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Today is new comic book day, so what are you picking up this week?  While you ponder that question, here’s the news you might have missed.

Around the Blogs:

Comics Alliance – Why Marvel and DC Should Be Making Superhero WebcomicsWhile both have dipped in comics online, this is a bit different and would be great to see.

ICv2 – Top 300 Comics Down 17.3 % in MayA shitty economy and underwhelming titles don’t help matters.

ICv2 – Top 300 Comics Actual–May 2011The fact that Flashpoint came in second shows how much DC needed a shake up.

ICv2 – Top 300 Graphic Novels Actual–May 2011Congrats to Avatar and their topping the chart.

ICv2 – No Titles Over 100K AgainGet out there and buy something!

Post Flashpoint:

Bleeding Cool – Gail Simone And B Clay Moore: The Gender Politics Of The DC Relaunch

Around the Tubes Reviews:

IGN – Alpha Flight #1

IGN – DV8: Gods and Monsters

Review – DV8: Gods and Monsters #4

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DV8 Gods and Monsters #4Another issue of DV8: Gods and Monsters and I feel like I’m running out of praise.  Brian Wood is an amazing writer (I’ve struggled to find something of his I didn’t like) and the art Rebekah Isaacs seems to get stronger with each issue.

We’ve given glowing recommendation for the first three issues, and this one is no exception.  We’re introduced to another member of a team, this one embodying the god of war.  But what happens when a person of infinite power meets a people who’s not scared of him?  That’s the question proposed in this issue, and we see how Matthew Callahan earns the leadership of his tribe.  Also, when all you’re trained for is destruction and war, what would you do on a new world?

Each issue has taken a look at a member of a team and how they’ve adapted to their new lives on an alien world.  Some have taken to lording of the people while others only seek peace.

Overall an amazing series and we’re only at the half way point.  Here’s to four more amazing issues.  A definite buy!

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Review – DV8: Gods and Monsters #3

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DV8 Gods and Monsters #3One of the best things about writing for a comics blog is getting to discover new comic books that you wouldn’t normally think of picking up at the store.  Case in point is DV8: Gods and Monsters, whose third issue is released this week.  If you’re a regular to this site, you’ll know we love this series and gave the first and second issues glowing reviews and the third is no exception.

Brian Wood is beyond a talent and deserves more mainstream recognition.  I struggle to think of one series he’s written that fails to impress.  The third issue is a long debate about the rights of people to interfere in the lives of others.  Also, the idea of technology is debated and the acceptance of how things work and if that in itself is a form of magic.  That’s all wrapped around our introduction to Hector Morales aka Powerhaus who can take emotions and use it to grow.

Rebekah Isaacs continues to provide solid art that enhances the story telling and adds to Woods’s story.

Even if you didn’t pick up the first two issues (and you should), you’re doing yourself a disservice in not picking up this third issue.  Even as a single story the debate alone about one’s right to interfere in others lives is worth the read.  It’s subject matter is one that’s pertinent today and will make you think, exactly as a comic should.

Check out below for the extended review and rating.

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Review – DV8: Gods and Monsters #2

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DV8: Gods and Monsters #2DV8 wound up on my doorstep last month and I was thoroughly impressed.  I sat on it for a month wondering if the second issue would be able to hold up to the same quality.  I’m pleased to say that DV8: Gods and Monsters #2 definitely holds up to be as impressive as it’s first issue.

Brian Wood is a fantastic writer.  I’m a huge fan of his writing and can’t think of too many instances (if any) of his writing letting us down.  Pair that with artist Rebekah Isaacs who’s impressive in her own right and you have a fantastic combination and series.

The second issue picks up right were you’d expect it as it focuses on Bliss and the tribe she’s attached herself to.  It’s about what you’d expect of a series of this type where people with amazing powers lord it over average humans.  It’s not an original plot and has been done before, but there’s just a great quality here that makes it worth retreading familiar territory.  Check out the full review below.

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Review – DV8: Gods and Monsters #1

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DV8I’ve seen previews of the comic series in the back of various other comics I’ve read over the past month.  I’m a blank slate when it comes to DV8 and what’s come before.  But checking my mail on Saturday I found a copy provided by Wildstorm.

The newest series by Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs is fantastic.  I can’t praise it enough.  The story is told as a flashback in a mystery style, unveiling just a little at a time and from the perspective of the character telling the story.

Beings with super powers are dumped on a primitive planet.  Why?  We don’t know.  Where?  That’s kind of unclear as well.

The story unfolds bit by bit as those mysteries are unveiled.  Obviously something big went down, that’s clear from the first issue.  This is just part one of eight and we’re looking forward to the next seven.

Plot: We’re huge fans of Brian Woods.  Such diverse series as DMZ, Demo, Northlanders and Local are all examples of his masterful ability to tell a story and write characters of varying types.  This series is no different.  The plot is interesting and written in a way we want to learn more.  It’s a action mystery with people that have super powers.  It teases us just enough and gives just enough detail.  Not too much, not too little.  Small details are dropped to explain bits and pieces and all of it is relevant.  While I might not be totally invested in the characters yet, the plot itself has me hooked.  Rating: 9

Art: Rebekah Isaacs provides the visual beauty to Wood’s engaging words.  The art has just enough detail to draw you in and not clutter the page and some great visuals.  The pages are a beauty to look at and I can’t wait to see what this up and coming star has in store for us next.  Rating: 8.5

Overall: Again, I knew nothing about this series and what came before.  To me this is a blank slate.  A super hero mystery that’s slowly unfolding and I really enjoyed it.  If you’re looking for something fresh and new, this is well worth the purchase.  Overall Rating: 8.75

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 22 pages of story    Price: $2.99     Release: Wednesday 4/21/2010

DC and Wildstorm provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.