz (Green Lantern), Jason May (LEGO Club Magazine), Patrick McDonnell (Saturday and Sunday only, The Super Hero’s Journey, courtesy of Abrams ComicArts), Mike McKone (Red Goblin), Bob McLeod (New Mutants), Adriana Melo (Action Comics), Pop Mhan (Gears of War 3), Al Milgrom (Spectacular Spider-Man), Karl Moline (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Mark Morales (Thor), Trevor Mueller (Re-Possessed), Sarah Myer (Monstrous: A Transracial Adoption Story), Jamar Nicholas (Saturday and Sunday only, Leon: Protector of the Playground), Dan Parsons (Jade Vampyre, courtesy of American Mythology Productions), Jason Patterson (Blue, Barry & Pancakes), David Pepose (Savage Avengers), Andrew Pepoy (Simone & Ajax), David Petersen (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Usagi Yojimbo: WhereWhen), Brandon Peterson (Uncanny X-Men), Khoi Pham (Star Wars: Darth Vader), Richard and Wendy Pini (Elfquest), Ed Piskor (Red Room: Trigger Warnings), Joe Prado (Superman), Andy Price (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Joe Pruett (Black-Eyed Kids), Ron Randall (Trekker), Tom Raney (Green Lantern), Mark Redfield (Vampire Hunters Incorporated), Afua Richardson (Omni), Christopher Ring (Seamus (the Famous)), Don Rosa (Uncle Scrooge), Peter Rostovsky (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force), Jennifer Rouse (Frankenstein Mobster), Craig Rousseau (The Perhapanauts), Arsia Rozegar (Shahnameh For Kids), Steve Rude (Nexus), Jim Rugg (Hulk Grand Design), Alex Saviuk (Web of Spider-Man), Stuart Sayger (The Joker), Gene Selassie (The Ghoul Agency), Bryan SilverBaX (Creepshow), Alex Simmons (Archie), Louise Simonson (The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special), Walter Simonson (Thor), Matt Slay (Equilibrium), John K. Snyder III (Suicide Squad), Scott Snyder (Saturday only, Nocterra), Mark Sparacio (Omega Paradox), Joe Staton (Dick Tracy), Jim Starlin (Dreadstar), Brian Stelfreeze (Black Panther), Paul Storrie (Storm Kids: Stanley’s Ghost), Philip Tan (Web of Carnage), Martha Thomases (Second-Hand Rose), John Timms (Superman: Son of Kal-El), Peter Tomasi (Batman and Robin), Billy Tucci (Shi), Gus Vazquez (Sunfire and Big Hero Six), Emilio Velez Jr. (The Dodgeball Teens), Dexter Vines (Civil War, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Sean Von Gorman (Return of Toe Tag Riot), Wade von Grawbadger (Justice League), Adam Wallenta (Punk Taco), Todd Webb (Mr. Toast Comics), Lee Weeks (Batman), Scott Wegener (Atomic Robo), Joey Weiser (Ghost Hog), Mark Wheatley (Skultar), Emily S. Whitten (The Underfoot), Bob Wiacek (All-New Wolverine, courtesy of Hero Initiative), Keith Williams (Thor the Worthy), Marcus Williams (Tuskegee Heirs), Rich Woodall (Electric Black), John Workman (Wild Things), Ellie Wright (The Black Ghost), Caitlin Yarsky (Black Hammer Reborn), Kelly Yates (Doctor Who), and Thom Zahler (Love and Capes).

Horror invade the DC Universe. Discover the Knight Terrors that await DC’s super-villains!

DC has pulled back the curtain a bit more about what will stalk the DC Universe this summer in the upcoming event, “Knight Terrors.” Taking place in July and August, it features multiple two-issue miniseries that will spotlight a hero or villain confronting their worst nightmares. Find out what’s coming along with the creating teams and be ready to see what goes bump in the night!

Knight Terrors: First Blood #1 from Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter kicks things off with an oversized issue. When Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman find the body of one of their earliest enemies inside the Hall of Justice, their investigation takes them past the land of the living, beyond the land of the dead, and directly to a new villain called Insomnia, who uses his powers to engulf every single hero and villain in their own dark and twisted nightmares. The only way to save the world is to call for the help of an unlikely hero—Deadman!

Knight Terrors: First Blood #1 comes to shops on July 4 and will feature art, a main cover, a 1:666 signed variant, and a Darkest Hour variant cover by Howard Porter. The one-shot special issue will also feature open-to-order variant covers by Jae Lee and Francesco Mattina, a 1:25 variant by Riccardo Federici, a 1:50 by Ejikure, and a 1:100 by Jae Lee.

