Review – DV8: Gods and Monsters #2

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DV8: Gods and Monsters #2DV8 wound up on my doorstep last month and I was thoroughly impressed.  I sat on it for a month wondering if the second issue would be able to hold up to the same quality.  I’m pleased to say that DV8: Gods and Monsters #2 definitely holds up to be as impressive as it’s first issue.

Brian Wood is a fantastic writer.  I’m a huge fan of his writing and can’t think of too many instances (if any) of his writing letting us down.  Pair that with artist Rebekah Isaacs who’s impressive in her own right and you have a fantastic combination and series.

The second issue picks up right were you’d expect it as it focuses on Bliss and the tribe she’s attached herself to.  It’s about what you’d expect of a series of this type where people with amazing powers lord it over average humans.  It’s not an original plot and has been done before, but there’s just a great quality here that makes it worth retreading familiar territory.  Check out the full review below.

Plot: Brian Wood can write, we know that.  It’s impressive that he’s taken a familiar plot (people with powers taking control over average people) and given it a unique spin and voice.  The series is told in a sense as a flashback due to an interrogation.  So we know something bad has happened, it’s the specific what and when and who is missing and slowly being introduced.  It’s a mystery wrapped in a super hero comic.  It works quite well, as Wood rarely disappoints.  Rating: 9

Art: Rebekah Isaacs’s art is fantastic and perfect compliment to Wood’s writing.  The character designs and background are fantastic.  She’s an artist to watch and look out for.  The art continue to be impressive to look at giving enough detail but also not overwhelming the pages.  It’s a bonus that such great story telling also is backed up with such great art.  Rating: 8.5

Overall: This is a mystery super hero comic and very entertaining.  The combination of Wood and Isaacs is fantastic and you don’t need to know anything about previous series to enjoy this one.  If you’re looking for something that’s really entertaining and a great read, you need to pick up this series.  Rating: 8.75

Recommendation: Buy

Page count: 22 pages of story    Price: $2.99     Release: Wednesday 5/19/2010

DC and Wildstorm provided Graphic Policy with an advance copy of this issue for FREE for review.