The main Knight Terrors story will take place over four issues written by Williamson with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Nesi, and Caspar Wijngaard, in which Boston Brand—a.k.a. Deadman—serves as the supernatural tour guide! Following the events of Knight Terrors: First Blood #1, everyone in the world is trapped inside their nightmares, and Batman and Deadman are trying to figure out who Insomnia really is…and why he wants revenge on the heroes of the DC Universe! Knight Terrors #1 is available at comics shops on July 11 with variant covers by Francesco Mattina and Alex Maleev, a 1:25 variant by Evan “Doc” Shaner, a 1:50 by Alex Maleev, a 1:100 by Ivan Reis, and a Darkest Hour cover by Reis.

Knight Terrors #2 continues the terror as it comes to comic shops on July 25. Wesley Dodds, the Sandman, teams up with Batman and Deadman to uncover one of his oldest cases, which haunted him until the day he died. The trio are pointed in the direction of the Nightmare Stone, but Insomnia has unleashed his army, the Sleepless Knights, to hunt them down. Knight Terrors #2 will feature a cover by Ivan Reis and Danny Miki, open-to-order variants by Francesco Mattina and Mahmud Asrar, a 1:25 variant by Jeff Spokes, a 1:50 by Ivan Reis, and a 1:100 by Asrar. Reis is also providing a Darkest Hour variant.

When you’re the Clown Prince of Crime, what kind of nightmare do you have? Working a nine-to-five office job! How will the Joker handle meetings that could have been emails?! Why did management cancel bring-your-child-to-work day?! Who will want to make small talk at the coffee machine?! What is Alexis going to pick for lunch?! And who is the masked madman terrorizing Gotham at night?! Knight Terrors: The Joker #1 is available on July 4, written by Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing author Matthew Rosenberg and featuring art and main cover by Stefano Raffaele. This first of two issues includes open-to-order variants by Francesco Mattina and Simone Bianchi as well as a 1:25 variant by Alan Quah, a 1:50 by Ryan Brown, and a Midnight variant by Dustin Nguyen.

It’s another absolutely gorgeous and serene day in Pamela Isley’s lovely little new neighborhood in Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy #1 by Poison Ivy writer/artist team G. Willow Wilson and Atagun Ilhan! Everything and everyone here is wall-to-wall smiles! Nothing ever goes wrong, everyone is friends, and best of all, it’s made just for Ivy with lots and lots of love. Now, Pammy, don’t frown, don’t fuss, and don’t fret—just because this wasn’t what you thought you wanted, that doesn’t mean it won’t fit you like a glove! Have some pie, dear, don’t think too hard, and just smile. Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy #1 hits comics shops on July 4 with a main cover by Jessica Fong, open-to-order variants by Leirix and Jamie McKelvie, a 1:25 variant by Nimit Malavia, and a 1:50 variant by Jessica Dalva. Dustin Nguyen will also provide a Midnight variant cover.

Catwoman murdered Valmont, the man she loved, in order to save the other man she loved, Batman. She broke Batman’s one rule, and he will never forgive her for it, but Selina prays to Sister Zero for forgiveness and to wake up from the Nightmare Realm. Knight Terrors: Catwoman #1 is available on July 18 from Catwoman series writer Tini Howard and artist Leila Leiz. The first issue features a main cover and a 1:50 variant by Leiz, open-to-order variants by Tula Lotay and Corin Howell, a 1:25 variant by Dani, and a Midnight variant by Dustin Nguyen.

Harley Quinn finds herself in a world beyond both the waking world and that of dreams in Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn #1 from Harley Quinn series writer Tini Howard and artist Hayden Sherman. Harley’s nightmare world is one where her every choice creates a series of infinitely rippling profane reverberations. Plus, Leah Williams and Ben Templesmith help Harley crack a cosmic-mystery night terror in their backup story! Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn #1 is available on July 25 and features a main cover by Sherman, open-to-order variants by Jenny Frison and Tula Lotay, a 1:25 variant by Caspar Wijngaard, a 1:50 variant by Harley Quinn artist Sweeney Boo, and a Midnight variant by Dustin Nguyen.

Black Adam is defending Kahndaq from a border assault when the deadly nightmare wave sweeps the planet, putting all people into the nightmare realm! But what are his deepest, darkest nightmares? What horror can put fear into the heart of Black Adam?! Knight Terrors: Black Adam #1 arrives in comic shops on July 4. It is written and drawn by Jeremy Haun with a main and 1:50 cover by Haun, open-to-order variant covers by Christian Ward and Tiago da Silva, a 1:25 variant by Karl Kerschl, and a Midnight variant by Dustin Nguyen.

Deep in an abandoned Kobra safe house is a device able to access the dream powers of John Dee, a.k.a. Doctor Destiny. As heroes across the world succumb to nightmares, Angel Breaker wants it. Now, to infiltrate a hall of horrors, she’ll need the help of a professional thief—the man known as Raptor. But Angel Breaker and Raptor aren’t exactly friends. Can the mysterious merc trust a man who feels nothing but grudges as the strange pair encounter a horror as old as the Coda Sisterhood and even more dangerous? Written by Tim Seeley, with art by Acky Bright, Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker #1 is available on July 25 with a main cover and 1:50 variant by Matteo Lolli, open-to-order variants by Ivan Tao and Leirix, a 1:25 variant by Chuma Hill, and a Midnight variant by Dustin Nguyen.

Alexis Kaye, a.k.a. Punchline, has no fears…or so she’d have you believe! They will be pried out of her in the nightmare world where she’s being hunted, and she’ll be forced to face her deepest, darkest nightmare in true horror-movie fashion! Knight Terrors: Punchline #1 is available on July 18 from writer Danny Lore and artist Lucas Meyer. It will feature a main cover and 1:50 variant by Gleb Melnikov, open-to-order variants by Ben Oliver and Otto Schmidt, a 1:25 variant by Tony Shasteen, and a Midnight variant by Dustin Nguyen.

Preview: The New Champion of Shazam #4 (of 4)

The New Champion of Shazam #4 (of 4)

(W) Josie Campbell (A/CA) Evan “Doc” Shaner
In Shops: Jan 17, 2023
SRP: $3.99

DARLA IS MISSING! While Mary was focusing on her duties as the new Shazam, her now-powerless little sister struck out on her own to help solve the mystery of the missing persons in their city. Now it’s up to our hero to find the true villain before everyone is lost for good. Little does she know, the key to saving the day awaits her at Fawcett Community College with her mysterious mentor, Dr. G! You won’t want to miss this shocking finale!

The New Champion of Shazam #4 (of 4)

Preview: The New Champion of Shazam #3 (of 4)

The New Champion of Shazam #3 (of 4)

(W) Josie Campbell (A/CA) Evan “Doc” Shaner
In Shops: Nov 01, 2022
SRP: $3.99

Don’t read the comments! After a disastrous outing as Shazam, Mary is the laughingstock of the internet. Will she ever be taken seriously? Now it’s up to her to ignore the haters and help those who really need her. The missing-persons problem in Philly has only gotten worse, and our hero is running out of time to find the culprit behind it!

The New Champion of Shazam #3 (of 4)

Preview: The New Champion of Shazam #2 (of 4)

The New Champion of Shazam #2 (of 4)

(W) Josie Campbell (A/CA) Evan “Doc” Shaner
In Shops: Sep 06, 2022
SRP: $3.99

Mary is back home in the City of Brotherly Love, and she’s feeling nothing but hate! Not only did she have to leave her dream school, but now she’s the caretaker of her siblings and a city that is skeptical about the new hero in town. Everyone wants a piece of Shazam, and super-powered misfits are lining up to take her on! When her world is falling apart, can our hero keep it together?

The New Champion of Shazam #2 (of 4)

Preview: The New Champion of Shazam! #1

The New Champion of Shazam! #1

(W) Josie Campbell (A/CA) Evan “Doc” Shaner
In Shops: Aug 02, 2022
SRP: $3.99

Mary Bromfield has always struggled to determine who she is outside her family…kinda hard to do when you’re all superheroes! Now, after Billy Batson’s heroic sacrifice, the power of Shazam has vanished, and she’s been left powerless. Most heroes would be distraught, but not Mary. It’s finally time for a voyage of self-discovery as she prepares for her freshman year of college and a civilian life. But nothing is ever truly normal for this young hero, because she’s just been chosen as the new champion of Shazam! (At least according to a talking rabbit sent by her estranged brother Billy.) Will she embrace the power? Or will it die alongside this world’s hope of survival against the mysterious magical forces waiting to take control? Find out in Mary’s first solo miniseries, brought to you by up-and-coming comics writer Josie Campbell (Future State: Green Lantern) and fan-favorite Shazam! artist Evan “Doc” Shaner (Strange Adventures, Convergence: Shazam!)!

The New Champion of Shazam! #1

Preview: Strange Adventures #12

Strange Adventures #12

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Evan “Doc” Shaner, Mitch Gerads

Mister Terrific hasn’t just dug into the past, he’s jackhammered it to pieces, exposing Adam Strange’s deepest, darkest secrets. If Adam did commit war crimes, he needs to be punished, but how do you pull a hero off the field of battle when he’s staving off an alien invasion that supposedly only he can stop? Is the truth worth it? And what if Terrific is wrong? The only one who may know for sure: Alanna Strange. Find out in this final issue of one of the year’s most exciting comic book miniseries!

Strange Adventures #12

Superman ’78 Takes Off in August and You Can Get a New Look!

Beginning this fall, decades after Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve’s Superman: The Movie introduced generations of fans to a silver screen version of DC’s Man of Steel, DC returns to this beloved property to tell new stories set within this world with the publication of Superman ’78 by writer Rob Venditti and artist Wilfredo Torres!

In this first look preview, Superman ‘78 #1 begins with all the classic elements of Superman: The Movie on full display. Check it out, and then scroll through for more information about this new comic book series launching in print and digitally on August 24!

In Superman ’78, bystanders are surprised and delighted by Superman’s abilities, and Lois Lane doesn’t (yet!) know that Clark Kent is secretly Superman. The sheer thrill of seeing a man fly, leap, or stop a bullet will be reflected in this environment where Superman has just been introduced! Inspired by Donner’s classic, timeless style of superhero storytelling, in Superman ’78 Venditti and Torres will remind fans that a man can truly fly.

Superman ‘78 #1 by Rob Venditti, Wilfredo Torres, Jordie Bellaire, and Dave Lanphear arrives on August 24 with a cover by Torres, plus variant covers by Evan “Doc” Shaner (open to order) and Torres (1:25).

Coming up in the Superman ’78 run:

After a battle with a rampaging robot, Superman enlists an unlikely ally to crack the code behind who sent it. He needs an intelligent technological genius, and that can only mean one person: Lex Luthor!

In order to save Metropolis, Superman must surrender to Brainiac or watch his city burn to the ground! After being taken aboard Brainiac’s ship, Superman finds a shocking piece of his past that changes his entire future! Meanwhile, Lois Lane gets a cryptic message from a mysterious source claiming to have a  way to save the Man of Steel!

Preview: Strange Adventures #11

Strange Adventures #11

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Mitch Gerads, Evan “Doc” Shaner

Adam Strange may save the world, but can he save his marriage? There are things that happened in the original war with the marauding Pykkts that Adam never told his wife, Alanna, and she wants answers now. Adding fuel to the fire is the possibility that he didn’t just deceive her, but entire galactic civilizations, in his quest for victory-which raises the question: How much has been true in the stories he’s told Earth to mobilize its greatest heroes against an invasion right here at home? This is the big one before the finale. Massive secrets are revealed, as two timelines rush toward a collision.

Strange Adventures #11

Review: Strange Adventures #10

Strange Adventures #10

With just a few more issues to go, the “truth” is rolled out here as Mr. Terrific delivers the conclusions of his investigation in a letter to Alanna Strange. It’s an interesting issue that confirms much of my suspicions which makes me feels as smart as Mr. Terrific or the comic was telegraphed a bit too much. But, despite that Strange Adventures #10 still delivers surprises and shocks.

Written by Tom King, Strange Adventures #10 connects the dots and hints of the previous issues. It also sets up a finale that should be full of conflict and surprises. It also is an examination of a man haunted by war and those he destroys around him.

Mr. Terrific has come to the conclusion that Adam Strange has made a bargain with the devil and also has taken part in war crimes at the same time. His bloodlust and lies have pulled in his wife who has stood by his side unknowingly propping up his plan. It’s all interesting though a lot is a bit too obvious. The question is if Mr. Terrific’s final conclusion is right, and judging by reactions it’s most likely so.

Strange Adventures #10 delivers a nice emotional ride as everything is laid out and the heroic construct that is Adam Strange is brought down. It’s an interesting story about heroism and soldiers and the lies we tell. King has something to say here but exactly what that is will be determined by the series’ final two issues. It’s still up in the air exactly what the underlying themes are beyond “soldiers do horrible things in war”.

The art by Mitch Gerads and Evan Shaner continues to impress. The story jumps from the field of war in Strange’s past to Alanna reacting to the letter she receives. It’s full of emotion and shock as we witness more of Adam’s crimes and we see the weight of the truth weighing on Alanna. It’s an interesting back and forth that adds a lot to the emotional rollercoaster that is the issue. Clayton Cowles’ lettering especially stands out as so much of the issue’s narrative is in a handwritten letter that Mr. Terrific sends. Relatively short statements punctuate the conclusion he has come to.

Strange Adventures #10 is the issue where the magician reveals the trick in a way. Mr. Terrific not only lays out his conclusions but why he came to them. His words are one that’s full of regret and sadness over his own experiences as his own truth is revealed as well. It connects the dots that have been set up for the nine previous issues while setting up what should be a hell of a final two issues.

Story: Tom King Art: Mitch Gerads, Evan Shaner Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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